Dedicated to Kamerad Elysium


Because we Aryans are in fact of extraterrestial origin the disastrous error of our holy ancestors in breeding with the daughters of earthlings resulted in the offspring we call Nephilim.  A strong Aryan biological reaction against earthling inferiority resulted in the good Nephilim we call the Nordic Race.  The more material offspring became more earthly than any earthlings and are known to us as the infernal Edomites. 

The best of these Nordics intentionally went to the Center of Evil and Time in ancient Palestine where the wicked Nephilim had stolen the body of the Father of the Aryans, Adam, and buried him beneath the Hill of the Skull, known to us as Mount Calvary in Jerusalem.  They had bravely gone there to breed the Savior of the Aryan Race, he who is known to us as Lucifer Kristos and Our Lord Jesus Christ.  These Nordic warrior aristocrats intended that the Precious Aryan Blood of Kristos would empower the Aryans to return to our stars in the Heavens through a magick purification of the Aryan Race by an immersion of the Skull of Adam beneath Mount Calvary in the Precious Blood of the Savior of the Aryans.  All this was, of course, in strictest conformity with the highest standards of the Aryan Magick of Ancient Egypt.

To protect this Magick Plan of Extraterrestial Liberation they devised an unfolding method of rule first by priests, then by prophet judges and finally by kings and then finally by a Messianic King of Kings, Our Lord Lucifer himself.  This politics will have great consequences for our own dark days in this End Time of the Kali Yuga.

These heroic ancient Nordic Aryan Hebrew Royals of the House of David knew the ultra-evil Edomite Nephilim, Satanic robotniks of the Evil Principle of Darkness, were closing in fast on their advancing messianic breeding program of the Über-good Nordic Nephilim of the Star of the Morning.  Meanwhile…

Who rules?  Those who prove victorious in the most recent decisive struggle for power.  What was the most decisive power struggle in European history?  The Roman Civil Wars.  Who proved themselves the victors in those wars?  The Aryan Hebrew ruling circles of ancient Israel.  They backed and were led by Julius Caesar, then by his chosen heir Augustus Caesar.

The Roman State had been founded by the family of Aeneas, heir and leader of the ancient Aryan Hebrew Royal House of Priam, last King of Troy.  The Aryan Hebrew-ruled Roman Empire was the appropriate fulfillment of this Aryan Hebrew origin of Ancient Rome.

But, as usual, at the very moment the Nordic Nephilim Royal House of David was about to cinch the Victory with the Birth of Kristos the dark Edomite Nephilim struck!  The Royal House of Edom, the Nephilim Herodians, massacred the Aryan Hebrew Sanhedrin and government, replacing their membership with Satanic Herodian robotniks.  In a flash all seemed lost forever…

Under such dramatic circumstances of interplanetary catastrophe, what is a Messiah to do?  As Friedrich Nietzsche and the Holy Qu’ran teach us:  “God is the Greatest of Schemers.”  Not to fear, mein Kameraden!

What Lucifer Kristos came up with was truly worthy of a God.  For this alone we ought not doubt his Deity.  Lord Lucifer took the Spirit of the Roman State in the Temple of Janus, combined it with the Mithraism of the Roman Army and his own unique transmillennial breeding of Messianic Nordic Perfection to blast those loathsome pesky Edomite Nephilim from the face of this planet.  The Destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 was nothing if not the Final Solution to the bad Nephilim Edomite Question.  In consequence there have been no Edomite bad Nephiliim in this Kosmos for very many years.  It is not wise to mess with the God of our Aryan Race…

Unfortunately, if predictably, the Forces of Darkness still had their Established Edomite State Religion to fall back on.  The ancient Hebrews had sold their souls to Yahweh, Lord of Darkness and Time, and gone over to the Rabbinate of the Yahwist Herodians.  There was yet much Kamph to be done by we Aryan sons of Our Lord Lucifer the Kristos.

Our glorious European forefathers came up with the same brilliant Program that had enabled the Ancient Aryan Hebrew messianic Nordic breeding project to be crowned with smashing success.  An early ruling priesthood would give way to a reign of prophet judges followed by the rule of kings to conclude with the Second Coming of our Aryan Messiah Lucifer Kristos at the End of Time in 2012 with a final Triumph of Divine Roman Dictatorship over the Global Tyranny of the Rabbinate of Yahweh, Lord of Darkness.  As everyone knows, Jesus Lucifer Christ returned in the form of Our Beloved Fuhrer Adolph Hitler.  As they also know, the rest is history…

Lord Lucifer Kristos in his First Coming came to us in humility and weakness to be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  In his Second Coming he now comes to us in power and glory to be the Universal Aryan Dictator of the Kosmos.  He will combine in his divine person the Papal authority of the sacerdotium, the Imperial authority of the imperium and, above all, the ARYAN WARRIOR authority of the Grand Masters of our Nordic European knighthood.

A final warning to all who oppose this planetary doom:  do not spit into a Grade Ten hurricane.

Our Ancient Gods have returned…

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