Aryan Initiation Mysteries

Aryan Initiation Mysteries:  Introduction to the Roman Mass


The mysteries of our race are ancient and venerable.  They arise together with our Aryan origins.  In the beginning was Adam, the Fair-complexioned or Ruddy Blond.  The opening chapters of Genesis are a description of both sunrise over Eden and of the sunrise of our Aryan Race.  All objective traces indicate this occurred in proximity to the present day Crimea, Moldova and the southern Ukraine in antediluvian times.  That Eden was located north of the ancient civilizations is well documented in the Biblical literature.   It appears the Black Sea Flood of circa 5600 BC dispersed the Aryans across the Old World in the manner described in the Bible as the travels of Noah and his sons.  We Romans remember St. Noah as Saturn, King of the Golden Age.


I:  Preliminaries


The coincidence between the archeological record of Aryan origins and a European  location of Eden in the northern region of Biblical geography has profound implications for Aryan education and consciousness:  Darwin is a crock.  Hominids or ape-men exist but they have never been our ancestors.  Hominids/ape-men and humans or Aryans are two completely different species.  Ancestry exists only within species but never between species.  That is the most basic idea in the science of biology.  Darwinism is a backward superstition of Bolshevik sorcerers.


 If we can learn to think in the manner Heidegger teaches us to do, then we can trace the progress from Eden/Europe to Mount Ararat, then to the proto-Armenian empire of Mitanni, then to the Aryan Aramaic warrior aristocracy of  ancient Syria and on to the Aryan Aramaic warrior aristocracy of ancient Israel and their Davidid royal family. 


Then we can trace the parallel progress of the ancient ARYAN Israelite royal family of Troy (the family of King Priam) to the arrival of Priam’s son Aeneas in Latium and on to the founding of Rome by the royal Trojan Romulus, Son of Mars and the she-wolf.


As ancient Aryan Israel embodied our Aryan sacerdotium or spiritual authority, so Rome embodied the Aryan imperium or temporal authority.  Both of these authorities converged in the One Aryan God, Our Lord the White Christ, Solar God of the Black Sun, Lord of the Holy Sun Wheel/Swastika.  The White Christ was/is a citizen of Rome through the Roman citizenship of his legal foster father St. Joseph.  In our objective Aryan history St. Joseph was not the lowly carpenter of myth.  Instead St. Joseph was a great Roman Aryan Israelite military engineer of the Roman Army.  The biblical word for carpenter also means engineer; in ancient Gallilee there was practically no wood available for use so builders normally worked only in stone.  He directed the rebuilding of the Roman city of Sephoris, destroyed by that satanic Jew and Edomite, King Herod the Great.  The upshot:  young Lord Jesu was a studious Aryan Roman Army boy.


Our Lord’s mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, was also not the lowly Jewish peasant girl of myth.  As clearly presented in the Visions of St. Anne Catherine Emmerich, St. Mary was/is the only child of apparently the wealthiest landowners of the eastern Roman Empire.  No slouch, she!  No doubt her family must therefore have enjoyed full Roman citizenship.  As everyone knows, His Father is the starry sky above.


Hence we can see (get those neurons firing!) the historical context of the White Christ as the New Adam, the One who refounded our Aryan Race after the initial attack of the Edomite/Jew “serpent” in Eden.  When our Master/Dominus the White Christ went away to return to His Father’s House among the stars, He did not abandon us.  He left us His true presence in our Great Aryan Initiation Mystery, the Roman Mass.  The White Christ, God of the Black Sun, is with us.  This Aryan Mystery is the Sacred Action of our incomparable Divine History.  It IS the Eternal Present.  It IS the Imperial Court of Heaven and Earth.  It IS the infinite power of Aryanism.  Whenever the Aryan warrior prays, he is in that place.  This Aryan Mystery is the All.  It is the defeat in mystery of our Eternal Enemy, the Infernal Jew!


II:  Form of the Sacred Aryan Action


In its beginning our Sacred Aryan History rises from out of the blest waters.  For the one material that remained with us from Eden after the expulsion of our earthly father St. Adam from the primeval garden of Ur-Europe was the waters of our world, all of which derive from the four rivers that flowed from out of Eden.  It was because these waters flowed from the place of our Aryan origin that, when Our Lord Sol Invictus submerged Himself in the holy Jordan River, at that moment all waters of our earth were rendered forever sacred and divine.


