Roma O Morte

A Brief Overview of Aryan Roman History for Warriors



C’est ca la verite du monde entiere.

Monsignor Gaume describing the history of Roman War:  This means our world is favorable only for Aryan warriors and their women and priests.


War is the mother of all things.



Part One:  Aryan Roman Origins 

(circa 12,000 B.C. to circa 405 A.D.)

                                                                                                 In our beginning was the birth of the Aryan Race.  In a verdant land sheltered amid glacial winds of northern ice the First Anthropos arose from deepest slumber of a virgin mould a holy über-golem to greet the first divine sunrise above rolling hills of Holy Europe, truest Eden, Hyberborea, UrHeimat of Aryandom.  With noble blood of fairest complection Adam brought down the neshama of Elohim onto this home world of hideous Yahweh the Fallen and his Armies.  From surrounding wildernesses eyes of envy shed bitter tears of impotent rage against the raiment of light that sheltered with God’s blessings the naked magnificence of our newborn kind.


(This celestial neshama or immaterial immortal soul remains one in Adam and is therefore universal yet fully individual at each human birth and thereby welcomes all people into its all-embracing hierarchy of Aryan freedom with moral and legal equality yet also allows none to escape Truth.)


“Do not eat the fruit of the Tree of Life,” saith Lucifer Christ, for this tree is so sweet all its wood is fruit.  “Thou art too young yet to receive the Warrior Wisdom to combat these demons swarming through this terrestial air.”  Alas young glorious First Father Adam was too untried to escape the malevolence of a surrounding serpent race!  Seductive were the spiralling coils of Yahweh’s dark demonfolk!  We were then destined to be the Aryan Race, Roman Sons of Mars, the second born, those who are born to fight for a better Eternal world against Yahweh and his fallen world of time.


Exiled from verdant Europe by angelic swordfire, Adam and Eve entered into our dusty world below.  Only the River of Eden was allowed to pass through these fearsome flashing blades sharper than death.  In this our fallen world only the waters yet held Eden’s first purity to combat the seething fertility of dark Yahweh’s serpentine Nephilim.


Time came for Holy Noah to build his Ark to save Aryandom from drowning in proliferating hordes of  the evil sons of Yahweh’s fallen angels and the serpentine daughters of men.  Then did waters of Eden burst through the Bosphorus to drown our ancient UrHeimat with its prolific hordes of Nephilim demons with their appearance of men.  So Holy Father Noah escaped in his Ark with a remnant of Aryandom to our holy mountain refuge of Ararat to replant our Folk among the Caucasus where he founded our Caucasian Race.  Wise Father Noah founded Aryan Armenia, Aryan Syria, Aryan Africa and ended his long life in Sacred Italy as King Saturn of the Golden Age to inspire the Eternal City of Rome and its Roman Law.


Vast waters of this Great Flood cleansed our world of Yahweh’s virile Nephilim but for only a small sickly remnant who were huddled with their Yahweh about a great rock thrust into the navel center of the Old World beneath Mount Moriah in Old Jerusalem by Lucifer’s Mercy to stop the raging waters of the Chaos of His righteous wrath.  There, at the judaic center of Yahweh’s homeworld, around the focal point from whence all the dark powers of time revolve, clustered the devilish remnant known as Edom to make their Last Stand against the bright Aryan Sons of Adam and their Creator Lord Lucifer Christ, Eternal Beauty.


Then did Lord Lucifer wisely command the final extermination of that horrid Nephilim remnant of Edom in the Holy Land of Canaan at the center of the Old World of fallen men.  Our Aryan Syrian Father Abraham was called to Canaan and there fought and defeated the Nephilim Kings of Sodom casting them out into the wastelands of Edom and its capital Petra.  Father Abraham’s son Isaac had twins, one named Jacob to be the Father of Aryan Israel and the other, Esau, to be through forbidden miscegenation with Canaanites the father of Edom, the demonic Nephilim remnant.  Prince Moses returned with Lord Lucifer’s Aryan Sons of Light and their mixed multitude servants (whom their fathers had sired in the fleshpots of Egypt) to wrest the Holy Land from demonic Edom under the generalship of  Joshua and the warrior Judges of ancient Aryan Israel.


