White Nationalism as a Jewish Strategy

A key technique used by the Juden to divide and destroy non-Juden is to take an important Aryan truth, leave about nine-tenths of it intact and slyly proceed to change a critical tenth of the truth in question and thereby completely transform that given truth into a similitude of its former self designed to target and annihilate its true Aryan original.  Thus most of the confusion that presently reigns among the human race at this end of Kali Yuga.

The prevailing Marxist pseudo-science begins by granting honor to the fathers of lies. In biology there is the false biology of Darwin that mimicks the true biology of Mendel.  In psychology there is the false psychology of Freud that mimicks the true psychology of Jung.  In political philosophy Rousseau’s pseudo-democratic sovereignty of the general will mimicks the true political philosophy of the Fuhrer-prinzip and (federal) Aryan kingship.  In economics the false materialist economics of Adam Smith mimicks the true economics of corporatism (as seen in John Ruskin, Pope Leo XIII, Leon Bloy, Georges Sorel, Ezra Pound, William Cookson, Eustace Mullins and N.S. economics).  In education the false theory of John Dewey has for generations mimicked the true educational philosophy of Aryan classical education (such as in the writings of Abbot Hugh of Cluny and Abbé Jean-Joseph Gaume).  In philosophy Marxism mimicks the true Aryan philosophy of Heidegger’s Ariosophia and in religion the radical subjectivism or solipsism of Judeo-Christianity mimicks the  true objectivity of Aryan multiform monotheism, whether Catholic, Protestant or the Paganism of Wotan/Apollo/Mars, all of which harmonize in the divine manhood of Lucifer Kristos.  In the arts the Aryan romance of classicism is mimicked and attacked by judaic mass commercialism, in ethics triune monotheist morality is at war with its similitude of Talmudic unitary self-righteous self-satisfaction and in rhetoric the Aryan logic of a Kurt Gödel is at war with the sophism of mass media.

And Judah introduces a third element to wage a kind of “good cop Gentiles/bad cop Juden” Talmudic strategy of divide and exterminate that serves to crowd out Aryan objectivity.  Instead of Nobility we are advertised into a bogus necessity to accept shreds and tatters of Nobility as a lesser of evils.  If Adam Smith is too brutal, then our “kindly friend” Karl Marx will help us achieve what (allegedly!) is the only possible economic justice, with what is  (allegedly) a more “sustainable” economic justice.  If Darwin is too stark, then the “kinder, gentler” biology of Lamarck is adopted as a more sentimental way to reject the true Aryan biology of Mendel, Louis Agassiz, Baron de Cuvier and Linnaeus.  Always a less painful Gentile alternative is made available as a seemingly pleasant anodyne for cowardly suicide.

In religion as an allegedly lesser evil we are offered the sugar-coated Gentile version of religious modernism known as fundamentalism and in politics there is the Gentile Marxism of White Nationalism.  The former offers us shreds and tatters of the ancient Christian/Pagan Aryan Creeds and the latter shreds and tatters of the constructive European and American Christian/Pagan Nationalism of our ancestors.  If we will but accept some seemingly small morsel of judaic falsehood, then we will (allegedly) be allowed to survive and be left in peace by our new-found judaic allies.  Yet more judaic lies!

This is nothing other than the ancient siren song of cowardice that is as old as the hills and at least twice as dusty.  It is another instance of being sold that famous bridge in Brooklyn and every Aryan should have no doubt that the Juden have no more regard for traitors than Gentiles or Aryans would.  Probably less regard, in fact.

The hard reality of manhood is, has been and ever shall be instead the fact of masculine solitude.  Noble men are, as we Catholic Aryans have often put it, forever alone with the Alone, and, if we are fortunate, with our one counterpart in life.  Our essential joy must come from within and we must learn that we shall never find our own happiness in others.  Nobility means being helpful to others more than being helped by others; the others are there more to be helped by us than to be helpful to us.  Such is Aryan Loyalty!

