Glad Tidings!

And, with that, we here together commence one of the greatest adventures that shall ever be known to our Aryan Folk:

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

The title of this book has its origins in the Hindu conception of a god or deity, especially Vishnu, the Preserver in the Trilogy of Hinduism: Brahma being the Creator and Shiva the Destroyer.  Vishnu is an ancient Vedic God, Aryan, white and blond whose residence is in the North Pole.  Avatar is a Sanscrit word.  So far there have been nine incarnations within the three great divisions of time made by Hinduism.  The last three known incarnations are heroic-religious, corresponding to Rama, Krishna and Buddha.  The tenth, that of Kalki, riding a white horse, will close the Kali-Yuga, the Iron Age of the Greeks, the Darkest Age, which is to say, the present time.  He will appear within the vortex of the final catastrophe and will come to judge.  The author of this book argues this incarnation of the divinity Vishnu-Wotan is announced by Adolf Hitler ( “The Man to Come” ) who has already made his glowing appearance and must return with his Ultimate Battalion (the Wildes Heer, Furious Order of Wotan-Odin) on the edge of catastrophe, to save his Folk and judge their enemies.

Miguel Serrano is not alone in holding this view.  Savitri Devi kept it in India almost as a new religion.  The author of this book introduces the essence of what he has already defined as Esoteric Hitlerism, developed in his previous work “The Golden Band.”  “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar” is an ópera magna as well as an autobiography, as the author recounts his youth, his first political battles, the transformation of the Popular Front and of Nazism in Chile in the thirties, analyzing these forgotten and still obscure decades for the first time, even though they are the origin and cause of Chilean political events up to 1970.  Miguel Serrano also refers to the military coup of 1973.  Especially remarkable is his analysis of the Second World War.

This book amounts to a revision and true transmutation of all values, to use Nietzsche’s expression.  A total transfiguration of History, of the Conquest of the Americas and of the times of Prehistory.

Appendix Two

[The many incomparable runes and illustrations of the original text are, regrettably, not included-translator.]

The Runic KRISTOS of Atlantis

Sixty thousand years before Christ there were Germans in the vicinity of the Externsteine.  Over generations they kept up there the radiant center of Midgard, as they called their country, and of Asgard, the City of Roses of the Aesir.  In those ages, making use of catastrophes of nature, in the fourth “soft rock” of the Externsteine they carved the gigantic “Crucified God,” corresponding to the fourth Rune OS:  .  It is also identified with the eighteenth rune, GIBOR –der Geben, to give, to gift:  .  It is the Rune of the Asengott (of the God Ase) that returns to his Heavenly Country of origin, “beyond the stars” (with the fylfot swastika).  The Stone Age extends over hundreds of thousands of years and is rich in magical buildings and tombs:  megaliths, Brunhild chairs, Troy castles, dolmens, menhirs, cromlechs – down to 12, 000 B.C.  From unnatural spiritual stone the Crucified God of the Externsteine is born, in the center of Germany.  Today his face lacks clearly defined features, since the ages and weathering have blurred them.  But his head is of the Nordic kings.  On the right side of his chest is a deep lance-wound, made by the hands of hunter-farmers of the Age of Stone and the Cro-Magnon.  Zarathustra is wounded by a lance as is Krishna, in their “mysterious deaths.”  It is the original sacred magic tradition.  The Crucified God is Yrman, Hermann, ER, Eros (Hero), Heru, Cheru, of the Cherusker or Cherusci.  He is the God-Tree, YR-MAN-SOL, or Yrminsul; the sixteenth Rune, YR:   , of the exit from and entrance to the world of demiurgic jehovitic matter.  It corresponds to the accepted struggles and mystic deaths, to the entry by the Window of Venus, the Star of Morning, that is, Lucifer and Wotan.  Thus the Asengott, Wotan (the Man-God-Hero), has been crucified in the YR-MAN-SOL Tree of the fourth rock of the Externsteine.  He is pierced by the lance of light of the Star of Morning and by the Evening Star, which is Lilith, the Goddess Valkyrie Brunhild (Shakti-Kundalini), also Woewre-Saelde (Isolde), the Sign-Wife of theMinnesänger.  The triumphant Warrior enters by the Door of Venus in the direction of the Black Sun and the Green Ray.  Brunhild-Kundalini-Shakti makes delivery to him of the 18 runes (Chakras), thereby returning his immortality to him.  It is the Double Star, Venus, of mystic death and resurrection, of the second birth of the Aryans, of the Warrior initiation of Wotan and Esoteric Hitlerism.  The Double Rune HAGAL:  .  HE and SHE as well as SHE and HE.  The Absolute Man and Woman.  The Two Graals.