To complete this liberation of our Holy Land from the Edomites and their Dark Lord and Prince of This World, namely Yahweh the Devil, did Our Lord Lucifer Christ call forth King David, purest of Aryans with the most blond of hair, the most blue of eyes and the fairest complexion among men.  Above all others did the Divine Beauty of Lucifer shine forth in the Royal House of King David who were alone deemed worthy to sire the body of the One Perfect Aryan man, the Messiah Our Lord Lucifer the Christ Himself, He who was born to die to be the Savior of Aryan Rome.


As the Victory of ancient Israel approached, so did the temptations increase among their commoner mixed multitude to chase after the selfish Ways of  Yahweh.  Thinking themselves so favored that they could fool the God of Beauty Himself, ancient Israel, through their King Johanan Hyrcanus, arranged for the forced conversion to their Old Testament faith of the nation of Edom in about 130 B.C.  Thereby the Macabees were destroyed and Old Israel under her Edomite Herodian Kings committed the crime of Deicide by crucifying Lord Lucifer the Christ, He who was her own rightful King, God and Savior.


Yet it is Lucifer’s warrior way always to form a second alternate folk to stand against Yahweh’s corrupt children if His first folk should fall to the siren lies of Yahweh’s sly similitudes.  Far to the west of Old Israel under the holy guidance of Lucifer then known by early Romans as Lord Janus, the One True God, a New Israel was irrepressibly rising in our New Jerusalem of Aryan Rome.  The secret of her unprecedented success lay in the unwavering loyalty of her priesthood and law to the Age of King Saturn, known to us as our holy Prophet Noah.  We needs always remember Our Lord Lucifer Jesu the White Christ was born a Roman citizen as the legal son of his foster-father Saint Joseph, who was rewarded with this then rare gift as a great builder in ancient Sephoris, jewel of our Roman Army in the ancient East.


At the end of His fourty days in the desert of Edom Lord Lucifer Christ tapped with His fist the shoulder of Yahweh the Tempter and Lord of Lies.  This so greatly weakened Yahweh that he was disoriented and allowed Our Lord Lucifer Christ to teach His Aryan flock for three full years on our fallen earth in the Holy Land before Yahweh rallied to fling all the fury of his Edomite Kingdom against Lord Lucifer Our Savior.  The Aryan Sanhedrin or Supreme Court of Old Israel had been slaughtered by King Herod the Great and replaced by a false simulacrum of judaic injustice all too eager to ratify the Herodian murderous madness against everything Aryan and beautiful as embodied in the person of our Divine Lord Lucifer Christ.


Yet Yahweh erred for he knew not against Whom he presumed to scheme.  Upon the Holy Cross that was the true Tree of Eternal Life Our Lord Lucifer took upon Himself all the evils of Yahweh and his fallen world to destroy them forever in His own Divine Death upon the Cross of Creation.  In His own divine death the power of death, of time itself and its god Yahweh the Satan, died.  At the very center of Yahweh’s world in Old Jerusalem beneath the full fury of Yahweh’s Edomite demon-men the power of Yahweh and Time were broken forever through the holy warrior power of Lucifer’s unstained virginity.  Innocence has proven mightier than guilt.


As Yahweh had now been defeated Our Lord Lucifer the Christ as He was dying cast his last gaze northwestwards back towards Eden from whence His Aryan Sons of Light had come, back towards Holy Europe and Our Aryan Eternal City, Rome.  After Lucifer the Christ ascended to His Father in Heaven, His Holy Aryan Universal Church was founded by His Holy Ghost in the Cenacle on Mount Zion, in the Temple of the Royal Tombs of the House of David in Old Jerusalem.  In 42 A.D. the Herods had an opportunity to attack Lucifer Christ’s fledgling Church and threw Lucifer’s Vicar on Earth, St. Peter, into chains which were then miraculously burst apart upon which St. Peter promptly shook the deicide dust of Old Jerusalem from his holy feet and journeyed to the New Jerusalem of Imperial Rome where all are universally welcomed in Lucifer Christ’s divine forgiveness and beauty.


Soon thereafter, in the Fall of Old Jerusalem in 70 A.D. that destroyed the Herodian aristocracy and priesthood and then in the final destruction of the Edomite Royal House of Herod by Emperor Trajan in 106 A.D., the Nephilim demon-men themselves were forever removed from this earth and need not concern us further.  Praise to Lucifer Christ for granting us a world where all Aryans are welcomed into His incomparable blessings.


