Aryan Classical Literary Education (2)

Towards a Pedagogy of Arya



Militia est vita hominis super terram.  Job (7:1)


C’est par la guerre que l’homme marche à sa fin.  Monsignor Jean-Joseph Gaume



The following is an educational schema that reflects standard pedagogy during the First, Second and Third Reichs:


1)         Confidence and virility/strong virtue through closeness to Nature and health.  (physical education)

2)         God: Unity of Nature/Matter and Unity of History/Humanity and animals.  (religion)

3)  History of Race and Nation.  (history)

4)  Classics in Latin and the Vernacular.  (grammar or belles-lettres, rhetoric or composition, science; the practice of reading, writing and philosophy)

5)  Skills to fulfill one’s social position a) to lead  b) to practice a profession  c) to earn a frugal living.  (vocation) 

6)  Also clergy to teach catechism/basic spirituality to the poor, theology/advanced spirituality to the upper classes and the Aryan New Testament, Aeneid and music dramas of Wagner to the entire Folk.  (Kamph)


To keep this as brief as possible for use by an Aryan audience:  The first pedagogic level affirms that before all else Aryan students require fitness education and a familiarity with the natural world.  This would be oriented towards military sports and an acquirement of physical discipline through calisthenics, shooting, hiking, skiing, horse riding, tennis, chess and the like.  It aims at the loyal endurance of a Roman Army, not at the effete judaic Rambo-like love of violence that characterizes the American, British and Israeli Armed Forces.  Aryan physical education is expensive, but such it must be because we truly believe that our younger generation is noble-born.


The second pedagoic level affirms the necessity of religious belief to Aryans.  It is extremely essential to comprehend that this belief is not a matter of concepts or argument but an acknowledgement of the Great Unity.  Aryans must act on the knowledge that the Cosmos and human history form a unity of noble power.  In its optimistic peaceful aspect this affirms the ancient alliance of religion with science and restores God in the Cosmos by echoing from one pole to the other the hymn of solar glory ceaselessly chanted throughout the skies.  In its pessimistic and tragic militarist aspect this affirms the universal dependence of the weaker on the stronger by which beings pass to an ever more noble existence though the loss of their own life via assimilation into what is superior to themselves.  Simpler mineral elements are assimilated into more complex mineral elements, vegetation assimilates minerals, animals assimilate vegetation, men assimilate animals, angels or the gods assimilate men, God assimilates angels and God-men.  Creation (apart from the Golden Age) is also a warrior Valhalla in which everything eats and is eaten.  And precisely this sublime transformation is alone able to bring back the primordial hierarchic Unity of Oneness!  In this way Aryans are neither sentimentalists nor cynics yet are also not insensible to sentimental and cynical phases within Eternal Nobility. 


This assimilative phenomena is the Kali Yuga and must be overcome and replaced by the superior Golden Age Unity of the Sunwheel.  Yet the best of Kali Yuga serves as a heroic matrix of the Age to Come.  Ultimately the Great Unity is true friendship and Eternal Arya, the Fifth Reich of Imperium Europa.


The above listed third pedagogic level of Aryan History teaches Aryan students the singular excellence of their heritage and destiny.  They gain the true perspective that nobility is not of this world but from above whereas the judaic enemy of godless globalism is all too much of this world.  It is important for young Aryans to recognize that civilized human geography and population are objectively Euro-centric and that successful civilization has arisen and must arise from a victorious European geographic center.  Nevertheless the true name of this center is Arya and Imperium Europa, the Fifth Reich. 


These objective advantages Europe has for the success of civilization are many and their enumeration and explanation would require a book.   As two geographic examples, tropical agriculture is narrowly geared to cash crops and the geography of the Far East is severely fragmented by mountains and seas.  The favorable conditions of ancient Hyperborea or Ice Age Europe assisted in the rise of our Indo-European/Aryan race.  Like a fine wine, our blood is the end-product of a European soil. 


Asia has contributed the elements of our Aryan Spirit and Egypt, through Africa, has contributed our Aryan Wisdom.  Yet every enduring human achievement in war, peace and prosperity has been uniquely European in origin and longevity.  Throughout history freedom has been the European Victory that occurs when Europeans are true to their Aryan roots.  Henceforth freedom shall be the Victory of the Fifth Reich of Arya.  The great contribution of the Americas has been humbly to provide Europe with the strength to be victorious and will in future be to provide an Aryan Imperium Europa with strength to reach greater heights than Old Europe ever could.  Aryan education must have the courage of historical truth and reject cowardly judaic lies.


Pedagogic level four affirms that an Aryan must read much and above all else the great writings both ancient and modern.  This exercise is the life of a man’s entire faculties.  Thinking teaches a man to write well and good reading teaches a man to think.  For thousands of years Aryan elementary or grammar education up to about the age of fourteen has consisted of exercises in reading and physical games together with arithmetic and geometry practice on the side.  But these exercises are ambitious and transform reading into philology or the study of the philosophy of words and transform games into a serious preparation for warfare.  The normal conversation of Aryan boys has always been that of honorable young men.  Every word of falsehood has always been promptly rewarded with punishments; high spirits and cunning are not falsehood.