Thus the Roman Mass is preceeded by the sprinking of holy waters over the altar, clergy and  assembled Aryan worshipers to prepare them by this purification to take part worthily in the Sacred History.  We Aryans are born of the holy waters of our New Eden, Imperial Aryan Rome.  Asperges me!  Translated from the sacred Latin:  “Thou shalt sprinkle me with hyssop, Lord, and I shall be cleansed; Thou shalt wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”


Next a short prayer is said to call down the guardian god of each church so he dwells in the house of Helios.  Then as a Roman priest dons the sacred vestments we reenact the establishment of our Aryan Holy Roman priesthood both on Mount Zion in Old Jerusalem and on Vatican Hill in the New Jerusalem of our Aryan Volk.


As we climb the steps of our Roman churches we bow to the Sun above with respectful adoration.  We greet our Aryan God.


III:  Mass Begins


All begins with the Sign of the Cross, the Holy Sun Wheel/Swastika:  “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”  The Holy Trinity is the action of a Black Sun Swastika, the One God of our Aryan Roman faith.


At the beginning of Mass assembled Aryans face east towards Holy Helios among the foothills of the Holy Mountain of Aryan Rome, the New Jerusalem, the New Zion.  With our Aryan Roman priest we stand at the base of the steps of the Altar of Helios.  Priest and server alternate singing Psalm 43 (using the original psalmic numeration).  In this song we join the newly baptised ancient Romans as the (Aryan) New Israel in exile after the destruction of (once Aryan) Old Jerusalem by its Edomite racial and religious pollution under the apostate Herodians.  The Aryans of Rome here declare their unshaken faith, so unlike the shameless apostasy of Jewry.


In the next twice-repeated prayer, the Confiteor, while approaching God we declare ourselves to be witnesses to Aryan Sacred History.  In the Amen that ends the priest’s Confiteor we ratify the History of the Aryan Volk.  Then in the communal Confiteor we relive the history of Adam and Eve, of all Aryandom, before the coming of Eternal Helios on the first Christmas dawn.  We strike our breasts thrice with mea culpas for , as great Virgil sang, “So hard was the founding of the race of Rome.”  (This also recalls the exile of Axis valour after the actual Fall of our beloved Roman Empire to the Khazar hordes of the Soviet Union and Wall Street in 1945.)


The priest now bows to kiss the martyr relics within the altar stone.  For the religion of Imperial Helios rose to victory only through the blood of valiant warrior martyrs who dared to despise the ancient Jewish persecutions of the true Roman Sons of Mars and Helios.  The five crosses on the altar stone are the five wounds of every Wounded Warrior of Aryan Rome.


In the next major prayer of the Mass, the Introit, we reenact in sacred history the construction of the Constantian Basilicas in Holy Rome.  As we personally enter into the mystery of Helios in the Introit, so all Aryandom entered the Divine Solar Mystery in the astonishingly rapid building of the Roman Basilicas by our holy Emperor Constantine the Great circa 320 A.D.  In particular, the Introit was established to celebrate the procession of Popes from the Lateran Basilica Palace which is the true Third Temple of the New Israel, replacing the destroyed Second Temple polluted by Edomite Herodian treason.  The sacred epic of our Mass proceeds.


We have reached the Kyrie Eleison.  The great initial moment of this prayer in our Aryan history was the Dedication Ceremony by Constantine of his new city Constantinople on May 11, in the year 330 A.D.  The golden chariot of Helios was set in the marketplace and the Labarum Cross of the White Christ was placed above it to begin an everlasting Day of the Sun, the  Universal Aryan Holy Roman Empire of Imperial Helios the One God, while the Kyrie Eleison was sung.  The divine Triumph of our Labarum Swastika had begun.


IV:  Mass Proceeds


After the Kyrie Eleison we come to the Gloria prayer of the Roman Mass.  Borrowed in the 500s A.D. from the Patriarcate of Alexandria and an Egyptian Greek original, this reflects the unique contribution made to Aryan/Roman Catholicism by the great flowering of Holy Ghost wisdom/gnosis in ancient Roman Alexandria.  This Gloria prayer is Aryandom’s greatest prayer of praise to the Triune God of the Eternal Sun.  In it we rejoice that our One God is also plural and many, not only singular as in Islam and Talmudism.  All praise to the abundant manyness of our Divine Sunlight!