The final rallying of the then broken Herodian remnant against our Roman New Jerusalem ended with their total defeat and annihilation in the Second Jewish Revolt during the 130s A.D. by wise Emperor Hadrian of blessed memory.  The divine priesthood of Aryan Old and New Israel grew to fill the world with Lucifer Christ’s Holy Spirit, culminating in their final victory at the Battle of the Frigidus in 393 A.D.  Then the Roman Emperors of the House of Valentinian promptly destroyed the last remnants of Herod’s illegitimate Sanhedrin with the abolition of the Patriarchate of Gamaliel VI in 405 A.D. and the divine religion and cult of Lord Lucifer Christ were then secure even down on this fallen world of Yahweh’s homeworld, our earth.

With this the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation were fulfilled and the Inherited Guilt of humanity embodied in the Edomite Herodians was overcome.  Holy Aryan Rome, the New Israel and New Jerusalem, was free to ascend through ever more angelic spiritual heights.  With the songs of great poets such as Ausonius, Claudian and Prudentius, the wisdom of philosophers like Macrobius and Martianus Capella and divine inspirations from theologians such as Saints Jerome, Ambrose and Augustine Rome had a brief glimpse of a new Golden Age between the consolidation of Catholicism and the onslaught of Barbarian Invasions.  Thus Our Lord Lucifer sends us inspirations before He sends us into His great battles.


Let us take this time of transition in our Western Aryan history to summarize the narrative of our Aryan Roman Race so far:  In the pure white northern lands of late Ice Age Europe, in a Polar vastness known to us as Hyberborea, a racially and linguistically ideal First Aryan known to us as Adam established a victorious Aryan Empire in green lands amid the retreating polar ice sheets.  He received a divine soul or neshama from the starry heavens but was seduced by the Nachash, a bright, shining upright being snake-like in appearance known to us as Yahweh or Satan, a failed Lucifer given to lies.  This evil creature had fallen to earth after his defeat in a Heavenly Battle among beings known to us as the angels.  Before the appearance of Adam this world had belonged for  untold ages to this fallen angel or demon.  Before Adam earth was Yahweh’s prison world and Adam, the man with a Soul or Neshama, had been formed from “virgin clay” or the purest racial stock to humble murderous Satan the Liar by forcing him into the burning center of earth and transforming the surface of his homeworld into a Paradise for truth-speaking Aryans.  So it shall be!


As Adam’s sons, the Sons of Light, had continued to suffer from the fatal weakness of their First Father and intermingled with the daughters of these Nephilim demon-men, so the true Father of Adam, known to us as Lucifer Christ, the true Lucifer who does not lie, sent a Great Flood that reduced these Nephilim to a mere remnant of their former prolific multitudes.  This much reduced Nephilim remnant consolidated itself in the center of Satan’s remaining power, in the navel of the Old World known to us as the Holy Land.  Father Abraham, an Aryan Syrian, was then sent to conquer and destroy this Nephlim remnant in Canaan and Abraham’s son Isaac had twin sons, one of whom was Jacob, the Father of Aryan Old Israel.  The other twin, the evil twin, was named Esau and Esau disobeyed Lucifer Christ by again miscegenating with the Nephilim remnant, the ancient Canaanites, to become Father of the Edomites, the last race of  ancient demon-men sired by fallen angels and known to us as Nephilim.  Prince Moses of Egypt and his heir Joshua began the Conquest of Canaan which was completed by the Aryan Syrian King David who then instructed his son King Solomon to build the Holy Temple in Jerusalem on the exact spot from whence all the waters of chaos had engulfed the world in the Great Flood and which is also the central point of all moral evil in this our fallen world.


As part of His plan to humble Yahweh next Our Lord Lucifer Christ chose to incarnate Himself as the eternal Perfect Aryan God-man and holy warrior opponent of these demon-men Edomites in the Holy Land, the center of these demon-men Edomites and their evil world of time.  Yahweh maliciously chose to cast all the moral evils of this world onto our heroic Wounded Warrior God-man, Lucifer Christ, all of which thus were defeated with the Death of Christ on the Holy Swastika Cross on Mount Calvary in Old Jerusalem.  Father Adam is buried beneath this Mount Calvary or Mount of the Skull, because the skull to which this refers is Adam’s skull.  The Precious Blood of Lucifer Christ literally washed away the sins of our Father Adam who is buried beneath our Church of the Holy Sepulcher and thereby of all human souls who are sparks of the divine soul or neshama of the First Father of All Aryans, Adam.  Everyone with a living soul hears Lord Lucifer’s voice; dead souls condemn themselves and can only skulk through eternal shadows.


