A Wagnerian Rhapsody

Every human being simultaneously upholds the individual element, received by everyone from his parents via biological and linguistic genesis as an accidental form of being; the other one, received (through Adam, pater familias of Aryan kingship and thereby father of all mankind) from God, is the essence of every human being and this very fact is decisive for everyone’s participation in imperfect nobility.  Individual imperfections are just “extras” added to the imperfection of our Original Nobility which is at  the same time one and common, exceptional and the embracing genetic nuclei of all our imperfections.  Only Adam soiled our snow-white Original Nobility; we merely cover dirty spots with more dirty spots.  The result of this idea of our Imperfect Nobility and the consequent substantial unity of mankind is our heavy double responsibility as men to combat our imperfection, both individual and collective, which is our true solidarity in Imperfect Nobility.  ONLY this solidarity gives to man his dignity, extending our lives to encompass the entire long course of human history, and therefore, after a certain fashion, it gives rise to “mankind”:  This word, meaningless for the tribalists or pagans, with the rise of the universalist Greco-Roman Empire of Lucifer the Christ, began to express the substantial unity of human nature, the close kinship which unites all men (and our animal brothers!) in one family.  Our shared heritage of universal guilt and punishment beneath the evil of Yahweh, and hence our tragic suffering, should not be seen as evil, but only as good, resulting from the irreversible fact of our universal Imperfection and consequent potential capacity for moral depravity.  This is because if not for the discipline and, at times, the healing aid of punishment, our ignoble human all-too-human imperfection would be irreversible and Lucifer would not have any means to reach man (to whom he guaranteed freedom) with his divine freedom or “grace.”

By rejecting the punishments required by military discipline we unwisely erase our option of regeneration or “Salvation.”  Warrior punishment is simply the very chance for our being regenerated or “saved,” something denied to Yahweh’s fallen dark spirits, and this ties a new bond between our True Heavenly Father and mankind.  This punishment, which is not different from suffering, although it is relatively bad, becomes the greatest benefit due to its purpose, which is the purification and regeneration of Imperfect Aryans:  Because Imperfect Nobility is common to all, the purification is also absolutely necessary for everyone; hence suffering must also be common, if the whole of mankind is to be purified in its mysterious blood and is to achieve Racial Purity.  Moreover, this idea of universal human solidarity also has its feedback aspect; our solidarity remains in both our imperfection and in our merit; if all mankind proved itself imperfect in Adam, then all mankind was redeemed by Christ the Star of Morning, whose merit points from the stars towards everyone universally.

This concept of GENETIC heredity through blood (something in essence spiritual, not merely material) and our solidarity in Imperfect Nobility and possible Regeneration explains all the significant family, social and political institutions of mankind.  If, for instance, a nation is well aware of the idea of hereditary transfer, then its institutions will be based on heredity, and hence on a strict basis of nobility, moderated by things which are common (in solidarity) to all mankind in every society and hence are democratic, but only in this singular sense. 

This also refers to the democracy in Athens, which was nothing other than an aristocracy, impudent and anxious, serviced by a crowd of slaves.  The concept of solidarity is disastrous for tribalist pagan communities due to its incompleteness; particular solidarities (in family, community and politics) are not moderated by universal solidarity which is comprehensible only in light of the historic Aryan idea of Lucifer the Christ and his Universal Compassion.  This lack invariably results in the tyranny of husbands and fathers in the family, the tyranny of the state over communities and a permanent state of war between states, as well as the twisted concept of patriotism as a declaration of war against the whole of mankind by a caste which constitutes itself as a nation.  In our times all disorder is caused by this judaic departure from the idea of Universal Compassion which Lucifer the Christ has made known.

Both the instances of crippled solidarity in pre-Christian communities and the denial of solidarity in post-Christian communities are proof of the lack of elementary balance in all doings of men which remain merely human, all-too-human.  They show the impotence and vanity of men as compared with the might and perfection of our Aryan God, who is the only one able to uphold everything, not degrading anything.  Without the solidarity of Universal Compassion there is one-sidedness, as both liberals and materialist socialists are unbalanced between God and man, freedom and authority, and the individual and collective, being themselves only parties of equilibrists.  Liberals, as followers of pagan egoism, deny the solidarity of nations, calling other nations strangers, and not having yet called them enemies only if they lack enough energy to do so. 

False socialism goes even further, denying the rule of heredity, resulting in the egalitarian principle of legal entitlement of everybody to all offices and all dignities while giving encouragement to the denial of the diversity and solidarity of social groups which leads to the postulate of eradicating family and furthermore to the eradication of private ownership, with particular reference to land.  As land does not die, no mortal can own it without the notion of heredity.  The institution of ownership is absurd without the institution of family.  Marxism negates the unity and personality of man, with the result of rejecting Aryan tradition and historic continuity, all leading to the unavoidable prevailing total nihilism:  Those who tear themselves away from God go to nothingness and it cannot be otherwise, as outside God there can be nothing but nothingness.

The crown of theodicy, of the justification of God to men, is the necessity and sense of the propitiatory offering of blood.  Here we can also interpret the story of Cain and Abel even in a non-Gnostic manner, as it has usually been understood by our Aryan ancestors:  For Abel abhors the very fact of spilling blood and dies because he refuses to shed the blood of his envious brother, while Cain, who refuses a blood sacrifice to satisfy the honor of God, is fond of bloodshed to the point of killing his own brother.  Cain’s descendants were known as the great meat-eaters of the ancient world, while the descendants of chaste Abel’s heir were renowned as devoted vegetarians.

