On the Kultmysterium of the Third Reich

The popular devotion of this coming Aryan faith will be rune lore.  Its expression will be a Reformation that will end the existing Papacy and remove its Judeo-Christianity from the face of this earth.  Its ritual theology will be that of the historic Church of Rome.  All of this will be a transvaluation of all values greater than the wrenching reversal that occurred between the Old and New Testaments in the earthly mission of Jesus two millennia ago.

But the most radical rupture with our racially impure past will be a revolutionary metamorphosis in our Folk Worship of the Aryan God.  The foundations of this cultic transformation have already been laid by the foremost priests of National Socialist Reichtheologie:  Abbot Ildefons Herwegen, Dom Anscar Vonier and Dom Odo Casel.  The expert cognoscenti will immediately recognize these names as those who have, for the past century, already ended all Christian complacency.  We Aryanists will inform the Judeo-Christians that their true impact has only just begun.

We shall supplant the false Judeo-Christian worship of Yahweh with a new Christian liturgy whose essential message, at every step, will be to refute and condemn the infernal falsehoods of the judaic Old Testament.  Let us begin with the sacrament of baptism.

It is well known that (Judeo) Christian baptism is a washing of sins from the Aryan sinner who is in radical need of a supernatural slavemaster and thereby joins the Judeo-Christian sheeple.  This is in fact what is taught and believed by our Judeo-Christian contemporaries.  It is, however, far from true Christian Gnosis.

I must insist here that in this essay I shall only concern myself with religious topics of relevance to an Aryan State.  Matters of private religious practice, or those of concern only to denominational clergies, are strictly outside my present discussion.  But the public rituals of an Aryan State are certainly a matter of concern to Aryanists.  Our constant refrain must always be:  If Jews do it, we don’t.  Starting with circumcision…

At the beginning of life of the new citizens in our Beloved Arya it will be necessary to have a rite of baptism to welcome these new arrivals into the spiritual Folk of the Aryan Reich.  This ceremony shall be performed only according to the strictest Roman discipline of Aryan gnosis:  Citizens of Arya enjoy from birth absolute Original Nobility!  Only non-Aryans are infected by that decadent Yahwist vapour that goes by the nefarious name of original depravity or essential sinfulness.  Jews do that; Aryans do not. The (Judeo) Christian basis for baptism is found in the Old Testament passages in which the depraved judaics descend into and rise from the bewitched mikvah of their bloody Red Sea up to the Mountain of Yahweh, their God of “Sin” (hence “Mount Sin-ai”), where they wallowed in floods of the blood of innocent animals whom they have murdered to hide from sight the eternal depravity of their demonic wickedness.  During such sorceries their vampire rabbis even today still suck the blood of their circumcised newborn-vampires.

In permanent war with all this, our ancestral Christian baptism derives from New Testament passages in which the Aryan Sons of Lucifer Christ, as holy souls within the immaculate Body of Lucifer Christ, rise up from the waters of Jordan to be forever annointed with the Holy Spirit and receive the ineradicable acclaim of Our Heavenly Father, eternal enemy of Yahweh, the Father of Lies, the God of Jews and slaves.  Christian baptism, like every sacrament in Arya, is a commendatio, an appearance of Lord Lucifer Christ, in which Our Heavenly Father sends Lucifer and His angelic warriors to blast by their arrival the dark demons of Yahweh and his loathsome creatures from the presence of our Divine Folk and then subdue them with their dawn light of the Luciferos.

Let us proceed to the sacrament of confirmation.  In essence this visitation from the Lord, described in the New Testament passages of Pentecost, empowers Aryans with true freedom of speech and the divine courage necessary to confirm the Creed of Lucifer Christ, even into accusing faces of judaized slaves of Yahweh, the Lord of Darkness.  In it the Aryan receives his fiery Angel or life’s mission and is sent henceforth to do battle with Yahweh and his deceitful minions.  It is a confirmation from Above with Holy Fire that the Christian’s calling is to be a Warrior of Light forever in time and in Eternity:  A Holy Warrior against the outer darkness of the Jews and their slaves!