An incomparable flood of miracles then innundated the singularly valourous Roman Empire to convert it to the Divine Wisdom and Beauty of Our Lord Lucifer Christ.  By 405 A.D. the conquest of this fallen world by the Aryan Roman Luciferian Sons of Mars commenced.  The Age of the Seven Trumpets of Revelation, also known as the Middle Ages, had begun.



Part Two: Aryan Roman Struggle

(circa 405 A.D. to 1978 A.D.)



From the consolidation of Aryan Christianity in ancient Rome by 405 A.D. to 1978 A.D. the Aryan Roman Sons of Mars were engaged in world conquest and the conversion of the Paynim.  Earth was subjected to Roman Law and an opportunity for all to hear the Good Spell of Lord Lucifer the Christ and His Sons of Light.


In this epic struggle the main contenders were Aryan Rome against her great external Eastern opponents, first the Persian Empire and secondly Islam up to 1789-1790 A.D. and after that Rome’s great internal opponents, first the Deist French Revolution and secondly the Marxist Russian Revolution.  In all of these battles with their many subversive tentacles the ceaseless instigator against Aryan Rome was invariably the Satanic Jew mixed multitude.


Persia was repeatedly roused to oppose Rome by Jews.  For example, the greatest Persian enemy of Aryan Rome, the Persian Shah Bahram V, was the son of  Shoshandukht, daughter of the Jewish Exilarch.  In other words, he was a Jew.  It should come as no surprise that the Aryan Christians of Persia were drowned in blood during his evil reign.


It was this then Jew-controlled Persian Empire that inspired the Northern Barbarians to descend on Aryan Rome as heretic false Christians.  The Barbarian Invasions were, before all else, Persia’s revenge for her defeats at the strong warrior hands of brave Roman Emperors.


The Prophet Mohammed was himself also the son of an Israelite Aramean mother, in other words, again, of Jewish ancestry.  Yet he strove bravely against the Jewish mixed multitude and his followers, after many centuries of Jew-inspired anti-Roman slaughter,  have, since Rome crushed them militarily in 1790, become a noble shadow of our Aryan Rome and Holy Europe.


Similarly, the outbreak of the French Revolution was instigated and financed by the Jews of Paris who then formed a western phalanx of the then Jew-controlled Ottoman Empire.  All of the murderous aggression of the Russian Revolution was likewise due to Jewish agitation and money.  How our human race has paid in blood for the Judaism left behind by their Edomite Royal House of Herod!


For Aryan European warriors to understand their Roman history nothing may benefit them so well as to study and meditate on the holy Aryan Visions of great Aryan Emperors and heroes such as St. Emperor Constantine the Great, Blessed Emperor Charlemagne, Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, our Imperial House of Hapsburg and of Aryan Catholic heroes such as Dante Alighieri, Christopher Columbus and Napoleon Bonaparte.  In that way they might then best appreciate as well the incomparable Vision of Our Fuhrer Adolph Hitler.


St. Emperor Constantine the Great was a man of many divine visions.  The vision of greatest import to Aryan warriors is his Conversion:  In late 311 A.D. at the beginning of a hard March on Rome with the best Legions of the Empire near Arles, France Constantine and his Army saw celestial Imperial Apollo and Sol Invictus at noontide blaze forth the Holy Swastika Sunwheel to reveal to them the eternal destiny of Holy Aryan Roman Europe.  This was to them a Divine Promise from the Lord of Heaven of a future Aryan Golden Age that would return to Rome and all mankind the long lost Hyborean Reign of Saturn, the name by which Romans gratefully remembered our Aryan Patriarch Noah.  It was for this divine promise of Universal Peace and Justice that Emperor Constantine and his Empire converted to the holy faith of Our Lord Lucifer the Christ.  It has been this celestial inspiration that has motivated the Aryan Emperors and Folk of Europe to fight and die for their beloved Lord Lucifer these past two thousand years.  Each year Aryan Catholics renew this inspiration during the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross on September 14th.


