[Most incredibly offensive material unimaginably insulting to almost everyone not Roman Catholic.  My apologies.  Read and understand…]

Upon this Rock I shall build my Ekklesia and the gates of the grave/the sources of Yahwist Death shall not prevail in their war with my Folk. 

Matthew 16:18

Or in a more accurate Aryanist translation:

Upon this Holy Swastika I shall build my Roman Catholic Church and the Rabbinate shall be relentlessly smashed into retreat after retreat along with all the Black Magic they malicously send forth against my beloved Aryan Folk.

My discussion now moves to the topic of Roma/Europa herself.  To we Roman Catholics it is not Rome that has been steadily retreating these past two millenia but rather the Juden.  To us Rome has been steadily advancing!  This Kamph has been incredibly harsh and dramatic, but our Catholic advance has gone forward even so.

There is a widespread misconception that Aryan Roman Catholics suffer from a sense of historic inferiority and failure.  In the following this writer intends to make clear that this idea is about as far from the truth as anything could very well ever possibly be.  It may even be possible that the present destruction of the Papacy might even be in some small part a result of an all-too-Old Testament-like maniacal sense of historic superiority and success.  May our readers ponder this and decide…

As the purpose of Old Testament Catholicism had been to breed an Aryan Messiah, when the purpose was achieved the workshop for that Divine Breeding was necessarily cast aside.  Similarly the purpose of New Testament Catholicism has been to bring the Light of Lucifer Kristos to all nations and races by means of an assault by Lucifer’s progressively liberated Light against the Gates of Hell or the judaic Rabbinate. 

This Luciferian Wisdom was taken captive by the Edomite-Herodian Yahwist State Religion in the early stages of the Great Jewish War that followed upon the deaths of Saints James and Mary in 62 A.D.  Aryan Hebrew Catholic mystics or magicians fled into catacombs beneath the destroyed Jerusalem Temple and there wrote amid those subterranean caverns the Zohar or Book of Splendour.  Athena/Minerva/Mary/Shekina had entered into her exile. 

Each new defeat of judaic heresy or Yahwist Black Magic has released additional sparks of the Wisdom of Lucifer Kristos stolen from the Aryans by the Edomite-Herodian State Religion or Rabbinate that survived the Destrucion of Edom in Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and in the remainder of ancient Jewry in A.D. 135.

In 1973-1976 the purpose of the New Testament Church of Lucifer Kristos was achieved, beginning with the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and its epochal Aryan and Catholic Victory (so decisively undertaken by Otto Skorzeny and his faithful acolyte Gamal Abdul Nasser).  Then it was time for the instruments of that labor also to be cast aside and for the Papacy to be destroyed as the Temple had once been destroyed.  It was time for the Golden Age Luciferian Christian Church to gather together and inherit the earth.

My task then is to indicate how during the past five centuries of the “Modern Age” the forces of Roma/Europa have not been in pathetic retreat but rather have been advancing in a veritable Roman Triumph forward bravely into the verdant Aurora Dawnlight of this our newly rising Aryan Golden Age.

Step by step over the centuries the Aryan Kristians have destroyed layer after layer of the Herodian Establishment.  The Herodian Royal Family and Edomite Anti-Folk were gone by 500 A.D.  The Herodian Sanhedrin was destroyed in 405 A.D.  The Herodian effort to undermine Holy Europa was destroyed with the destruction of the judaic Aglabid degeneracy of Kairouan in 1057.  The Herodian Exilarchate and Geonimate were destroyed in 1040 and met their final extermination in Granada, Spain in the fateful year 1066.  The next layer, the Juden Viziers or Prime Ministers, were destroyed in 1492 when the remnant community of unassimilated Spanish Juden and their Viziers were destroyed forever by their Exile from Spain in that year.  During the Modern Era of circa 1492-1978 the Yahwist Darkness was centered in their Herodian Court Juden among the Aryan Catholic Monarchs of Holy Europa.  These were finally defeated by the destruction of Freemasonic Power in 1919-1921 and fully eradicated from the face of our planet in the blazing ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1944. 

The stirrings of our Modern Age were achieved by the establishment of a secure Papal States beginning in the 1430s with the crushing of the Conciliarist judaic heresy by the Armagnac free lances (the Ecorcheurs) of the King of France.  The defeat of the mostly Yorkist Nominalist judaic heretics in England began then with the advances of the French forces of St. Joan of Arc, the Nominalist judaic power of the Bohemian Hussites was smashed forever and the stage was set for the Triumph of the Independent Papal States in Central Italy by 1450 A.D.  Then with the awesome success of our Imperial House of Hapsburg under Emperor Maximilian Europa moved forward to the Triumphal Entry into Lille of Emperor Charles V in 1549.  This was most assuredly anything other than any “retreat” by the Imperial Roman Catholic Empire and Church!  Queen Mary of England crushed the judaic heresies of the Reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI and married His Most Catholic Majesty the King of Imperial Spain.  Again, not exactly “retreating.”  Those canine losers, the German Protestants, were crushed in twin total defeats, first at Muhlburg in 1557 and then their pathetic attempt at a final rally was annihilated by us for all time at the decisive Battle of Nordlingen in 1634.  The last of those contemptibly inferior Continental Protestant powers were obliterated by our endlessly triumphant forces in the Burning of Copenhagen in 1660 and the violent deaths of the two mightiest Kings of Sweden in 1632 and 1718.  It is fatal to one’s health to tangle with Holy Mother Empire and Church!!