Aryan children memorize passages of great writing in Latin and their vernacular language in accordance with what interests them as the best method to develop their powers of memory, master languages and encourage Aryan character.  They discuss the meanings of writings and vocabularies they have read through usage, translation and conversation with their teachers and among themselves. Together they may translate an entire book in groups with a shared affinity.  Every effective method of learning languages could be reduced to two words:  reading and conversation.  Our great masters achieve eloquence through long years of reading and meditation, so that when the time comes an abundance that fills their souls must escape in fiery expressions that assume images strong or naïve, gracious or terrible.


The European Aryan Quadrivium consists of the following four sciences which form the best preparation to an Aryan study of philosophy: 


Arithmetic:  The Pythagorian theory of pure number as a system of Pythagorian Aesthetics with deductions of a magical and mystical character, demonstrating for example that at each fourth step of a progressive multiplication the number one appears.  Thus 1 x 3 = 3, 3 x 3 = 9, 9 x 3 = 27, 27 x 3 = 81 = 80 + 1.  Always at the fourth multiplication 1, unity, occurs.  When multiplication is continued to infinity, then unity, 1, is outstanding at each fourth step:  3 to the eighth power = 6560 + 1, and so on.  This numeral one is a unity, a monad, which is incorporeal and uncompounded, like the soul itself.  The elements of number are:  1) the even numbers with their open-ended operations typified as “apeiron” or “things difficult to express” and thereby unlimited and infinite, 2) the odd, limited numbers expressive of limits, finity and matter, 3) both even and odd number together as unity, the origin of numbers and the law of all being and thought.  Numerical symmetries are understood as the harmony of heaven within Creation while the numeric sum of each thing forms its primary nature or quintessence.


Geometry:  The study of measurements of earth, waters, sky and heavenly bodies through Euclidean geometry broadened into a general study of geomancy and sacred geography, viewing the landscapes of one’s native land as the basis of an Aryan symbolic language of Nature.  The Golden Ratio of Phidias is key to this endless adventure.


Astronomy:  The study of the law of the stars, their revolution of the firmament and its regions, orbits, courses, the rising and setting of stars and why some of them are called planets or “wanderers.”  Astronomy is complemented by the science of natural astrology, the study of the stars in relation to the noting of birth and death and other occurrences in reference to the bodily humours which vary with the current influence of the greater bodies, as with health and sickness, disturbances or calm, fertility or infertility.  The zodiac is reflected on earth as the Aryan city, temple and body while the cosmic game of divinity is played in the ongoing battle between the passive and active principles of Aries and Leo or the two faces of Janus often expressed as Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Beloved Apostle of the Lord.


Music:  The study of the harmony which exists in Nature through the mundane music of the interactions of earth, air, fire and water, through the human music of the human body and soul and their interactions, and of the instrumental music of percussion, wind and voice. A man’s soul can be seen as the music of his lifetime while the unity of the universe is also its musical concord.  More ambitious students might learn the celebrated Language of the Birds of trinities and quaternaries, intimately associated with the Phonetic Kabbala of the Runes.


Philosophy concludes pedagogic level four. In a word, all here below is unity and trinity: everything that exists is one and every unity results from a trinity of causes; such is generating priciple of all things.  Such is therefore also the Great Truth to be stated, developed and made available to every intelligence coming into the world of philosophy.  Unity resulting from trinity is real, indivisible and permanent.


Some consequences and applications of this for philosophy can be formulated in the following axioms:


1)  Plurality of constituent principles in any being whatsoever does not alter the fact that it is really one.

2)  In created beings the constituent principles are not equal among themselves and do not concur in the same way to the formation and operations of the being that results from their unity.

3)  The active principle or form or informing principle does not loose its force or rule of action to the passive principle of matter or instumentality, but rather matter or instrumentality receives its force and rule of action from the active principle of power and form.

To observe this great law of Unity in Trinity is the source of every perfection and consequently the basis of morality.


Pedagogic level five begins with Aryan leadership through which students learn the honour of every Aryan rank or social function.  These are clergy, warrior, judge, farmer, trader, mechanic and maritimer in which each social function has moral equality with the others.


Skills with which to fulfill one’s social position are described as technical education, vocational education or the seven Mechanical Arts, namely, weaving, armament in the broadest sense, navigation, agriculture, hunting, medicine and the theatrical art dealing with public spectacles.  Children exhibiting a special talent for these arts are selected at an early age to serve a long apprenticeship alongside their skilled adult mentors.  Most boys learn a trade to supplement their literary education and most girls are also trained in domestic arts such as weaviing, cooking, singing and social etiquette.


Together Aryans enjoy prosperity without usury or “easy money” through what was once called holy poverty, a moderate wealth that is different from penury or destitution.  Every Roman or Imperial citizen is a miles or warrior whose generous hospitality is proof of his or her Aryan religion.