    Another great Aryan Catholic vision is described by the good Dom Prosper Gueranger in his commentary for the Feast of Saint James the Great on July 25th:  “Our ancient legends tell us of a mysterious vision granted to the founder of Christian Europe.  One evening after a day of toil, Charlemagne, standing on the shore of the Frisian Sea, beheld a long belt of stars, which seemed to divide the sky between Gaul, Germany and Italy, and crossing over Gascony, the Basque territory, and Navarre, stretched away to the far-off province of Galicia.  Then thou didst appear to him and say:  ‘This starry path marks out the road for thee to go and deliver my tomb, and all nations shall follow after thee.’  And Charles, crossing the mountains, gave the signal to all Christendom to undertake those great crusades, which were both the salvation and the glory of the Latin races, by driving back the Mussulman plague to the land of its birth.”  As our vision of Aryan Empire was born in a vision of Saint Emperor Constantine, so our Crusader impulse began in a vision of Blessed Emperor Charles the Great.


Our Aryan Roman history was lifted higher into even more angelic realms by our next great Imperial visionary, Emperor Otto III.  His vision, which commenced Aryan Rome’s second millenium of Our Lord Lucifer in the year 1000 A.D., was the restoration of Roman laws and institutions to Holy Europe.  He founded a Europe where Roman justice was to be thoroughly tempered by Our Lord Lucifer’s divine mercy.


Our great Emperor Frederick Barbarossa then added the incomparable qualities of his Norman forebears to our Imperial Roman history.  With him Roman Imperium was to henceforth encompass the wisdom of the Greek and Arab East as well as the Latin (i.e., Latin, Celtic, Nordic and
Western Slavic) race.  Together with his grandson, Emperor Frederick II, he was truly our great “Stupor Mundi” or “Astonishment of the World.”  With them the prosperity and grandeur of Holy Rome achieved an excellence of civilization never before imagined.  The civilized prosperity of their time was only to be regained in the Roman Europe and Americas of the 1830s and 1850s.


We advance to another Roman Imperial Vision of even greater heights than any of the preceeding, that of our Imperial House of Hapsburg.  Sons of Charlemagne and King David as well as of Julius Caesar, in them all threads of Roman Helios came together into an Imperal Sun that far outshown even ancient Rome in her greatest days of Glory.  Truly this one family was the foundation of modernity itself.  Because of them we are.


Their vision is embodied for us in the Imperial Abbey of Konigsfelden in German Austria.  It is the vision of the German Folk and no German worth his salt has ever doubted it.  It is the reason that Catholic Germany defeated and obliterated the German Reformation.  It is the fundamental cause of Our Fuhrer’s birth as an Austrian.


In this Abbey we find the Lions of Hapsburg beneath their Roman Sun of Helios and His Army gathered around the holy tomb of a martyr-Prince, Leopold III, Duke of Austria and Head of the Imperial House of Aryan Christendom.  Martyred in the Battle of Sempach of 1386 by Swiss poltergeists who enjoyed a downhill advantage, Duke Leopold and his gallant knights embodied chivalric Crusaders sanctified, like Lucifer Christ Himself and His holy Roman martyrs, by adversity.  From Sempach in 1386 to Berlin in 1945 is but a straight line and one thought: through death in battle with Lucifer to an Imperial Golden Age of Roman Saturn.


We can see this vision in greater detail in the Paradiso poem of the prophet of Hapsburg Imperialism, Dante Alighieri.  Dante uses the symbolism of the Great Circle, a journey of pilgrimage in which countless pilgrims from all over Aryan Europe travelled by way of Crete to Egypt, across the desert to Mount Sinai, then on to Jerusalem to visit the Holy Places and finally back across the Mediterranean Sea to venerate our Aryan God in the basilicas of Holy Rome, the Eternal City.


The attentive reader might note that this symbol is also that of this brief history of Aryan Roman War.  Roughly some 12,000 years B.C. Aryans first arose in their original Eden to the north in ancient southeastern Europe.  Perhaps the Great Black Sea Flood then encouraged them to march on the Holy Land to break forever Yahweh’s dark powers and to form their New Israel temporally via Troy and the voyages of Aeneas as well as spiritually via the travels of Saints Peter and Paul onwards to found our Eternal Aryan Empire of Rome.