The Bronze Age begins twenty thousand years B.C.  During the sacred ceremonies of the Germans, beside the Externsteine, initiated musicians, Lurenbläser, made the Luren sound. These most ancient Nordic instruments have five principal tones, corresponding to the five points of visible light of the Star of Morning.  They were tuned in pairs.  The sacred musicians wore sandals made of leather, with a short wool tunic, and the rest, including the helmet with horns, the sword and dagger, all of them of gold.

The Heroes, (ER-OS, Herus, Cheru-Cherusci, Cheru = vassal, for in the Externsteine there is also a rock with a vassal’s head), the Aryans adore the ER-MAN-SOL Tree (YR:  .  MAN:  .  The two runes together =  “GIBOR”, the Rune HAGAL = GRAAL).  The Tree was represented by the fourth rock of the Externsteine, by the God Wotan crucified, the Runic Kristos, the Kristos of Atlantis.

In relation to the Runic Kristos great care must be taken with the use of the Runes.  You may not engrave them without divine authorization and a higher knowledge, because otherwise it could cause insanity and even death.  Your vibrations must be syncronized with the Aryan blood, in relation to its greater or lesser purity.  Therefore Jews cannot take possession of the Runes.  Their aura is hostile to the Runes and would be devastating, fatal, for them.  In the esoteric Third Reich the visible use of these very magical and sacred symbols was greatly restricted, and only very few Runes were in use.  In the Chancellery, in other public buildings, in Berchtesgaden, one almost never found them engraved, except for the flyflot swastika:  (the GIBUR Rune) and the Rune SIEG:  . Even in the SS Castle of Initiation of Wewelsburg they never engraved many Runes.  The Runenlauteren, the Sages of the Rune-Ways, would not allow it.

Appendix Three



Venus is the Star of Warrior Initiation of Esoteric Hitlerism.  It is Lucifer, the Most Beautiful Light.  It is the Morning Star, through which the warriors of Wotan, heroes, vîras, enter to combat the enemy Demiurge, the One Yahweh.  They enter (or fall) like this:  .  Heads down, with arms outstretched downwards:  The YR Rune.  Venus is also the Double Star because she is at the same time Evening Star, Lilith, the Valkyrie Brunhild (Shakti-Kundalini).  Thus the triumphant warriors go out, resurrected vîras, transmuted into Dîvyas, into Gods, after having died and resuscitated.  They are Aryans, the twice born.  They leave (they escape) from the world of the Demiurge.  Like this:  .  With arms outstretched upwards:  the MAN Rune.  And once having crossed the threshold of Venus and penetrated the Black Sun (Black Hole) they are already the Absolute Man:  .  The YR Rune and the MAN Rune together.  That is to say, the HAGAL Rune  Death and Resurrection.  HE and SHE.  US.

But in Venus the resurrected hero also again meets his Valkyrie, his She, who once died on earth, and the power is given him to resuscitate her, before both of them are swallowed up by the maelstrom pull of the Black Sun, the Black Hole.  And so SHE is transmuted into SHE and HE, the Absolute Woman.  This is symbolically expressed by the Double Rune HAGAL, Eight-Pointed Star, of the Morning and of the Evening, Absolute Man and Woman, resurrected.

It is the eight-pointed star of Ré-Ché, of pure Aryans and of the Mystic Fatherland, of the Magical Fatherland, Chilli-Mapu.  Of Chile. 




