We have won in spirit.  The NATIONAL SOCIALIST Egyptian Revolution is the beginning of THE END OF THE JEWS.  They will not drink our blood for much longer.  Even now the emerald rays of the Black Sun are rising over planet earth and the darkness of Yahweh is dissolving like the poisonous miasma of some malevolent fog of nightmare.


Israhell is dying.  Jerusalem shall be spiritually Judenfrei.

From today forward nothing will stand in the way of the inexorable advance of National Socialist Esoteric Hitlerlist Aryanism.  We are like the forces of Julius Caesar in Ancient Rome with a world to conquer before us.  And conquer we shall!  The Revolution in Egypt will sweep the Islamic world and beyond:  THIS IS OUR RUBICON.

The future is in the hands of the Heroes of Aryanism:  Wagner, Hitler, Goebbels, Myatt, Serrano, Savitri Devi, Gudrun Himmler, Matt Koehl and their comrades..

Including Aryan Sanctuary!!

What is to be done?  Hear the words of our Great Heroes and ACT ACCORDINGLY.  Yahweh has been defeated on the streets of Cairo and Alexandria.  We are the Aryan Sons of Lucifer and from today there is nothing for the human race to do but feel our impact and follow our lead.

We are at the beginning of a true World Revolution:  THE REVOLUTIONS OF THE HOLY SWASTIKA.

Sieg. Sieg Heil!


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