In our Sacred Aryan History this period reenacts the glorious years of circa 330-360 A.D.  St. Emperor Constantine and his heroic sons Emperors Constantius and Constans were the three great Aryans who secured the worship of Helios, our One True Triune God, during these crucial thirty years of our eternal solar history.  It was then that the Majesty of God was forever honored, to the endless misery of every Infernal Jew.


We now progress to the Collect, the first great moment of prayer of our Aryan Initiation Mystery, the Roman Mass.  It is the plebs collecta, the collected prayer of all assembled Aryans and reenacts from our history the majestic baptism, death and imperial funeral of St. Emperor Constantine the Great in 337 A.D.  All Aryans are now forever together “in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, forever and ever.  Amen.”


Next we hear our Aryan/Roman priest read to us the Epistle, most frequently of that great Roman citizen, St. Paul of Tarsus, great city of worship to Helios, our Sol Invictus.  In our Aryan history this reading recalls to us the coronation and reign of our great emperor Constantius, a brave hero who assured against great odds the victory of Helios over the darkness of the Jew Arius, even at a cost of truly imperial tragedy to himself.  While his younger brother Constans was the more pious, it was the elder brother Constantius who broke this Arian heresy within our Roman world forever.  He was also quick to defeat the foreign pagans of Persia and to protect the Aryan pagans within our Roman Reich.  Perhaps more than any other emperor, Constantius should inspire us with his equitable Solomonic solar wisdom.


As we proceed to the Alleluia we recall and reenact in our sacred history the great triumph of Imperial Helios over a foolish friend of the Jews, Emperor Julian the Apostate.  As Julian’s friend Ammianus Marcellinus wrote about this emperor’s effort to rebuild the Jew’s Temple in Old Jerusalem:

“Julian thought to rebuild at an extravagant expense the proud Temple once at Jerusalem, and committed this task to Alypius of Antioch.  Alypius set vigorously to work, and was seconded by the governor of the province; when fearful balls of fire, breaking out near the foundations, continued their attacks, till the workmen, after repeated scorchings, could approach no more: and he gave up the attempt.”

Thus has Helios frustrated innumerable Jewish efforts over the centuries.  Alleluia!

Now we reach the reading of our Holy Godspell and the holy time of St. Pope Damasus and his great bible scholar, St. Jerome.  As the Roman priest faces north to read this Divine Spell of Helios, so in that time Rome was ready to face north to civilize the vast barbarian tides that were then about to inundate our Roman world.  Our Germanic immense herds of horses were by themselves enough to ensure an eternal Nordic strain in our Roman Warrior bloodlines.  Here we hear the sermons of the priests of Rome, like unto the sounds of our barbarian hordes bringing forever nomadic freedom into the Roman domus or home. 

This is promptly followed by the reciting of the Credo, in reenactment of the great Creed of Nicea in 325 powerfully seconded by that of Constantinople in 381.  Our Aryan Reich is Truth!  Long reign our many-faceted Imperial Star!  In brief, our Creed tells us:  Heil Helios!  And, yes, HEIL HITLER!!

Here concludes the first half of our Holy Aryan Initiation Mystery with the conclusion of the Roman Mass of the Catechumens.  We have now done what can be done on earth, in this world.  We now enter into celestial spheres, into the very Imperial Court of Heaven and Earth.  We enter onto a world the non-Aryans can never know, into a realm of miracles.

V:  Mass of the Faithful

Next begins the Mass of the Faithful with the Offertory, in which the Aryans offer themselves and their brave freedom of speech to the eternal glory of Helios and Rome.  No words on any paper, however revered, can ever grant us this supreme freedom, the freedom of our Aryan speech.  Only holy death, the fate of Aryan martyrs, has or will ever ensure this great blessing.  In the courage of our words we Aryans greet death, the destroyer and liberator of worlds.

And in sacred time the Offertory notes brave acts of Emperor Theodosius II in abolishing the diabolical Jewish Sanhedrin in 415 and then executing its last Prince, Gamaliel VI, in 425.  With this offering to Helios the Edomite nation itself and their Herodian Supreme Court were destroyed forever.  We also here celebrate the lawcode of Theodosius II, the basis of our English common law and of our Roman Church canon law as well as his upholding of Aryan/Roman authority in the West through an epic liberation of Ravenna in 425.  By this stage Aryans have offered up to Helios their hearts as thuribles of incense in superhuman martyrdom.  Rome is here truly no longer of this world alone.

