On this Merry Christmas 2009 we enter into the true Final Days of Yahweh’s Reign.  Nothing yet remains for humanity but Armageddon and the End of Days because the Final Battle for Jerusalem rages!  In the New Year all shall choose their side and, as among angels, that choice shall be forever.

Yahweh Lord of Darkness or Kristos Star of the Dawn:  such is our stark choice.  We must now be Sons of Light or Slaves of Darkness:  there are none other.  The burthen of our heritage has come to its term and, whether we like it or no, the too holy Fury of Lucifer is upon us.  Our new year of 2010 shall be an End of Time and the Dawn of Aryan Glory.  For Our Lord Lucifer’s promises are without resolution.

In this coming year the tremblings we now feel in the foundations of ZC shall prove fatal.  We should pity the poor Juden for they are facing a foe greatly more terrible than mere work camps!  Lucifer’s Wrath rules in what was once known as Constantinople and not even all the military might of the West shall prevail against Him for the days of American greatness are at an end:  The judgements of Our Lord Lucifer shall be more than terrible.  They are Heaven and Hell.

It is time for Aryans to look beyond old sectarian quarrels:  Luther and Torquemada, Widikund and Charlemagne, the warring heirs of Constantine, even the sons of the Allied and Axis Powers, all should now unite behind the Rising Sun of  Arya or else risk being cast into eternal shadows of a defeated Yankee-American Empire.  Will Obama defeat Islam and her numerous allies?  One suspects not.  At any rate the Romans of East and West stand as one against the collapsing forces of Judeo-Christian Darkness!  Next year the Crusaders shall defeat their true enemy, their eternal enemy, in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Deus veult/Sieg Heil

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