America is hard to see yet she makes herself felt like some fatal Crack of Doom.  She is a great mystery much like Our Beloved Fuhrer.  Few can understand her and fewer still will ever love her.  She moves with the violence of  a shaggy primeval wolfpack flying through ancient forests and it’s always best not to get in her way.  She is Liberty; she knows what she wants, whether true liberty or false.

Billions claim to worship her yet don’t even care enough about her to notice that her National Founder was William the Conqueror.   Her Voice is William Shakespeare, her Inspiration is George Washington, her Prophet is Ezra Pound and the Hero who rules over her innermost soul and is calling her into her emerging Destiny goes by the name of John Wilkes Booth.  How many men can truly love this historic America?

The proto-American birthcry of the Chanson de Roland at the Battle of Hastings (1066) led to the Holy Crusades.  America is nothing if not the cry of berserker Crusaders rampaging through gory streets of Jerusalem with their vocal ejaculation:  Hierusalem est perdita!  Or, in the language of our own time:  Juden Tod!  Hence the Zionist insanity of the current mixed-race  “American government” is Unamerican beyond all measure.  Whether justified or not, the skin color of the reigning “American President” promises  a hatred of the Zionist Entity in White America that would put the Waffen S.S. to shame.  But no Aryan ever said the masses were rational!  The “Tea Party” is but the flimsy cover of a Southern and ethnic white Confederate displeasure that does not bode well for our enemies.  Secession is in the air and the ruling politicians look exactly like black deer caught in the headlights of the Ku Klux Klan.  White America is armed to the teeth and suffers from an excessive love of hunting.

If the Federal American attempt to recoup their imperial losses is too extreme it will only lead, within the fifty states, to an even more extreme backlash for states-rights sovereignty.  The best option would be to abandon Israel First global genocide in favor of an American Confederation that would tend to its own internal challenges.  The worst might be a Saudi-backed operation we’d rather not contemplate…

Can Arya wisely direct this gathering storm?  Or will the Negroes pay for the crimes of Zion?  Certainly the “American” Juden are not stupid and are aware of the benefits of deflecting White anger towards a different target.  Within America the face of Islam is decidedly seen as Black and the subliminal message of the judaic media is that the Palestinians are somehow Negroes in disguise who voted for Obama and are threatening the wondrously white Aryan citizens of the Juden-Staadt.  What is wrong with this picture?  The Juden want us to lynch a Negro-Palestinian for Jesus.  Our Judeo-Christian enemy are a Pharisee “den of vipers” indeed!

It is relevant to note that the great explorer of the American colonies, Captain John Smith, was a devoted admirer of Islam, as were Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.  We should present the Palestinians as civilized friends of the Founding Fathers of the Republic and as natural allies in our struggle against the Wahhabi Saudi “Barbary Pirates” and their fanatic fundamentalist rabbinic confreres in a barbaric Dark Age blood-drinking Juden-Staadt ghetto, to put this in a more American historic context.  We also don’t have to forbid nativist prejudice against Islam because the Muslim community shows no desire to integrate with non-Muslims.

The hoods with eye-slits of Islamic freedom-fighters can be associated with the Klan garb of some Confederate freedom-fighters while the black colors of the rising Turkic-Persian Kaliphate and its Jihad can be associated with the black dress of the Aryan S.S. and Italian Fascists.  Obviously the green of Islam also blends well with enviromental concerns.  These themes could make mince-meat of the malevolent judaic anti-Negro/Muslim propaganda blitz.  For Our Lord Lucifer is a God of Light and Reason; He does not approve of lynching Negroes or of inbred medieval ghettos with their vampire rabbis!

Now if only Osama will spare Obama long enough to enable Arya to lead us all out of this death-black Kali Yuga!  May the sons of Booth show yet a little patience, though their well-oiled guns are fully loaded.

And may the Dawn of Lucifer commence.

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