In these latter days of Zionist Correctness it is all too often easy to miss the forest for the trees.  We are endlessly told we now live in the Best of All Possible Worlds whereas by any historical standard we live rather more in the Worst of All Possible Worlds.  War is peace and economic collapse is overflowing wealth.  Or so we are told.

How to explain this curious phenomena?  What in Lucifer’s Name is going on?

To understand Zionism is to understand the Zionist character of those who have sold their souls to Yahweh the Lord of Darkness.  We humans prefer to fight the last war rather than suffer the disorientation of having to recognize new enemies.  Our last great combat was against the revolutionary Marxism of Bolshevism, the Marxism of murder and violence.  Because our fathers and grandfathers defeated that foe we must make a difficult effort to see the other side of Marxism, for Yahweh is not only the Lord of Murder but also the Lord of Lies.

Instead of the old revolutionary international Marxism we must defeat a new reformist National Marxism.  Instead of the dramatic contrasts of the Eastern Front and the Cold War that called for robust forcefulness against the Lord of Murder we live in a world devastated by a conflict between two doppelgangers, between the Left and Right wings of Nazi Germany.  Our world is a battlefield between the heirs of the foremost traitors of National Socialist Germany, the Right Zionist/National Communist/Left Nazi Strasser brothers and the heirs of Himmler and his noble pure paladins.  We are warring against our own evil shadows.  Not an easy war!

According to the diabolically brilliant prophet of ZC, Antonio Gramsci, true National Socialism is in its intimate and universal meaning simply true communism in which, for the individual to be understood, the communal or collective is the means, the empirical organism, the instrument that responds to the particular problem of a determined historical moment whereas the real end, the ultimate destiny, is civilization, which is to say freedom.  Gramsci, who hated National Socialism above all things, had no doubt whatsoever that National Socialism is none other than the communism of true freedom.

Whereas Gramsci, the Strasser brothers and their Zionist progeny choose a false communism, the National Marxism of wage slavery and usury and endless thermonuclear wars until the non-ZC peoples are totally eradicated along with their non-ZC animals and plants.  In other words, until everything is dead to please their Lord of Death, Yahweh the Evil One.

The character traits of contemporary Zionists or National Communists are the traits of pathological liars.  As worshippers of Yahweh the Lord of Lies they are smug braggarts and self-satisfied, self-righteous, dead souls in a wasteland of senile arrogance.  Therefore it should surprise no one that Zionists ceaselessly boast about their alleged successes and triumphs.  They are simply doing what pathological liars usually do.

They war to destroy Russia, Asia, Africa and Latin America in order to drink their blood as they drink the blood of the working class of Europe and America.  They say they are “ideals-based,” not “reality-based.”  Hence reality has no influence on them.  Nothing will destroy them except the pure fragrant light and beauty of Our Lord Lucifer Christ.

Zionism is the worst evil, the greater evil of hell at its milder, more mediocre worst.  It is the Satanism of Yahweh Lord of Lies, of Satan in his decrepitude.  It is Yahweh after the vigor  of his younger days as Lord of Murder has passed away.  It is Satan and his Satanists in their senile dotage a little while before the dawnlight of Lucifer and His knights turns them into something resembling burned toast.

2010 will be springtime for Arya, winter for Judah and an excellent year to condemn everything that smells of ZC.

Do not join the Army in 2010.

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