In unholy contrast to this, the  judaic Christian sacrament of confirmation is a “Bar Mitzvah” or adoption as a bastard slave of Yahweh’s Old Testament Law of Mount Sinai and its soulless Talmudic Code of “Thou Shalt Not!”  The apostate judaized creature affirms his ownership by Yahweh and his reaching an age at which he is able to shed the last shreds of his innocence and henceforth slavishly grovel without restraint beneath the tyranny of Yahweh and his blood-drinking cabal of judaic murderers.  Now fully in the grip of their inner demons, instead of a shower of Holy Fire, there is a bloodbath of innocent Aryans and their animal brothers.  Once again:  Judeo-Christianity has replaced our Aryan New Testament with an Old Testament religion suitable only for Jews and their Gentile slaves.

To quote our holy Aryan priest, Fr. Odo Casel:  “The Christianity of the ancient world appears to us as the fulfilment and glorification of what Greco-Roman antiquity was.”  The Christian faith of our Aryan ancestors is the summation of Aryan Hellenism and Romanity!  It is nothing if not the bitterest of enemies against that dark religion of Yahweh, the religion of the judaic Massoretic Hebrew Bible!  The New Testament of Lucifer fulfills the Old Testament of Yahweh only in the annihilation of Judeo-Christianity and its endless bloodshed and poverty from the holy lands of Arya.

We move on to the public cult of the Christian Eucharist.  Here especially decisive changes shall be made.  Everything that stinks to the Lord of the evil sorcery of synagogues shall be eliminated.  If Jews do it, we don’t. The buildings, vestments and words of the Roman cultus of the Simplified Rubrics of 1955 (both Breviary and Missal) may remain because they derive from the Aryan Reich theology of the Third Reich and from the authority of his most Aryan Imperial Majesty Saint Constantine the Great as decreed by our Holy Father Pope Pius XII, not from Jerusalem and its unholy Tanakh, which form the poisoned origin of that despicable nihilist cult of those most antisocial criminals who go by the universally despised name of (Judeo) Christians.

Nevertheless the sweet wines and unleavened breads of the synagogue must go.  In their place Arya shall have stout Roman posca grape wine and the beautiful fragrant leavened wheaten breads of the Aryans.  By this the valid requirements of an Aryan Roman-Nordic Kultmysterium will be respected and any suggestion of judaic synagogue horrors will be banished from our holy altars forever.  We shall fight and conquer alongside our Aryan Kameraden in the saving acts of Lord Lucifer Christ.

To quote again from the holy priest of National Socialism, Fr. Odo Casel:  “The fundamental difference between the rites of the old law and those of the new is that, while both signify, only the latter sanctify ex operato.”  Only the acts of Lucifer Christ are true actions of Aryan Salvation!  Every citizen of Arya shall have his Roman triumph through the Gates of Valhalla.

By contrast the Old Testament Passover of the Juden is a dark orgy of slaughter and meat-eating.  They do not gratefully receive the blessings of the gentle Aryan Lamb of Peace, no, they butcher and eat him while the flesh is yet warm.  We should note how in the New Testament account of the Last Supper Our Lord Lucifer is joyful  that the slaughter of the lambs is soon to end.  Rather than literally eating the innocent and drinking their blood as in the Temple of the Old Testament, the Lord destroyed that House of Yahweh and replaced it with a convivial Aryan banquet of the drinking of grapes and the sharing of fragrant Aryan wheaten bread.

We must now move on to the final public rites of our true Aryan Christianity, the funerary and burial rites of Arya.  We are assured by the rituals of the Church of Rome that the final condition of Aryan remains can make no difference for the eventual entrance of every Aryan into his eternal glory.  And nothing is so fully left to our private imaginations as are the details of that future state of Aryandom.  Therefore nothing should be so open to the private freedom of every Aryan as this final choice between inhumation and cremation of his mortal remains.  Each has strong arguments to be made in its favor, although it is useless to deny that cremation is more congenial to the inner spirit of the Nordic Race.  Both were frequent in the days of ancient Rome long before the arrival of that accursed chosen race of Yahweh began to darken the history of the Romans and every European land.  Neither custom should be associated with the synagogue of vampires, since in the Old Testament the bodies of the dead seem to have been more or less abandoned to wild hyenas.

To summarize these ritual Indo-European “dromenon” of our Aryan Christianity:  “The Death and Resurrection of Lucifer cannot remain only in the past, because by his death he destroyed death, and all that Lucifer is – all that he did and suffered for all Aryans – participates in the divine Eternity, and so transcends all times while being made present in them all.  The event of the Holy Swastika and Resurrection abides and draws everything towards Eternal Life.”

So it is written.  So it is done.


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