A sixth pedagogic level consists in the practice of our multiform Aryan religion through instruction by Aryan clergy according to our needs.  Pagan Aryans who may be offended by the mention of an Aryan New Testament should appreciate that the Aeneid and music dramas of Wagner must also be respected by Aryan Kristians as the sacred texts of Pagans.  In the religion of our dawning Fifth Reich the Aryan God Kristos is Wotan and Lucifer as well as Jesus!  Each should find inspiration in his own sacred texts while respecting other religions of our Empire of Aryan Europa.


Beyond these levels are many more specialized studies of Aryan higher education taught according to the talents and interests of particular groups and individuals:  Each Aryan is free to be superior as the light guides him.  May the above suggestions be of some small assistance in enabling Aryans to ensure that the wisdom of the Fifth Reich shall be even more glorious than were the First, Second, Third and Fourth.  May the sons of Aryan Europa be worthy of their sires.

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  1. Kamerad,

    Who are the master astrologers worth hearing?


  2. Kamerad Niebo,

    A vast topic! So, to begin, who are our authorities for a modest introduction into true Aryan astrology? In academia our Western Aryan learning was, all in all, advancing quite well enough up to 1978, when the decision was made by the governments to begin the dismantlement of our educational system. So, through the 1970s, our over-all white European intellectual life was doing reasonably well and then through the 80s and 90s various remnants of this continued along for awhile. But since about 2000 the fading away has been much more radical in character and our erstwhile civilization has been generally replaced by a Jewish similitude only pretending to be our Western Civilization.

    Astrolology should be studied within this specifically apocalyptic scholarly and intellectual context. A few high-quality texts on astrology that can serve as introductory to our authentic tradition of astrology could include:

    1) The Gospel in the Stars, by Joseph R. Seiss.

    2) Jungian Symbolism in Astrology, by Alice O. Howell.

    3) Astrology, the Sacred Science, by Alice O. Howell.

    4) The Art of Synthesis, by Alan Leo.

    5) Astrology, a Cosmic Science, by Isabel M. Hickey.

    Needless to say, none of these writers were National Socialists or Aryanists, but their knowledge and intellectual tradition is very much the same as that of NS and Aryanism. They are academics who simply avoided the larger questions, but who if they had taken the trouble to do so then they would have necessarily had to go in our direction. No doubt they carefully avoided all such larger issues precisely because they were aware of this truth. So we can learn from them but we also have a moral obligation to be much more brave than they were able to be. Ours is a much more dramatic and vivid Age than theirs.

    Alan Leo was in effect the official astrologer of the British aristocracy of his time and he therefore followed the torturous twists through virtuous and non-virtuous phases of that ruling elite during the time he was writing. Isabel Hickey took up the nationalist Zeitgeist of her time, but lacked the courage to follow through on her spiritual connections with National Socialism. The Jungians were quite Aryan when they wanted to be, but always kept everything within timid academic boundaries, especially due to the efforts of Jung’s Jewish personal secretary. Yet their studies are nevertheless often quite excellent scholarship.

    Therefore the above books are examples of high-quality scholarship that would give you a good introduction into our heritage of white European or Western Aryan astrology. It shouldn’t escape you that the background for these studies is the Bible and its related commentaries. Great Aryan writers such as Dante, Blake, Goethe, Wagner and Serrano delve quite deeply into the mysteries of astrology, going greatly deeper into the subject than the introductory texts listed above. In particular, Don Miguel’s Maestro left us his five-part book “La Voz del Senor” or “The Voice of the Master” that provides us with a very clear orientation for our Aryan astrological studies.

    Very broadly, Serrano provides us with the context for the Bible and Rome, Catholic Rome provides us with the context for our Western Aryan civilization and the current NS Aryanist core of that entire heritage provides us with the origin of our Aryan Race’s future among the stars. Astrology is the thread that weaves through this vast epic story of our Divine Aryan Race on earth.

    We are from the stars, we are of the stars and at the appointed time we shall return to the stars. Hence our history forms one vast astrological voyage and in this ultimate epic adventure our foremost Guides are Our Lord the Christ and His Second Coming in the form of the Eternal Fuhrer of the Aryans, Adolf Hitler. Today the Master Astrologers worth hearing must needs be our own Kameraden, the true Sons of Adolf Hitler, and our Leader, Manu, Parsifal, the Man to Come: He who is about to be revealed to us in the light of the Black Sun of 2012!

    Your Kamerad in the Spirit of Adolf Hitler,

    OC (and in religion, Brother Francis, Franciscan Solitary)

    P.S.: Kamerad Niebo, in the ancient astrological prophecies, it is foretold that He shall enter Jerusalem, the Heart of Darkness, from “the North.” According to those hoary forecasts it is said He shall first appear in the most ancient city on earth, namely, Damascus, Syria. May this soon be so.


    • Great thanks to you Kamerad! You have always answered my simple questions with the utmost thoroughness and expansiveness.

      You are a great Teacher.


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