Glories of the Night

The Hero

The Leader


The Lord of Darkness

The Master

Other Hiperborean Archetypes

         The Mountain

         The Valkyrie

Wheel of Life and Mandala

Ultimate talk with the Master


The Falsification of the Demiurge

Art of Fugue

The Gods, the Heroes

Reincarnation, Eternal Return, Resurrection




Wotan and the Runes

Land of Castles


Polar Physiology

The Three Norns, the Three Reichs


Another Round

Earthly Hiperborea

The Fire

Jehova and the White Traitors

Resurrection of Osiris

Arbaris and Allouine

The Ice


In the Land of Amber

Death of Baldur


Polar Initiation

The White Gods

Black Shadow of the White Gods

Jews in Spain and America


Marrano Diaspora

A Macabre History and the Destiny of Certain Writers

Crusade Against the Graal

The Templars in America

Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa


Furthest Reaches


Language and the Writing of the Incas

Drama of the Hiperboreans of Tiahuanaco

End of the World

CHILLI-MAPU.  The Land of the Star of Morning

The Earth

Star of the Morning


Ré-ché, the Pure Aryan

“Chilean Race” of Nicolas Palacios

Chilean Matricide

Chilean Racial Sky

Military Coup of 1973

The Jew Milton Friedman and Chile




Return to the Land of Olympus


The Castle of the Order

Mystery of the Graal


Schastel Marveile

Trevrisent and the History of the Graal


The Twice Born

House of the Family

Combat with the Double


Troubador Doctrine of A-Mor

“Only the poets will understand me”

Anima, Animus

Awakening of the Anahata Chakra

The Divya


The “Mutus Liber” and the “Rosarium Philosophum”

Dance of Krishna


Magic Reich

Laboratory of Racial Mutation

Mirror of Papan


Mission of Rudolf Hess

Hypnotism at a Distance

Neutral Angels

Kalki:  The Ultimate Avatar

Return to the Beginnings


Pilgrim of Great Anxiety


Appendix One

Chile and the “Black Lists” of the “Allies” in the Second World War

Appendix Two

The Runic KRISTOS of Atlantis

Appendix Three

Venus, Double Star of the Warrior Initiation of Esoteric Hitlerism.

The Eight-Pointed Star

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  1. At the time of his arrest in Hamburg in 1945, Joachim von Ribbentrop presented the arresting officers with a letter addressed to Vincent Churchill containing the Last Political Will and Testament of Adolf Hitler.

    – Hitlers secretary Traudl Junge only typed three copies of Hitlers last political will and testament.
    – The last political will and testament of Adolf Hitler in the possession of Joachim Von Ribbentrop is never mentioned by Traudl Junge.
    – The “Vincent Churchill” letter and Hitlers testament is forwarded to Winston Churchill in 1945 and then on to Stalin and the US President.
    – Stalin complains that the Russians have failed to capture Adolf Hitler.
    – Winston Churchill requests an inquiry into the last days of Adolf Hitler to establish whether or not Hitler escaped.
    – Hugh Trevor-Roper is appointed on behalf of the British government to write a report on the last days of Adolf Hitler.
    – The report prepared by Hugh Trevor- Roper never mentions a letter addressed to Vincent Churchill containing the last political will and testament of Adolf Hitler even though the British government of 1945 is aware of Ribbentrops copy.
    – Hugh Trevor-Roper is widely praised for his research work and accordingly embraced by the British Establishment.
    – Joachim Von Ribbentrop faints as the indictments are read out at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.
    – Joachim Von Ribbentrop is never questioned during the tribunal about the Vincent Churchill letter and the last political will of Adolf Hitler. He is later hanged.
    – The relationship between Russia and the West turns cold. In years to come the Russians remain very sceptical about the circumstances surrounding the end of the Second World War and the possible escape of the Nazi leadership. The Russians are also very interested in Rudolf Hess at the Spandau prison.

    Has there been a cover-up in London?

    Something smells rotten in London. But lets face it…… It´s not as if no-one has been complaining about the quality of British investigations…. (There has been Mr. Al Fayed, Mr John Ward – father of Julie and Dr. Jim Swires just to mention a few).

    Please post comments on this blog if you have anything to add on whether there has been a cover-up in London of historic proportions.

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