Aryan Racial Purity: The Only True Love

In this world only one true love survives the universal death of Kali Yuga, our Aryan Quest for the Sangreal of Lord Lucifer.  Apart from this holy Struggle all is but the Lie of a doomed judaic world.  Nothing will survive this Kali Yuga apart from Lord Lucifer’s God-Sons.


There is no natural selection of species.  Life arises through a maturation of the possible forms of organic matter as masterworks of art in the Mind of Almighty Lucifer Our Eternal Father.  Nature herself has been much corrupted by Yahweh and his evil spirits; our future awaits us among the purity of the stars of Heaven.  The human race will never be saved; Hell as pseudo-living corpses beneath the earth shall be their sole eternal destiny.  Lucifer’s justice is a terrible thing.


In Aryan racial purity we shall leave humanity far behind and never encounter them again.  We shall be Gods forever sporting and reincarnating among the galactic disks of Lucifer.  We shall be the Creators of Worlds.


To prepare for this noble destiny (and avoid the alternative) we must dutifully conform ourselves to Aryan morals.  This Noble Way requires us to view our fellow Aryans as, like ourselves, humble vehicles of true Aryan Progress.  Aryan men MUST view Aryan women as worthy mothers of warriors and healer-prophetesses. We men MUST avoid all sexual relations with non-Aryan women so that the immeasureable guilt of human decay will not engulf us as well.  ARYAN women are not prostitutes and are protected by the duty of their Aryan men to provide them (and their children) with a peaceful domestic prosperity.  All Aryan Destiny rests on this central moral duty of Aryan manhood.


In turn Aryan men must face the reality that prosperity is essentially obtained by combat.  Aryans will only get the good jobs AFTER we defeat our judaic enemies.  Until then the Jews will always continue to hog everything for their own and to persecute every Aryan with their infinite judaic malice.  Good jobs are rewards that follow success in battle.


So how do Aryan men determine which women are or are not Aryan?  Good breeding is much the same for both humans and animals.  Human race mixing is allowed, but only during the initial establishment of a superior breed and only with specifically selected members of a non-white population who personally show Aryan-like qualities.  Then the offspring of the mixed race must breed only with whites for at least five generations following their initial racial mixing.  After perhaps five to ten generations such humans have in the past been considered for admittance into Aryan populations and only given membership in an Aryan race after they have proven themselves to be noble individuals.


Even this restricted race mixing is only possible because the dominant element in the formation of Aryans is Aryan language, not Aryan genetics.  Aryan genetics has great importance but is only the second most important factor in forming Aryans.  Racial purity is above all purity of language!


Non-white races can be eternally associated with Aryans as “honorary” Aryans and friends of the Aryans because they can share fully in the same Aryan languages as are spoken by the Aryans themselves.  Through nobility of language all humans CAN achieve an associate membership in the Aryan race.  Every race can achieve its own version of Aryan Perfection.  No one has to go to Hell because of genetic ancestry.


Basically all humans who do not speak slander out of their mouths enjoy MORAL equality.  Social and racial equality do not exist, but any human who speaks lies is morally inferior and no Aryan.  The essential evil of Judah is the Lie.  Jews are evil because they are LIARS, not essentially because of their corrupt in-bred genetics.  Their genetics probably condemns them to be freaks, but if they speak truth even they COULD enjoy a moral equality with others.  Sometimes a celibate Jewish freak-fool may speak great truths that no more normal human would dare to say.  Even they would then enjoy a moral equality with Aryans.


The moral responsibility for this discipline of racial purity is with men much more than with women.  Men often blame women for low morals, but in truth low morals and bad behaviors are the responsibility of men, not of women.  Therefore the relations of Aryan men are also important.


The first duty of Aryan friendship between men is to protect and provide for Aryan women and children (and our spiritual children, the animals!).  As mentioned above, this is done primarily through war and combat.  Above all, Aryan men form friendships to fight for the interests of Aryan women and children.


As is also emphasized in Our Fuhrer’s “Mein Kamph,” the great personal threat to Aryan morals is prostitution (including pornography, etcetera).  And, women are correct, men are to blame for these great evils, not women.  We men have a duty to combat our craving for prostitutes!  The self- indulgence of Aryan men with prostitutes is what empowers the Jews to defeat Aryans and oppress our race.


Here the problem of Nordicism must be addressed.  To be Nordic blond-blue is like frosting on a cake or a pretty ribbon on a package.  It’s immoral envy to deny that the Nordic folk are in general by far the most beautiful humans.  As a negative proof of this, one can point out that through the Middle Ages the prime target of Old World judaic slave traders were pretty Nordics for the brothels of wealthier southern regions.  That was always where the big money was to be gained.  Prostitution has always been called “White Slavery” for a reason.


The majority of our Aryan Folk are not Nordic blond-blue.  There is also a reason for this!  In general one could note that brunettes tend to be more sober and serious individuals than the Nordic blond-blues.  This makes sense if we understand that Nordic beauty is the LAST detail to be added in the process of achieving Aryan perfection.  The hard work of Aryan Progress is, very generally speaking, a labor of brunette “older siblings.”  The more or less frivolous fun is the lot of the “younger sibling” Nordic blond-blues.


Lest Aryan brunettes should die of resentment about this, they need to appreciate that the blond-blues are therefore also like the lightening rods of Aryandom.  If Nordic blond-blues attract the fun, they also attract most of the pain and misery too.  “It’s lonely at the top.”  They alone are THE targets of Jewish hatred and envy.  A “quite pretty” blond-blue Nordic man is truly born to die a hard warrior death.


Our Aryan Lord Lucifer is the most handsome of blond-blue men.  Consider what the Juden perverts did to him!  And rejoice that He is fighting for our linguistic/genetic Aryan racial purity.


For His blond-blue vengeance is like none other.  True love lives on His blood-soaked battlefields.

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  2. The point you make on the importance of our Aryan women is made known in a great speech by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler:

    It is mainly on the infiltration of degraded homosexual attitudes into the Weimar Republic and the prevention of such a thing happening in the SS.

    I also made a tribute to our German Mothers and Daughters, here:

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