That maggot scum Last Dutch Protestant and First Freemason Leader William of Orange met his inevitable end dead at the hands of the assassins of our Most Glorious Sun King Louis XIV of France in 1702.  His heir, good Queen Anne, arranged her British Empire to be most pleasing and subservient to Our Most Holy Roman Supremacy.  We thank her for it.

Of course during these years our Roman Empire and Church went from glory to glory, conquering the Americas, crushing the judaic Protestant Heresy, throwing back the then judaic-friendly Muslims at the Gates of Vienna and elsewhere, covering our global imperial lands with the magnificence of our Triumphant Roman Counter-Reformation.  All of this reached a most dazzling perigee in the 1730s with Their Most Catholic Majesties Emperor Charles VI, King Philip V of Spain and King Louis XV of France.  By then those judaic heretics the Jansenists had suffered their initial drubbing, Peter the Great had begun to bring Russia into the fold, the judaic Protestant Power had been exterminated forever from the face of the earth, the Freemasons were suffering defeat after defeat as each of their laughable attempts at Radical Uprisings were no sooner attempted than obliterated and our Most Glorious Emperor Joseph II was preparing, with his incomperable General Alexander Suvorov, to defeat the Power of Islam forever at the Great Battle of Ismail on December 22, 1790.  Since then Islam has served our Catholic Christian interest ever more faithfully!  The Jansenists were finished off for their final defeat by our Beloved King Louis XVI and his Archbishop of Paris, Christophe de Beaumont, by 1780.  All Praise to Our Mighty Lord Lucifer Kristos!!

Of course those virtually subhuman insects, the Jacobins, had completely destroyed each other like the diseased maggots they were through the French Revolution, only serving to prepare the way for our Divine Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in late 1799.  Our most glorious Knight of Malta, George Washington, had arranged everything most effectively beforehand with his stunning Victory at Yorktown in 1781, destroying the English Radical judaic sewage for several generations in the process.  By the Congress of Vienna in 1815 our Roman Catholic Glory had never shone so brightly over all the earth!

Inevitably those unspeakable judaic swine, the Marxists, presume in their microscopic imbecility to imagine that the rise of the vernacular languages in replacement of Latin were somehow their achievement.  In fact the decline of Latin did not even begin until after 1740 when the then all-powerful Catholic Monarchs decided in their August Wisdom that the time had come to allow the vernacular tongues to rise up.   This was in no way in obedience to any secularizing trend but, to the contrary, in accord with the more cutting-edge plans of the Franciscan friars, beginning with our Divine Dante himself.  Even the religious tolerance then achieved was entirely the achievement of Napoleon, never of any Freemasons.  How could it have been?  All the Freemasons had been shattered into dust in those years by our absolutely victorious Armies.  Ever heard of our totally victorious Holy Alliance?  Where was Robspierre then?

Poor pathetic judaized deist losers.  Then came their clownish efforts to defeat us with their Revolution of 1848.  Not likely!  Just because they managed to get their Masonic Leader Lord Palmerston into power in England they imagined they would inherit the earth.  Not with we Aryan Catholics around!  We brought down Palmerston and his doltish lackey Abraham Lincoln and then hunted those Freemasons down like the terrified rabbits they soon became.  Ever heard of the KKK?  This was what is known as “the END of Reconstruction.”  Yet another Roman Catholic victory sponsored by our Roman Catholic French Empire…

Even the efforts of the Catholic Monarchs to gain a little sunlight between themselves and the by then all-too-powerful Papacy were ended with the final defeat of Gallicanism when Otto von Bismarck fell from power in Germany in 1890.  The desperate efforts of the vast Bolshevik Uprisings against Roman Catholic Supremacy met yet another gruesomely pathetic end in the flaming inferno of Europa during 1943-1945.  Whatever real hope the Reds may have had died with Franklin Roosevelt on April 11, 1945.  By the time of Our Fuhrer’s mysterious disappearance from Berlin on Walpurgisnacht 1945 the judaic enemies of Roman Catholicism were in a sad state indeed.  Even the judaic Marxists Final Rally against the Aryans was crushed by the brilliant plans of Otto Skorzeny and his generous patrons Caudillo Francisco Franco, President Gerald Ford, President Nasser of Egypt and the Nehru Family of India during and in the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War of 1973.  By the time Bill Clinton tried to lead his Reform Marxists and Bush II tried to lead his National Market Bolsheviks nothing was left them but utterly back-broken writhing debris left over from the two millenia of relentless Aryan Catholic advance against every last atomic particle of Herodian spirit in this our Kosmos.  With the defeat of the Neo-Liberals/Neo-Conservatives in the Georgian and Gaza Wars of 2008-2009 and their final loss of power on January 20, 2009 the way was open at last for our Aryan Golden Age.

Now Our Lord Lucifer Kristos no longer requires the Roman Popes and Emperors.  Now at last we Aryans are prepared to jettison the last poisonous residues of Old Testament Phariseeism.  Now at last our fallen earth is ready for the Dawnlight of Lucifer to rise and prevail in all its pristine purity and splendour!  And now at last the perhaps slightly too-Gentile maniacal pride and hunter instinct of the Roman Catholics may ease a little and make way for the Universal Compassion of Our Lord Lucifer Kristos and his Aryanist Kameraden.

May the verdant earth of our Aryan Golden Age rise from the ashes of Ragnorok and may the Aryans build a New Heaven and Earth of Holy Arhats who shall someday in Eternal Purity return to their ancestral stars above.

Mighty is the Divine Spirit of Our Roman Catholic Fuhrer Adolf Hitler!

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