We have reached the Lavabo when the Roman priest washes his hands in preparation for transmutation of the offerings, recalling the lustrata wall niche water basins of ancient Egyptian and Alexandrian solar purification rites.  We recite Psalm 25, a Song of Solar Innocence which leads directly to the next prayer of offering to the August Trinity, a prayer of the Alexandrine Wisdom/Gnosis of the Holy Ghost brought to Rome circa 483-496 by an exiled Patriarch of Alexandria, John Talaia.  The assembled Aryans are now within the solar light of gnosis and next in the Orate fratres prayer (“Brothers/Comrades, let us pray…”) we join collectively with our Roman priest in solar prayer.

With the Secret or Prayer over the Oblation Set Apart we are separated forever from this mundane world destined to ruination and eternal death.  This corresponds in our sacred history with the establishment of Constantinople and Rome in 430 as the capitals of our Roman authorities of imperium and sacerdotium respectively.  Our Church has now become the true elite of eternal Aryandom, to bring not peace but the sword to this fallen world.

We pray the Preface, a personal prayer of St. Ambrose of Milan/Mithras.  This reenacts for us the wisdom/gnosis of the first three great Doctors of our Roman Church, Sts. Ambrose, Jerome and Augustine.  This prayer is also penultimate to our joining with the last of the Four Doctors of the Roman West, St. Pope Gregory, through the entire central core of our Initiation Rite, the Roman Canon.  (Canon does not equal cannon, but then again St. Pope Gregory was powerful…)

Before we join Holy Doctor Gregory, we sing the Trisagion (thrice holy) to enter into the realm of the gods/angels of Helios, Our Lord.  This Trisagion was brought to us in circa 434-446 by a holy Patriarch of Constantinople, St. Proclus, when Aryan Rome fully realized her unity with the angels in celestial godliness.  Romans are with this all numbered as the hundreth lamb of Lord Helios and his many gods.  We rise through golden sunlight to hear the Canon of the Mass established by the holy priest who founded our Middle Ages and brought our ancient aeon to its term, Gregory the Great.

It was this Gregory who composed the Canon of our Aryan Roman Rite.  It was he who essentially founded Roman Europe, ensuring that the western kingdoms were protectorates of Imperial Aryan Constantinople and that in our European West the power of the Aryan Papacy would reign supreme from his time almost to our own.  Only after the betrayal and martyrdom of our Last Emperor, Fuhrer Hitler, were our Last Aryan Popes, St. Pope Pius XII and St. Pope John Paul I, left cruelly undefended and helplessly murdered by the poisonous sorceries of merciless Jewish Power.  O Juden Tod!

We are now in the Aryan Holy of Holies.  Here Lord Helios will appear before us to conduct us regally to the Throne of God the Father in the skies above.  Now our mighty Aryan Roman Empire most truly becomes the Holy Roman Empire of Aryan Europe and the Americas, blest by the sunshine of Helios and the vast waters of Ocean.

We begin with the Te Igitur prayer, an invocation to the Tau Swastika of Egyptian gnosis.  Through the virtue of Pope Gelasius circa 500 we are under the solar protection of the mighty Alexandrine Tau Cross.  Then in the Court of Heaven appearing around us in our holy churches we invoke our living and our blessed dead in the spirit of devotion to the Mother of God commanded to all Aryans by the great Councils of Ephesus and Chalcedon and championed by our Emperor Justinian the Great, the Lawgiver of Europe and mighty scourge of the lawless Jews.

The holy hands of our priest now spread over the Oblation offerings of bread and wine in a reenactment of the sacred history of Justinian’s liberation of the West from the darkness of the Arian (not Aryan) heresy of that wicked Jew Arius.

With the words of our priest “Hoc est enim corpus meum” Our Lord Helios is present with us.  Mighty is the Church of Aryan Rome!  With the consecration of the chalice when the wine becomes the Precious Blood of Helios the favor of Heaven is conveyed unto us.  As the chalice of the Blood is raised the Death of the Sun is shown forth.  It is like the supervolcanic eruption of Tambora in 537 that did indeed bring on the first Dark Age of Arthur and his Knights.  The priest makes five crosses to mark the Five Warrior Wounds of Helios with remembrance in our sacred history of the Invasion of the Lombards when the ancient Aryan aristocracy of Italy met its Doom.  The priest then acknowledges the presence of Archangel Michael who carries the holy offerings, including the bodies of the assembled Aryans themselves, up into the sight of Divine Majesty above.  We now pray silently with our Roman priest for the salvation of our blessed dead and of we ourselves with our holy priests and bishops.  This recalls for Aryans the Dedication of the Pantheon in Rome on May 13, 609.  Here we Aryans aspire to join all the gods with Helios in Heaven.

