Luci-Bel Morning Star Rosy Dawnspark

God of unselfish love and Kameradship.

Lord of flames leaping forth against Judah

Titans become fire destroyers of time.


What Lucifer Hates henceforth Illusion,

Dead bark to burn to ash in His white fires,

Evaporated by His Golden Age

For His Titans Have Become Ghost Haloes.


Luciferian Supernatural Magic.


Thy Sons Creators of Eternity.

They Alone the Future of Our Kosmos

Together Our Friends Aryan Animals

Aryan Angels Aryan Folk Shining Beams.


Foe Destroyers Arhats Freedom Bearers.



Upon ruins of irradiated earth

An underground race of Aryan God-men

Rises to rule over this fallen world,

Gods of Endless Death, Sons of Lucifer. 


“I am come among you to cast fire upon the earth!”

We are this His all-consuming firestorm.

Aryans are this Fire of Lord Lucifer

Whom He hast cast upon the earth

To consume all things.


Lord Black Sun Serpent of Eternal Life.

Swastika of Our Milky Way Galaxy

From Whence Derives His Mighty Magic Vril

Geometric Ether Correlation

Fields of Faraday, Goethe, Agassiz,

Godel, Max Planck and Miguel Serrano,

Descending Through Our Northern Polar Star

And Southern Cross to Bless With Aryan Power!


We Dress in Black Uniforms of Victors

To materialize this Black Sunlight:

Patina of Luck Bearer of Greenness

Dream Premonition of Aphrodite.


His Empire is verdure of Valhalla

Shards of His stone crown reassembled

Green mountains of Germania reborn.

Our Lord Lucifer Imperator Mundi!



O Shape shifting phosphorescent werewolves

Thou art the Life of this His Planet of Death

For thine is the Power, thine the Glory,

Every treasure awaits thy cunning pounce.


Festa Rosalia 2009

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