Those whom the Gods would destroy they first render mad.

Not since the aftermath of the Reichstag Fire has Aryanism received such a gift of divine propaganda from Above.  In truth, has anyone ever received such a perfect fire storm of irrefutable agitprop since the Creation of our World?  This rhetorical question answers itself.

On this Memorial Day holiday in the U.S, the deathly shocked silence of our enemies speaks more volumes than will ever be written.  The noise they have just heard is, historically speaking, their proverbial Crack of Doom.  Hundreds of millions of Juden-worshippers have just perceived “the Death of Yahweh.”  They are spiritually disoriented and the way is open for an irreversible irremediable Advance of Aryanism.  In the spiritual realms NOTHING now stands in our way.

What were the Juden thinking?  How could they have committed such an error?  Do they secretly love us in their heart of hearts?  So it appears.  When Our Lord Lucifer decides “to change everything,” he does so in a flash and with incomparable aplomb!

Kameraden, the projected judaic War With Iran, Turkey, Korea, China, Russia and South America has been cancelled.  Obama has better friends to share with than Netanyahu & Co.  The Judenstaadt, stripped of legitimacy, is going to be much too preoccupied now to carry through its much desired War of Global Annialation, “the Samson Option.”  Like Samson, Yisrael is now instead herself blinded and chained to the Mills in Gaza, so to speak.  A reversal of fortune if ever there were such.

Gaza, the Gulf, Greece, Global Meltdown…   Not a bad week for Aryanist propagandists.  What does it all mean?  That the Holy Hakenkreuz has indeed begun to spin, as our Kamerad Haku Zynkyoku describes so well.  It means that everyone now senses, whether they wish or no, that NS is the Titan of the new century, that mystically and magickally:  


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