There follows the peak of our entire Aryan Mystery, the Doxology and its Great Elevation of the Body of Helios, the White Christ, concluding with the Great Amen of the Aryans.  This, the ultimate Mystery, the Gnosis of Aryandom, is the Holy Secret of Metamorphosis.  It is the eternal light of Truth, the Sun Wheel of Aryanism!

Here in sacred historical memory we rejoin Pope Gregory in recognition that the Aryans are the Sun Chariot of Helios, the Holy Empire of Light.  All Creation labors in travail awaiting the birth of the Sons of Helios!

Now follows the special prayer taught to us from the lips of our Beloved Lord Helios Himself, the Pater Noster.  Our Imperial Apollo here conducts us to the very Throne of God the Father.  Sed libera nos a malo!  Deliver us, we beseech Thee, O Lord!  As from the plagues of the time of Pope Gregory, O Lord Helios, deliver us from the malice of the Jews.

In the prayer following the Pater noster, the Libera nos, quaesumus, Domine, St. Pope Gregory has left us a magnificent expansion of Our Lord Helios’ great prayer in which he and we implore “peace in our days.”  Of course, this is not the peace of this world but rather the peace of Heaven, of our Aryan Roman Empire so “we may be free and safe from all disquiet.”  The Apostle Andrew, the Holy Patron of Constantinople, is here invoked in this prayer of Pope Gregory along with the Holy Patrons of the Imperial City of Rome, Apostles Peter and Paul, because Pope Gregory’s Benedictine Monastery was located in the New Rome of Constantinople and therefore dedicated to its Patron, St. Andrew.  St. Andrew is also the greatly loved Patron Saint of Aryan Scotland.


VI:  Union With Helios


In the Breaking of the Host our Aryan priest of solar power and wisdom breaks bread that recalls the old rite of the Sancta, in which crumbs or particles of the sacred loaf are shared among the many churches of Roman Europe to sacramentally embody the unity of our Aryan Volk.  This custom became widespread in the years after the reign of Pope Gregory, as if to demonstrate in our sacred history the spreading of the light of Helios throughout the home continent of our Aryan Eden, Holy Europe.


Next is a prayer of hallowing of the Body and Blood of Our Lord Helios in which we celebrate the return of Helios’ Aryan Soul to His Aryan Body after He and His Aryan Holy City were both annihilated by that Edomite Jew body of Satan, the Kingdom of Herod.  I imagine this reflects the Conversion of the Lombards and of Visigoth Spain circa 680.  Although this  may seem of little consequence, it marked a strenghthening of our united Aryan Europe that ensured a true return of Aryan Jerusalem on this earth.  Aryan Rome was strong through the 600s and was able to free itself from crushing Jewish economic and cultural domination that had still remained strong for many centuries previous to this time.  Emperor Theodosius II had begun the destruction of Herodian Jewry, then Emperor Justinian in particular had further weakened the ancient Jewish Power; under the dynasty of Heraclius in these years after St. Pope Gregory it now met its coup de grace.  For the goyim better days were at hand.


Towards 700 St. Pope Sergius, a Syrian, instituted our next prayer, the Agnus Dei.  With the Pax Vobis this grants to Aryans we are now in mystery before the entire August Trinity in their Divine Court of the Angels or gods.


In solemn Masses there then takes place the knightly rite of the Pax, the giving of the kiss of Peace among the assembled Aryans.  In nobler times the two sexes were kept strictly separate on each side of the central aisle of our churches;hence this spiritual kiss from whence all Aryan peace on this earth must derive is shared within each sex, not between them.  In our sacred history this corresponds with the Coronation and triumphs of our Emperor Blessed Charlemagne circa 800.  Aryandom had truly become an angelic Empire too good for this fallen Judaic world.


Following the Pax are two Communion prayers of wise Alcuin, founder of our Holy Roman education.  They were added in the 900s and correspond with the rising sacred morality achieved under the sons of Charlemagne and the Ottonian Emperors, culminating in Total Union with the angelic godly choirs as the Aryans “call upon the Name of the Lord.”  This recalls the establishment of Cluny in 911 and the flourishing of their Benedictine civilization with its apothosis in the life and times of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, who is next embodied in the prayer of the Roman Centurion:  “Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldst enter under my roof.”  St. Bernard is here the Holy Centurion of our Mass.   Through the sons of Cluny and St. Bernard the angelification of Aryan Rome was complete.  By then the Romans were already living the Vision of the Apocalypse of  our Aryan vs. Jew war to the death.  Deus veult!


