Aryan Eros: Lucifer and the Sangreal

In the beginning was the Urge.”  So Our Fuhrer once expressed his sense of Aryan truth.  Our victory will be born of the Coming Man, the One who with his last words to his companions in the Bunker Adolf Hitler directed us to await and seek.  This One is none other than Aryan Eros, the Luciferian Sons of Helios, long-awaited liberators of all earthly life.  As St. Paul said,  “For all Creation groans with strong desire awaiting the unveiling of the Sons of Light.”  (Romans 8:19)


This Eros is also the inner theme of the Parsifal of Richard Wagner, of the writings of Otto Rahn and of our Chilean Kamerad Miguel Serrano who now rejoices with our forebears in Valhalla.  It is everything the judaic enemy of men and animals hates most.  It is the innermost heartfelt desire of Our Aryan Lord Christ.


In Wagner’s Parsifal we see the context and resolution of our Aryan dilemma.  Judaic hypocrisy confronts Aryan innocence in the form of the world-weariness of King Amfortas struck down by the poisoned blade of the envious judaic sorceror Klingsor.  Such is our time and world.  Our folk of men and animals are struck down by the judaic lies and poisons of that Zionist Chosen People, the Wandering Khazar Jews.  Aryans must follow the Stoic Way and be alone with the Alone.


In Act Two of Parsifal Wagner proceeds to reveal an essential Cathar/Catholic truth, our Aryan burden of true racial purity.  Aryans must reject the allure of the non-Aryan and of the non-Aryan woman, represented in Wagner’s opera as Kundry.  As for Aryans their mother is the muse of their literary virtue and their friend inspires their military virtue, so their woman, their wife, is the inspiration of their domestic virtue and the sole Aryan mother of their Aryan children.


In the Second Act of Parsifal Wagner is telling us that without effective monogamy of married spouses there can be no serious cultural continuity.  In our Roman law nothing is truly private without the strong freedom of an independent family inheritance based on legitimate paternity that is beyond all reasonable doubt.  Therefore Parsifal is enlightened with the realization he must reject the bewitched magnetism of Kundry and her non-Aryan kind.  Only in this way can Parsifal escape the snares of Judah.


Parsifal’s enlightenment also includes a Higher Aryan Wisdom.  Aryan blood is the one true Sangreal of Divinity, miraculous bearer of the Sons of Light.  Hence in this wicked fallen world the Perfect may not incorporate themselves in material offspring.  To do so must inevitably ensnare their pure wisdom/light within the judaic coils of Yahweh, true Dark Prince of this world.  The sons of the Perfect can only be their spiritual sons, never their material sons.  The divine power must remain untouched by the opposite sex, excepting only purposes of pure Aryan generation.  This is how Aryans respect the honor of true Aryan womanhood and this is how Aryans uphold true Aryan friendship.


And this is equally true for Cathars and Catholics alike.  To deny these truths is heresy equally in both religions, even if with slightly different understandings concerning some unimportant details.  Because the bearer of this wisdom, Parsifal, is also Lucifer the Light Bearer, perhaps in truth the two religions shall become one, at least in spirit in this our Dark Age the Kali Yuga of Yahweh.


In the conclusion of Parsifal we enter into the resolution of our Aryan dilemma.  By his Aryan purity Parsifal/Lucifer shines with the light of truth and removes Klingsor’s judaic miasma of  dark Masonic/Marxist sorcery.  By the touch of Parsifal/Lucifer’s spear the bleeding wound of Amfortas is healed.  And, according to Wagner, Kundry immediately falls dead at Parsifal/Lucifer’s feet.  Klingsor of Judah flees away into an eternal darkness that awaits him.


We have seen how the true Sangreal is our Aryan bloodline.  This blood is more spiritual than material, if it can truly be said to be material at all as such things are commonly understood in this our fallen world.  It is spread by the Light Bearers of Lucifer/Parsifal through the Word of Helios/Apollo, so that our material Destiny is more an effect of holy Aryan language rightly used than of material genetics alone.  Our chromosomes matter, whether as a secondary power or as material illusion, but Aryan language is the Divine Power ruling our Cosmos.  The light of Lucifer is both seen and heard.


Otto Rahn in his book “Lucifer’s Court” mentions an arrival of the Sangreal in Holy Europe.  It apparently arrived in England with Joseph of Arimathea and then later was sent to Provence to grace the presence there of the Magdalene.  And what was this mysterious treasure?  It represented the presence in Provence of the Divine Blood of the Royal House of David, for we know that after the massacre by Emperor Trajan in Syria and Italy of both members of the Royal Houses of David and Herod in about 107 AD the surviving remnant of the Davidids formed an Aryan Israelite Kingdom in Catalonia and Provence.  As for the Herodians, that was the beginning of their total demise, for such is the Destiny of all enemies of Imperial Helios and His Luciferian knighthood.