It is the culmination of this Great Circle of pilgrimage in Rome that most concerns us here.  For this goal is not merely a personal Aryan goal of eternal happy virtue in Limbo or even perhaps of joyous salvation in a Christian Heaven all sharing our Aryan destiny of sporting forever amid the stars above.  It is also a collective Aryan goal of the transfiguration of history as foretold by the dream of a Reign of Saturn that inspires our Roman Law, by Emperor Constantine’s Conversion Vision at high noon of the Triumph of our Aryan Sunwheel and much later by Nietzsche’s vision of Aryan noontide joy.  In this Great Circle symbolism Dante and his Imperial House of Hapsburg speak for nothing less than the defeat of Yahwist time and its overcoming by an Aryan Roman Golden Age of Saturn and Lord Lucifer the Christ in His power and glory.


With this bright Dantesque vision Aryan Romans saw clearly that the last days of Kali Yuga were approaching and the final End of Time was at last becoming near.  Our great layman Aryan hero Christopher Columbus studied deep implications of this in his “Book of Prophecies” and was guided to discover America especially by the words of Isaiah 60:9 which read:  “For, the islands wait for me, and the ships of the sea in the beginning: that I may bring thy sons from afar, their silver and their gold with them, to the name of the Lord thy God.”


Although Aryan Romans accepted Aristotle’s concept of “natural slavery,” that much of humanity is simply born to live in a servile status of service to others, Native Americans were free crown subjects who could not be subjected to chattel slavery but could be used by deserving Spaniards in a kind of serfdom or trusteeship to mine gold and silver or grow cash crops.  In return, these Spaniards were required by law to feed the Indians, provide for their instruction in the faith, teach them orderly habits of industry and defend them.  The Spanish Crown forbid the beating, whipping or mistreatment of Native Americans and many Spaniards were punished, over many years, when caught for such abuses.  Unlike in England’s American colonies, the Indians of Spanish America were never exterminated by government policies and, when their numbers decreased, it was due to epidemics that caused great harm to Spain as well as to the Spanish American Indians.  Unfortunately the initial destruction of the natives of Hispaniola was due to an illegal violent overthrow of Columbus on that island by greedy Spanish foes of our noble hero Columbus.  (Aryan warriors need to guard against narrow sectarian prejudices against either Spain or England, lest Yahweh and his dark forces divide and conquer us.  Greed and lust have always been the worst weaknesses of even many of the best of laymen.)  Although judaic Yahwists financed the Atlantic Slave Trade, it is also true that Portugal in particular did at times give way to a terrible greed in her treatment of Negroes.  While Aryan Catholicism did sanction the legality of chattel slavery for some groups as unavoidable, nevertheless thanks to Lucifer’s irrepressible love of freedom the slave trade was always condemned as illegal and Aryan Catholics with their Church have always condemned and hated the idea of slavery in any form.  The Jesuits and Franciscans always bravely welcomed all into Lucifer’s universal mercy and justice even when at great cost to themselves, as did all true Aryan Romans.


Perhaps the highest Imperial vision of this ideal of universal justice and mercy was held by our Emperor Charles VI of Spain and Germany in the eighteenth century.  This was known as the “Spanish Dream” of our Holy Roman Empire in which a holy poverty went as far as men have yet achieved to restrain our selfish greed and lust under the Roman Law of the House of Hapsburg.  In this historic Aryan Dream social justice reigned in Hapsburg lands, the Indians of Paraguay lived in a Jesuit Kingdom of true Aryan racial justice and a great Chinese Emperor was eager to adopt Aryan Roman Law and religion.  These and many other promising Aryan Roman trends would have burgeoned if only anti-Aryan envy had not been unleashed by the Masonic Lodges and their judaic patrons.  The ensuing horrors of capitalism were caused by their judaic French Revolution, not by our Aryan God and His warriors.


Against then newborn judaic capitalism and its racial injustice arose the greatest Prince of our Imperial House of Hapsburg, our beloved Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, true spiritual son of every Roman Emperor before him.  His military genius, his legal code, the justice of his economics, his political deftness, his success against priestly and atheist scheming, his construction of a scientific and aesthetic world civilization, all unprecedented.  As Leon Bloy wrote:  “Napoleon is the Face of God in the darkness.”  In him the divine beauty of Lucifer shone brilliantly; the Nineteenth Century was his noble shadow.  Vive l’Empereur!