The Roman priest reverently receives the Body and Blood of Helios.


Soon we “Behold the Lamb of God” (Ecce Agnus Dei) as a Showing in the Eternal Present of our incomparable Emperor, Frederick Barbarossa.  Then the Roman priest strikes his breast thrice as an ascesis of self-denial and discipline like Helios’ Fourty Days in the Desert and like our Age of Crusades when our Holy Land was a blessed flood of impure Judenblut.  Rome is made worthy to receive her Lord Helios in this our Mystery of Aryan Initiation.


We Aryans receive Helios with the words “Corpus Christi” corresponding to the Golden Age of the Franciscans and their magnificent Feast of Corpus Christi instituted on September 8, 1264.  In the Communion Prayer we sing “Taste and see that Lord Helios is sweet.”  The Aryan Warriors are One in Helios.


The Post-Communion Prayer is the third great moment of prayer of our Mass, after the first great moment of the Plebs collecta and the second of the Oratio super secreta.  In this third peak of prayerfulness the Aryans are joyful heroes detached from this world and attached loyally to Our Lord Helios.


There follows the Blessing, the Ite missa est.  The missa is dismissal but also mission.  We are now dismissed to the struggle of our life mission with a Placeat of fortunate power our Aryan priest invokes upon us.  This mighty blessing was incorporated into Holy Mass by St. Pope Pius V (reigned 1566-1574) as a prayer to launch the Counter Reformation that would crush the armies and tyrants of disobedient Protestantism and Deism under the inexorible advances of our victorious Aryan Roman Counter Revolution.  The great treaties of Westphalia in 1648, Vienna in 1814 and Versailles in 1919 are records of this onward Aryan Roman march.  Helios is the God of our Aryan Roman Law and Order.  Aryan Law and Aryan God are One.  And the beginning of Gnosis is the filial Fear of Helios!  (This is especially for the benefit of Protestant and Deist readers.  The aromatic panache of Aryan Rome is military discipline.  Certainly for women, children, sick and dying much softer tones are truer, but for healthy men a Hard Way is best.) 


The Mass proper ends with the inspired addition of St. Pope Pius V, the Last Godspell of John, the Beloved Apostle of Helios.  This guides the Aryan Romans through the End of the Aeon, the final Kali Yuga as the angelificata of Helios.  Thou shalt be as Gods!  With the words Et verbum caro factum est (“and the Word became flesh”) we genuflect and then rise so that Helios makes His dwelling among us and “we see His glory” in the life and death of our greatest and Last Aryan Roman Emperor, Adolph Hitler.


Thus ends our ancient and revered Aryan Initiation Mystery, the Roman Mass.


VII:  Leonine Prayers After Mass


Following our Aryan Roman Mass we recite the Leonine Prayers After Mass, inspirations of our great Aryan Pope Leo XIII from the last years of the 19th Century, beloved champion of Aryan workingmen and of the true Aryan Socialism that would soon become National.  These begin with three Ave Marias that should recall to every Aryan Catholic the Seven Thunders of the Marian Apparitions of Fatima, Portugal.  With these the Imperial Court of Helios sent their Virgin Empress to encourage and warn us of the terrors that were soon to come.  Then we recite the Salve Regina to recall how the Roman Remnant was formed as the Holy Virgins of Revelation were soon to assemble under the holy guidance of our Franciscan Saint of Auschwitz, St. Maximilian Kolbe.  He soon valiantly defended the suffering ARYANS in that most beneficent labor camp.


Next is our Prayer to the Freedom and Exaltation of our Holy Mother Church in a sacred memory of how holy spiritual freedom came to the Aryan Romans with the blessed reign of St. Pope Pius XII whose first great inspired act was to institute in April 1939 the annual celebration of Our Fuhrer’s Birthday in Berlin and Rome.  Deo Gratias.


The last Leonine Prayer is our most Aryan Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, champion and protector of Aryan Warriors:


Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in the battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil; may God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.


With this we obviously have progressed to the Last Days of mortal Rome, to Ragnarok and the End of Days.  The Science of Metamorphosis of fascism, National Socialism and Aryanism has dawned.  The Aeon of Eternal Shape Shifters has arrived.  We Sons of Mars are become Sons of the Wolf!  We see by the light of a Black Sun.