This bloodline of Divine Kings then provided many mothers for the French Royal House of the Merovignians, beginning with the Queen of King Clovis, founder of the dynasty.  Their fiercest martial lineage then proceeded to become the Carolignian Imperial House who strengthened their divine bloodline through marriage with Davidid princesses from the other main branch of King David’s lineage, the Aryan Princes of the House of David of Baghdad, Iraq.  The Imperial mothers of Kings Charles Martel and Charlemagne were just such Aryan Davidid princesses.


From the numerous granddaughters of Emperor Charlemagne come the core lineages of the entire Aryan aristocracy of Holy Europe, including William the Conqueror of England, the Royal Normans of Sicily, Holy Emperor Frederick Barbarossa of Hohenstaufen, our Imperial House of Habsburg and Sun King Louis XIV of La Belle France.  This means the Sangreal of  our Royal House of Divine Helios is held within the blue veins of the Imperial and Royal bloodcousinage of Holy Europe.  Our Aryan Most Catholic and Roman Majesties are also the Sangreal of Our Lord the Christ, Eternal Emperor of Heaven and Earth.


“Vive le roi!”


Our Lord Lucifer bears many secrets.


Rahn goes on to mention the good St. Ignatius.  “The symbol of Jesus was opposed to that of Lucifer…”  How true.  Ignatius means fiery; Ignatius was on fire, but with whose fire?  Ignatius was on fire with Lucifer!  Yet which Lucifer was Ignatius’ Lucifer?  Only Lucifer knows which Lucifer is a Jesuit’s Lucifer.  We must not forget the Society of Jesus/Lucifer was the model used by Adolf Hitler for National Socialism.  Our fire is Lucifer and Lucifer alone knows from whence His fire comes.  This is another sacred mystery hidden deep within His bright flames.  “For our God is a consuming fire.”  (Hebrews 12:29)


Next Rahn takes us to Lourdes.  Here is hidden another secret of Our Lord the Bearer of Lights.  This divine revelation of Our Lady Virgin Avatar is the Mount Sinai of our Holy War Against All Evil.  The seeds of Auschwitz were first sown there, at Lourdes!  “I am the Immaculata.”  With these words commenced the rebirth of our Aryan race.  Racial purity too is born of fire.


We proceed to Rahn’s most sacred Rose Garden, his Rose Path of Tyrolean Alps.  “To partake in rose magic, we must secretly unlock the gates to this wonderland.”  Aryan eyes shall yet see this realm though the keys can only be found in Lucifer’s rose hands.  Beyond open white high alpine gates:  Mary’s Lake and her Sangreal.  “We are the princes of this world, and just want to be up there!….  You will fall from heaven as did Lucifer, the prince…”  Rahn had holy visions of what was to come.


As Rahn’s book further advances he gives us tantalizing glimpses of a world of Aryan Victory.  Lucifer’s knights gather around their axis mundi, the Northern Pole and Star beneath our Tree of  Life, the Milky Way with its mysterious Great Black Sun to power our galaxy.  Sun and moon pulsate in their Holy Swastika dance as Venus or the Empress of Heaven inspires Aryan Power through an Arctic racial purity set in lands of Fire and Ice.  Rahn’s brotherhood of Hyperborean troubador warriors fill this world with blessings of peace and prosperity.  Maranatha!


To cite a favorite passage:  “Death is a cool night and it sings a beautiful German melody by Johannes Brahms.  Although the sun bestows life on its own, the night allows the trees and plants to grow.  Only the moon, the stars and the animals are witnesses to this miracle.  …the Argonauts…wanted to put their increasingly divine nature to the test.  This spiritual growth was quite comparable to the development of trees…we have to be rooted to the earth, to the Mother, to grow upward in the light and stretch ourselves up to the stars.”


Together I think Otto Rahn and Miguel Serrano sing each day in Hyperborea’s Arctic and Antarctic Valhalla to welcome amid jousting another rosyfingered Dawn of our Quest of Aryan Freedom.  Such is the reward of the Perfect.

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  1. Such an aryan perfection of words!

  2. A beautiful exposition of Wagner’s Parsifal (in itself widely misunderstood); it’s good to happenchance upon posts such as this – when casually browsing for N.S blogs.

    Also, very pleasing to find understanding of the ‘Spirit-Lineage’ rather the ‘flesh’ bloodline; in accord with knowledge of Racial purity.

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