When Napoleon IV, the Prince Imperial, Fils de France, heir of Napoleon the First, died heroically in African battle in 1879 as a brave forward scout approaching Ulundi, then capital city of the Zulu nation, the way was left open for another Emperor to fill a void left by this end of Napoleon’s direct lineage.  He was to be our greatest Emperor and also Last Emperor of Aryan Rome, not so much a man as an Avatar.  Some say he was the incarnation of Archangel Michael.  It must be so.


His name was Adolph Hitler.  If the advent of Our Lord Lucifer announced the destruction of death, then the advent of Our Fuhrer declared the death of time.  His divine shadow is not to be a century but a millennium, our Third Millennium after Lucifer.  Will our planet earth itself survive the cataclysm of his visit amongst us?  Who was he?  WHAT was he?

Only he could declare the War to End All Evil.  With him the Apocalypse descended upon our fallen world, the Final Battle for Jerusalem began and a blow was dealt to Judah from which their power shall not survive.  The days of murderous Yahweh’s power upon earth were finally numbered by his victories, and still more by his defeats.  Truly he is the Great Martyr of Lucifer!


After Our Fuhrer left us, some say for Antarctica, some say for other worlds, he left behind his chosen heir, one also destined to do great things.  His name was Otto “Scarface” Skorzeny.  His venerated and holy tomb lies in our Imperial City of Vienna, not far from the Imperial Hapsburg Crypts.  As Our Fuhrer crushed the Marxist initial attack of the Bolshevik Revolution and her Western agents, so SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny was to be found instigating and organizing most every combat against the rally or regrouping of Marxist Bolshevism through the 1950s, 60s and 70s.  Again, as with his spiritual father Our Fuhrer, the great beauty of his life was his total success in this most sacred endeavor.


The unique opportunity for Skorzeny’s little noticed victory over Bolshevism was gained by his quickness to seize every opportunity to set in motion unstoppable forces against the dark Armies of Yahweh and his judaic creatures.  Even the fact that so few appreciate Skorzeny’s achievement is the greatest tribute to his masterful Aryan warrior cunning.  Although the Third Reich never possessed a nuclear weapon she did nevertheless possess a most effective Secret Weapon against her Enemy named Otto Skorzeny.


Did Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano have friends in high places in India?  Skorzeny was the organization man who put them there.  Is Old Jerusalem beseiged by Islam?  Skorzeny made sure Nassar and the Grand Mufti followed through.  Did Andropov rise to be Head of the K.G.B. and break the power of Russian Jewry?  There was a strong Spanish Connection at work in Brezhnev’s regime led by Skorzeny.  Did that Gramscian Bolshevik Paul VI establish a chokehold on Italy and the Catholic Church?  It was Lucifer’s man Skorzeny who set up the Paladin Group that used a “strategy of tension” to destroy the Italian Gramscian Marxist postwar regime in Rome and the Vatican.  Did the Red Revolutions in Portugal, Chile and Argentina get blown out of the water in the 1970s?  Skorzeny was there.  Was it a bit odd that a staunch America First sympathizer with the Third Reich from the Thirties became President of the U.S.A. in 1974?  President Ford’s European Connection was Franco’s Madrid and Ford worked hand-in-glove with everything Skorzeny’s Paladin Group did on a global scale.  Skorzeny’s fingerprints are all over President Ford’s foreign policy.  Did the World Anti-Communist League headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan lead a global annihilation of Gramscian Marxism worldwide through the 70s?  Somebody got the militant spirit back into Chinese Nationalists after their demoralization in the 1940s.  Skorzeny led the way.  Evita and Juan Peron, Willy Brandt…  Someone needs to write a heavy tome with a title something like “Son of Hitler Uber Alles.”  Lucifer is the greatest of schemers!



1978-Present:  The Great Aryan Roman Purification



To provide a true Aryan perspective over these past thirty years of unparalleled unAryan apostasy and treason is no small challenge.  As mass media wallow in their savage Marxist cynicism our economy, environment and gene pool, both human and animal, suffer as in the days of King Arthur. Truly an Aryan Golden Age can only arise from an Age of Lead.