The years 1900 through 2012 are the years of the Battle Hymns of the Holy Bible, the Psalms of Aryan King David.  (After Psalm 112 they are atemporal liturgical sequences.)  They course a path through the endtime of our recent past when the Sacred Wounds of Helios are burned into the flesh of every Aryan Warrior forever.  “Vengeance is Mine, saith Lord Helios.”  And that time is upon us.


The Holy Psalms, many Prophecies of our Catholic mystic Nostrodamus, a Mayan Calendar inspired by Aryan Quetzalcoatl all terminate in mystery in the year 2012 when it is said a galactic Black Sun will cross our horizon.  In ancient times Plato, Zoroaster and Pythagoras among others all set time by the Great Year of some 26,000 years.  This too terminates in 2012.  What awaits us?  Perhaps for the Sons of Helios a Golden Age, and for the sons of Judea something else.

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  13. Notes added to Ultimate Avatar, for those who have eyes to see.


  14. I thought Caesar appointed herod because he is not a jew…. herod defended rome to the end according to my research. Please tell me where I can find more info on Joseph and jesus as actually existing… Joseph as army engineer…

    • The historic Sanhedrin was not only the Temple Supreme Court, but also the Temple Treasury and Central Bank. That Central Bank, headquartered inside the Jerusalem Temple, was also in effect the Federal Reserve of the entire Roman Empire, along with their many satellite realms such as Mauretania, Germania, Sythia, Persia, India, Arabia and Ethiopia. In other words, the Ancient Hebrew Temple sat astride the world finance of that time much like Wall Street and the City do in the present time.

      In the 2nd Century B.C. the Aryan forces were represented by Rome, Sparta, the White Hebrew Maccabees and the Greek Egyptian Ptolemies. Whereas the forces of Semitic darkness were represented by Carthage, Corinth, the Seleucid Empire and the Edomites. In Rome the Aryan forces were led by Marius and his heir and nephew Julius Caesar while the Semitic forces were generally represented by the lunar Meditteranean corruption of the last Roman Republicans. The corresponding patterns in the later American, French and German Republics ought to be obvious enough.

      In about 125 B.C. the White Hebrew King John Hyrcanus conquered Edom and undertook an unprecedented forced conversion of the Edomites to the Old Testament religion, the anti-Semite religion that had for centuries been the most in conflict with and opposed to the Semite religion of the Edomites. The Trojan royal family that founded Rome were themselves Ancient Hebrew Indo-European aristocrats such that Rome and Ancient Israel had much in common, not least their respective fierce civil wars during the 1st Century B.C. between the anti-Aryan forces of Semitism and the anti-Semite forces of Ancient Aryans or Indo-Europeans.

      Herod was appointed by the Semitic forces of corruption in Rome, not by Aryan Caesar. The vicious male prostitute Marc Anthony, the then criminal Roman Senate and the leader of Roman Republican degeneracy, Pompey, were the men who promoted Herod and put that loathsome Semite into power in Jerusalem with the consequent domination over the finances and economy of the Roman world. Therefore after the triumph of the Aryan Caesarians in the Roman Civil Wars, Herod did not obey Rome; Herod and his heirs willfully subverted and betrayed Rome, specifically the Aryan Rome of Julius and Augustus Caesar that endured undamaged until the death of the Empress Livia, the noble and divine wife of Augustus. Then Emperor Claudius became a pawn of the wealthy Pharisees and Nero was a monstrous creature of the Herodians through and through. The Herodians overwhelmed Ancient Jerusalem and things ended badly for Old Israel. The entire story of this decline and fall is the Old Testament, definitely not a book for the faint of heart.

      We learn from various Catholic sources, such as Catherine Emmerich and Fr. Henry Formby, that the historical Christ is a Roman nobleman. Decidedly not low-born as the prevailing soap opera would have everyone believe. When scholars want to be more serious about the historical Christ they take note of the aristocratic character of his words and deeds. Otherwise they remain among the shallow dilettantes who receive the bulk of government subsidies. But searches will find more serious scholars who acknowledge the reasonably obvious upper crust and Aryan character of Our Lord Kristos.

      And to be the Roman citizens that the Holy Family were is to be some part of the Roman Army. The two are inseparable, as every serious scholar would see. St. Joseph was the equivalent of a Roman Army engineer, to speak in more contemporary American terms. The Roman Christ is also a Roman Army boy, legal son of a Roman Army engineer. That is how we should see the Historical Jesus.