It is only within this bracing context that we can see the Aryan truth of politics and history.  The White Nationalists, in harsh fact, are the Republicans, the Tories, the Gaullists, the Christian Democrats and the existing political Right generally.  They are the very Gentile traitors and apostates who have betrayed us to Yisrael and Yahweh in the first place, no doubt for an appropriate amount of money.  And they are the smiling face of Jewry always ready with a “helping hand” to stab us in the back.

If we seriously desire Indo-European Aryan victory and success we must beware of small compromises that would enable us to come to terms with the tyrannical status quo of our ZC New World Disorder.  “Think not that I am come to bring peace to the earth; I have come not to bring peace but the sword!”  (Matthew 10:34)

In particular, White Nationalist organizations such as the BNP,  the Reform Party of Canada, the Tea Party, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the so-called mainstream media in general and their ZC echoes on “the White Right” are merely scams by which our judaic establishment seduces and integrates post-Aryans into their Yahwist orgy of death.  If an Aryan were bent on suicide then old-fashioned cyanide would work better at much less cost and trouble to everyone.

We Aryans should suffer no illusions about the wildly popular Viennese Juden economist Ludwig von Mises.  He is not our friend, but rather he was Usurer-in-Chief of the late Austro-Hungarian Empire.  He was, more than anyone, to blame for the corruption and fall of our late great Imperial Family, the House of Habsburg.  His judaic traitor disciples have played the same role in recent decades in bringing down the entire Western World.  What we owe them is not gratitude.  Oh, shades of Auschwitz!

We should also beware of ways by which to render the Juden into harmless risible gypsies.  In our Aryan education there is perhaps no subject so important to our future prospects as Aryan history.  In our study of history the great danger at present is to allow a double-standard, one for Gentiles and the other for Jews.  Gentiles are permitted to entertain a false tepid history in which no reality threatens their comfortable moderate sustainability.  Except that a comfortable life without reality is in reality another name for cowardly suicide and very soon anything but comfortable.

Instead we should accept our objective history, the well-known History of Western Civilization, in which the Juden were once upon a time long long ago themselves Indo-European Aryans. Their degenerate transformation from ancient Mittanian Syrian Hebrews into contemporary Juden is history’s most ghastly betrayal and anything but a harmless story of amusing gypsies.

Hence the danger of denying the existence of Aryan Biblical characters, of the Crusades and of an extinguished Aryan potential in the Juden that is objective Aryan history’s greatest might-have-been, along with what Europe and the American Republic might have been if the Juden had not destroyed them in recent times.  In our Aryanist history tragedy must not be denied.  (And, mein Gott, what tragedy!!)

We can never glimpse the true dimensions of judaic evil unless we have the severe courage to see the Aryan greatness and nobility of what the Jews have shamelessly betrayed and murdered.  Yisrael and Jerusalem are not the Heart of Evil because they are unimportant or best forgotten.  But that is, of course, the exact agenda of so-called White Nationalism:  If we would but erase from our history and memory that the Juden are, have always been and will forever remain THE singular incomparable enemy of all humankind, animalkind and sentient beings whomsoever.

Lest we forget, a man can only sell his soul to Yahweh one time.  After that it is too late because cowardice is habit-forming.  Once a noble man cowers before the Juden there is no turning back.  The bogus White Nationalist Right has made its deal with Yisrael, Jew York and the City of London.  They have sold out to Yahweh and will reap the whirlwind for their reward.

May Lucifer Kristos have mercy upon them.  No one else will.

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  1. Kameraden,

    This translation is also available with illustrations at the Aryanism.net Main Site by going there, clicking “About,” the Books & Literature Archive, and then going to “Serrano, Miguel” for “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar.”

    These illustrations, from the original Spanish text, share the same infinite value as the text itself. They are also a part of this Holy Scripture of the Aryans.

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