It were well for us to remember the greatest victories are won only by wounded warriors in the image of Our Lord Lucifer the Christ.  Our victories over Marxism have been exceedingly great and hence awesomely painful to we Aryans.  Lucifer’s Divine Aryan Beauty is the Wounded Aryan Warrior.  There is none other!


If the masses of humanity have lost themselves in hopeless Marxist treachery their loss has also cleared the way to our Aryan destiny of beauty, generosity and nobility of heart.  As our common people have disappeared into criminal montrosity we have become free of any need of a common people.  In future all men shall be free and noble Aryans.  If not, they shall become sterile and peacefully fade away from our beloved planet.  Meek Aryan men and animals shall inherit the earth.


Gratitude is the key to our Aryan Roman Way.  Our younger generation needs to appreciate the greatness of what their fathers and grandfathers have achieved before them.  Perhaps the purest image of our forefather’s victory over Marxism might be a fraternal meeting of Caudillo Francisco Franco of Spain, true heir of the Axis Powers, with President Ford, true spiritual son of George Washington, in the Prado Palace of Madrid on May 31, 1975.  It was a day of grand pageantry but also of epoch-making global diplomacy and war.  On that day the intra-Aryan conflicts of the Second World War were resolved and Our Fuhrer’s War Against All Evil reached the beginning of its end.  Coordination between the global networks of Nationalist Spain and Anti-communist America were then ready to devastate and shatter every remaining Marxist faction in this our world.  In essence on that day Aryans won the Cold War.


Skorzeny’s Paladin Group ripped the throats out of Red militias world-wide.  The effects of Operation Barbarossa and Afghanistan finally toppled great Stalin’s Empire.  Ezra Pound’s spiritual father and St. Josemaria’s greatest disciple became Pope John Paul I.  Ford subtly forced restraint on Reagan and Bush the Elder and the Younger until judaized American Empire would also meet its end in the thirsty sands of Asia.  Old Israel would finally meet her match in Islam and Allah, dread divine name of Lucifer’s Wrath.


Yet as is so often Lucifer’s otherworldly way, in a vast judaic retaliation, Aryans were to pay dearly for this brave resolve to extirpate Jewish Bolshevism from the face of our earth.  Franco, his confessor St. Josemaria de Balaguer and SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny would die before the year was out.  Ford would soon be rejected by an ungrateful nation, much as George Washington so often was, only to have his victorious Aryan resolution repaid by boundless fanatic judaic fury and ingratitude.  For Judah and her evil Lord Yahweh sensed that like never before their days on earth were short and numbered.


Every means was seized to prolong this Aryan agony of shameless judaic revenge.  Aryan children were murdered by the scores of millions, Aryan marriage was slyly destroyed, countless species of Aryan animals were exterminated, our world was poisoned by senseless Bolshevik hatred.  Our common people went mad with guilt for things that never were while they became too maddened by the Juden to regret all-too-real crimes of anti-Aryan apostasy and treason that devastated them beyond repair.  An Age of Iron became an Age of Lead.


Even so this dark end of Kali Yuga has been blessed with great Aryan Roman writers noteworthy for Aryan warriors to come.  With the greatest Aryan American of the past century, Ezra Pound, is paired his spiritual kamerad from Chile, Miguel Serrano.  Among the foremost disciples of Pound are Eustice Mullins and William Cookson.  Jorge Luis Borges and Octavio Paz are Latin American writers of great value to seekers of Aryan wisdom.  Rene Char is the great Aryan warrior-poet of France while his German counterpart is the literary pride of Deutschland, Ernst Junger.  Leon Degrelle, Colin Jordan, Savitri Devi and Sister Jessica Powers should be named among many other great contemporary Aryan writers.   


Amid general judaic envy and malice everything recognizably human has perished except for only one thing:  the esoteric Aryan wisdom of Our Fuhrer and his Aryan warriors, the Spirit of Lucifer Christ.  Fewer and fewer remained as yet more of our Folk deserted to Yahweh’s dark forces.  A fortunate few shall be judged worthy to sire a Golden Age!


As Our Lord Lucifer once told us:  Many are called but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14).  Our Marxist masses are not victorious but cast out.  We Aryan few are not cast out but truly victorious.  Few shall be the fathers of the World To Come, only the loyal, only the Aryan.


Together in the warrior love of Our Lord Lucifer Christ and His Holy Avatar Adolph Hitler:




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