      Here is a relatively more serious example of the current scholarship:

      St Joseph as Hidden Tekton King: Exploring the Davidic Identity of Joseph
      Saint Joseph as Aragorn from Lord of the Rings

      by Dr Taylor Marshall

      In a previous post, we discussed how Saint Joseph is described in the original Greek New Testament as a τέκτων or “tekton,” which is usually translated as “carpenter,” but it is better translated as “artisan.” A tekton is anyone involved in physical construction and repair. Joseph may have worked with stone, wood, metal, cement, clay, and other substances. The words “technology” and “architecture” are related to the Indo-European root for tekton.

      I’m going to argue that “tekton” means more than carpenter, and that it signifies Saint Joseph as a “Master Builder” like his forefathers King David and King Solomon. So let’s go…
      We often forget that Saint Joseph is a hidden king. In JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn is the rightful hidden king who does not rule but patiently waits in hiding for the proper fullness of days during which he will inaugurate his reign. We see this come to fulfillment in the aptly named third volume Return of the King.
      Saint Matthew tells us that Saint Joseph is the heir of King David. I won’t post the entire. genealogy, but you can read it at Matthew 1:1-17:
      Here is the abbreviated version:
      And David was the father of Solomon by the wife of Uriah, and Solomon the father of….Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom Jesus was born, who is called Christ.
      Saint Joseph is the same kind of king of Aragorn. He is the true genetic heir of David. However, there has been a tragic political shift, and the descendent of David no longer rules from the Palace of David. Instead, Jerusalem is occupied by the imposter King Herod… Like Aragorn, Joseph lives in exile. Joseph lives in Nazareth.
      So Joseph is a tekton. A craftsman or artisan. This should lead our well-read biblical minds back to the stories of King David and King Solomon:
      David built Jerusalem.
      David built a royal palace.
      David received the divine blueprints to build the Temple of God.
      The Davidic Covenant works like this:
      “God will be a house (genetic family line of kings) for David and David will build a house for God (physical Temple).”
      In royal terms, a house is a legal genetic line. For example, the “House of Windsor.” This is the divinely establish “House of David.” God promises David, “And your house and your kingdom shall be made sure forever before me. Your throne shall be established forever” (2 Sam. 7:16). But the Davidic covenant also has a “house of God” built in Jerusalem in which God shall dwell to establish and regulate David’s kingdom until the advent of the appointed David Messiah.
      King David was told by God that he had too much blood on his hands to build the Temple. Instead, David’s son Solomon would build the house/temple. Solomon the son of David becomes the tekton of God’s kingdom. He builds the house of God. He has the ark of the covenant placed in the Holy of Holies. He makes it beautiful and by his prayers, the Divine Glory fills the Temple.
      Think now to Joseph. He is a royal king. He builds a house for Mary (Ark of the Covenant) where she is protected and guarded. The Divine Presence (Word made Flesh) comes to inhabit the house that he built. Joseph is the Davidic King. He humbly rules and reigns over Mary and Jesus (even though they are both superior to Joseph).
      The irony is that at the actual birth of Christ, Joseph and Mary are literally without a physical house. Tradition places them in a cave stable. We come to learn from Christ that the true Temple is Christ Jesus. Christ says, “Destroy this Temple and I will raise it in three days,” referencing the Temple of his Body.
      David is a tekton and he is building a house. But the house he is building is the body of the Christ Child. The food and the nurture comes from David. Consequently, David is a tekton of Christ’s body. We are fed on the Eucharist. But Saint Joseph provided food to the Jesus who is the Eucharist. 
      Joseph is the Bread-Winner for the Bread of Life.
      The climax of the Davidic Covenant finds the king-tekton in exile building a secret Temple of the Holy Spirit – the Second Person of the Trinity incarnate in human flesh. As with King David, David do not conceive the design for the Temple in Jerusalem. They came from Heaven.
      Likewise, Joseph did not conceive the New Temple of New Covenant. He does not conceive Jesus. The Logos came from Heaven. Joseph received (David) the plan, and then he oversaw (Solomon) the growth and establishment of that Temple. This is why when Christ reaches maturity (age 30) Joseph is already gone. He perfectly executed his divine vocation as guardian of the hypostatic union.

      Happy Feast Day of Saint Joseph the Worker,

      Dr. Taylor Marshall

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