Aryans are the Favored Heirs of Heroic Deeds

Kamerad Elysium’s On Israel is a superb insight into the actual driving forces of our world this summer of 2010. It reminds me of the 1970s, as the powers of good and evil once more duke it out across the planet. In a big picture overview there is an advancing coalescence of Islam with the historic Catholicism now centered in Latin America along with their allies against a reborn Talmudic ghetto in the Holy Land suffering a loosening grip over its slave empire of American Globalism. In short, Monotheism and Marxism are presently fighting over the fate of this Kosmos.

History since the Ragnorok of ’45 can be seen as a tightening gyre towards this spiritually all-important Battle for Jerusalem now crashing through the streets of the Holy City. The strong Indo-European reaction against the judaics that followed the twinned death of Franklin Roosevelt and apotheosis of the Fuhrer during the Ragnorok failed to prevent the establishment of a diabolical Juden-Staadt in the Holy Land in 1948, from whence all our woes. Nevertheless the initial Zionist plans to make an end run around the then anti-Marxist American Empire using their then still surviving judaic power structures in the Anglo-French Empires of the West and in the Reform Marxist Zionist ghettoes of the Soviet Union went down in flames as their well-established Masonic Marxist imperial bureaucracies in London and Paris were utterly shattered by their defeat in the First Arab-Israeli War of 1956 and as the postwar rally of the main power-base of Zionism was annihilated by Stalin in the final Anti-Zionist Great Purge of the Stalinist Empire in the East.

Then the Gramscian Marxist Khrushev managed, until 1964, to outmanoeuver Stalin’s heirs in the East, so that Khrushchev could ruthlessly promote a Gramscian upsurge in the West that culmnated in the Seven Day War of 1967 which saw the judaics gain possession of the Holy City, with all the vast spiritual power that must accrue from the mastery of that geopolitical center around which revolves the entire Old World. He who controls Jerusalem controls the very inner mechanism of time as such. Thereby the stage was set for the final apocalyptic onslaught of Time Against Eternity with all the unspeakable sufferings that has caused us.

The Fuhrer’s heir, Otto Skorzeny, lived to see the fruits of his vast labors with the stunning Indo-European Aryan victory of the flourishing Nasserist Freies Arabien over Zionism in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. It was no coincidence that this was soon followed by the collapse of then-existing Marxism world wide! The masterful brilliance of Skorzeny had placed the leadership of the world firmly into the Aryan hands of Francisco Franco and Gerald Ford. The final Apocalypse soon began.

Ours is in truth the Age of judaic sorcerers and Aryan magick. The age-old productive tension, highlighted by Julius Evola, between priests and warriors that has fueled the advance of Aryan civilization has reached its culmination in the rise of a radically new elite of warrior-priests who, unlike all past elites, aims not merely to achieve power for some higher purpose but rather to abolish elitism by nothing less than the replacement of our existing failed human race by a new species of free citizens, the Aryans of Esoteric Hitlerism.

It has been precisely since 1978, when the great achievement of Otto Skorzeny, Francisco Franco and Gerald Ford actually began to fall apart, that the foundations of Aryanism have been laid and that the human race has at last become ready for its long-awaited transformation into a new extraterrestial race prepared to explore the heavens and return to our true origins above. It was only in the 1970s that the mystical genius of our spiritual forebears such as Richard Wagner, Alfred Rosenberg, Carl Jung, Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano reached maturity and began to form a vast following (before the ’70s material prosperity and success had been too easily accessible for that to occur). It was only in the 1980s that our great impediment, the priestly power, truly collapsed with the essential corruption of both the Roman Papacy and its previously all-powerful clericalism. Now that our exoteric knighthood was ready to ascend to its higher esoteric spiritual level, the historic Roman Catholic Papacy had served its purpose and quickly faded away. What remains of the Papacy, or of the Imperial House of Hapsburg for that matter, is scarcely worthy of the name. Only the meek Aryanist knighthood shall remain to inherit the earth.

In the 1990s the pitiful remnant of post-Stalin/Brezhnev mainstream Reform Marxism and Zionism achieved power in America with President Clinton, only to fade into oblivion when the thoroughness of Stalin’s Anti-Zionist Purge made itself apparent. The ruling reform wing of Marxism in the 1990s did not lack for enthusiastic followers or tremendous popularity; its leadership had long since ceased to exist in the efficient gulags of Stalin and Brezhnev who, knowingly or not, had in the end served the purposes of Adolf Hitler and Otto Skorzeny respectively rather well.

Then with the new millennium it was time for the last Marxist faction to rise to power, for only after each strand of judaic Phariseeism rises to power can it gain the finite solidity that then enables Aryan heroes to conquer and destroy each one of them in turn. National Market Boshevism (aka Neo-Liberalism or Neo-Conservatism) emerged triumphantly in 2001 into its brief day under the sun. Here the underlying problem for our judaic foes was the strength in Washington D.C. of the remaining remnant of the Skorzeny-Franco-Ford elite within the corridors of power of their Judeo-American Empire. Specifically, Gerald Ford, as leader of the Masonic lodges in the American capital, exercised an iron grip over the entire membership of Freemasonry in that then all-important city (the American Lodges had surrendered to the Papacy in 1920). To defy the reality-based neo-Hitlerian politics of the former President was to invite the combined wrath of every Masonic lodge in Washington, not a pleasant prospect. On the other side, the forces of Yahwist darkness were led by Skorzeny’s evil protégé, the brave and brilliant lately almost-dead Ariel Sharon of Yisrael. By 2005 Ford and Sharon were engaged in a power struggle through the offices and backstreets of Washington that would have satiated the will to power of any Imperial aristocrat in the corridors of ancient Rome.

The corridors of both Rome and Washington are thoroughly marbled in the same dazzling Aryan white and gold light of justice. Fortunately for us the skies over Washington soon began to fall onto the heads of our Yahwist enemies. At the most dramatic moment possible, when final victory seemed securely within his grasp, Ariel Sharon, Anti-Fuhrer of the Juden, was felled by a massive stroke in Jerusalem as if by a bolt of lightening from on high. From that day, January 4th, 2006, to this our judaic foes have at last reached the end of their transmillennial sorcery. For Yahweh 2006 was a very bad year, the beginning of the end. Ex-President Ford seized the time and quickly proceeded to make political mince meat of Sharon’s domination of the Empire. The last strand of the Phariseeism that had murdered Lucifer Kristos was severed. Then when President Ford died at the end of 2006 the old Roman priestly power was buried with him. Only our selfless Aryanist knighthood remained: “Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’s sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 5:10).

The practical upshot of all this is that the confident optimism of Kamerad Elysium concerning our Aryanist prospects is not misplaced. Obama is not beholden to the judaic White Nationalist Market Bolsheviks of the ex-regime. Their boundless fury against him is powerful evidence of this and they have missed the time of their window of opportunity to assassinate him. The true condition of the armies of Yahweh is well-illustrated by the vegetable state of Ariel Sharon in Jerusalem and by their present American leader, Richard Cheney, a pallid monster without a pulse who creeps around Washington like the heartless vampire ghoul he has become. Even the hardhearted American public has begun, for the first time, to clearly distance itself from the mindless terrorism of Yahweh’s senile Juden-Staadt. A global Weimar Republic is ready to ripen into a Fourth Reich, the thousand-year Reich of Arya.

A cry is beginning to rise from the hills and valleys of our world, the cry of Aryan victory, a cry that shall have no end forever. Eternity is within our grasp and the turn of the Great Year in 2012 awaits us.

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