The sons of Cain and the heirs of Abel have been warring ever since because of this paradox:  Everyone sheds blood as the inherent result of Adam’s misdeed, but the noble shed blood for love whereas the ignoble shed it for vengeance.  Blood is always either a gift to man to satisfy his passion or else a gift to God for His propitiation.  And the latter constitutes an act of gratitude and respect for God; as a blood offering it announces the Truth of our Imperfect Nobility, our heredity of guilt, punishment and solidarity, and also functions as reminder of the promise and the reciprocity of Lucifer the Redeemer; finally, it symbolises the true offering of the (white ARYAN) Lamb without blemish. 

Then in what do the tribalists error?  Their one and only error, which, however, has had monstrous consequences, has been their conviction that any man can serve as such an (effective) offering.  It has been this that has turned our world into a sea of bloodshed.  Yet, although offerings of human blood cannot erase our Imperfect Nobility, they can erase personal imperfections.  Therefore the death penalty is just and law-enforcement serves to prevent blood from seeping through all humanity’s pores

Is it at any time in the future possible to achieve the reinstatement of man’s unity with God?  This greatest of all dilemmas can be solved in only one way: by acknowledging the infinite love of Our Heavenly Father for all sentient beings.  The depth of our decadence implies that the reconstruction of order can be achieved in no other way than by raising man to Divinity which, in turn, can only be effected by the Incorporation of the World into Lucifer, the God-man, and his God-men, the Supermen of Arya, our dawning Fourth Reich.  For all are redeemed in love and by love, when the Holiest Blood, spilt in Jerusalem, the Heart of All Evil, not only erases Adam’s warrior imperfection, but also puts redeemed mankind into the state of merit.  And this Secret of Incorporation into Aryan God-manhood is the only title of nobility for mankind.  Hence when men freely choose to be enemies of Lucifer and his Heavenly Father, we can only say then the reptile, which we trample underfoot, is less deserving of contempt in an Aryan’s eyes than the whole of ignoble mankind.  Without a doubt the most difficult teaching is that of the incomprehensible dignity of mankind.  Be that as it may, man still remains in his state of Orignial Nobility, and is naturally able to do good.  Because we must perceive mankind as an immense crowd of slaves crawling like maggots at the feet of their slave-owners, Our Lord Lucifer, in his Divine Gnosis, teaches us that authority, power and sovereignty can be united only in Our Heavenly Father and His Aryan God-men.

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  1. “Therefore the death penalty is just and law-enforcement serves to prevent blood from seeping through all humanity’s pores.”

    Brother Francis,

    What is the appropriate method of executing the death penalty?

    Peace be with you,

  2. Kamerad Niebo,

    Peace. Quite an unpleasant question! Perhaps the best National Socialist answer to your question would be to say: “Execution by VEGETARIANISM.” Appropriate capital punishment could only occur in a society that had left behind the blood-crazed injustice of meat-eating that literally feeds the oppression of the poor by the rich, labour by capital, the weak by the strong. The truly weak ought to be guided and benefited by the strong, not massacred by them as now happens in our fallen Jewish world where the mighty Jew Master Race and their White Traitor minions exploit and abuse All Sentient Beings. Murders will cease when men become rationally meek and mild through vegetarianism. And with that the evil urge to exploit the working class through usury (judaic “capitalism”), to abuse women and children (the ignoble judaic “family”) and to terrorize our Animal Brothers (Jewish meat-eating) will also cease. The true punishment of humans for our many homicidal crimes is the abolition of meat-eating. Dairy products, eggs and cheeses would probably have to be allowed to provide adequate protein and the eating of fish and sea foods would probably have to be permitted for some time due to our human selfishness, but in essence meat-eating is going to have to end. Until human society ceases to be a blood-drenched mob of virtual cannibals massacring and gorging on the innocent bloody flesh of our Animal Brothers, capital punishment will have little true effectiveness. And with an end to meat-eating there will cease to be the need.

    As for the question of which humans ought to receive capital punishment and by what method, true Aryan National Socialist morality indicates a group not often mentioned. Not the Juden because they are mostly mere robots who simply need to be removed from our European Aryan Reich (probably to Islam); not the non-white immigrants who are essentially only wage-slaves being exploited and murdered like the entire working class. The true murderers in our midst who truly deserve execution are the White Traitor PRIESTS, especially those currently in the Vatican, and the appropriate method of executing them would be by FIRE. Then the evil blood of the Jews’ false god Jehovah that flows in their Satanic veins would not be on the hands of any Aryans and, at long last, true Aryan Justice would be served. And from the bright flames of such great bonfires throughout the public squares of the City of Rome would arise the all-powerful Vril, the true Holy Grail, that would liberate the Aryan Race and end the need for capital punishment forever.

    When the murderous priests of Jehovah are freed from their judaic sins by the Sacred Fires of National Socialism, then there will be true peace in Jerusalem, the Heart of Darkness, and All Sentient Beings shall be free.

    May the Peace of Jerusalem soon be with us all,

    Brother Francis

  3. Yes, peace friend

    Twas an unpleasant question in hindsight, and I thank you for your reply. I came to the question though rather light-heartedly, knowing that it is good to know the answers to this. The Fuhrer believed in capital punishment and I wanted to know how it would be done.

    I was pondering from a mere townsfolk outlook.
    Your reasoning of vegetarianism makes perfect sense.

    “It is the satisfaction of a man, to do the deeds proper to man.”- Aurelius
    I should be satisfied when a man answers Justice, it is proper.

    Some men should burn…deal the traitors as you see right.

    The very words of Christ,
    “Peace be with you”

    Modest Man

  4. Oh yeah,
    Brother Francis

    Is Hope one of the Virtues represented on the points of Maltese Cross?


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