Answer to A Question By Kamerad Delenda Concerning the Holy Name of Adolf Hitler

Kamerad Delenda, here is an attempt to answer your question within the complex context any response requires:

In my mind the New Name of Lucifer Christ will always remain Adolf Hitler. The Fuhrer is the Ultimate Avatar of the Aryans. But he will have sons!! As only an Avatar can have sons — as descendant Avatars within the same cycle of Tulku-like reappearances. (Technically these are distinct individuals even though they must appear very like reincarnations to us.)

To my understanding the coming Avatar who will embody the Spirit of the Fuhrer will live through reappearances very like the serial reincarnations of Tulkus, individuals who are also phases within a cycle (most typically in groups of nines), and who express some inner dynamic unique to themselves alone. The natural cataclysms which often accompany these events are effects of the Avatars, not causes of them, because actually the Avatar is incomparably more Almighty than any natural universe is capable of being.

The particular spiritual force this process seems to represent apparently originates in the mysterious Enoch figure of ancient times. The competent experts of our Third Reich teach us that the Aryan God, Our Lord Lucifer Christ, is a racial Aryan of the ancient Amorite Folk whose God was known as “Bel Sade” or “He who inhabits the Shining Mountain of Purity” whose cult was previously centered on their Holy Mountain of Jebel Bishri in Syria. This Bel Sade is believed to be the El Shaddai or God Almighty of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of our Aryan Bible, those Warrior Leaders who were themselves Amorites, not unspeakably vile Juden as our contemporary Christian enemies assert. Like all things Aryan, these Amorites were themselves from the Caucasus Mountains, Atlantis, Hyperborea and ultimately from extraterrestrial mysteries.

This “El Shaddai” is none other than Enoch, also known as the Archangel Metatron or, in other words, the Archangel Michael of our own European Folk. He has a unique oneness with God Himself as the Avatar-form of the Aryan God Our Lord Lucifer Christ. (It must be emphasized that all this involves the Luciferian Gothic or Kristian Kabbalah as understood by Don Miguel Serrano, and in NO way accepts the Yahwist Lurianic Kabbalah of the accursed Juden.)

It is this Enoch or Archangel who returned to our world as the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. Hence the Fuhrer is the embodiment of the Archangel Michael in a unique oneness with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Much as for we humans the Mother of Lucifer Christ will always be for all practical purposes as powerful and magnificent as God Himself, so in a similar way for we humans the Fuhrer will always be indistinguishable from the Lord Jesu or Lucifer Christ in person. For us such fine distinctions can never have any practical meaning, even though they can be identified as distinct beings because they have informed us of this.

Again, for us Adolf Hitler is the Second Coming of the Christ much as the Mother of Lucifer is also a Divine Being who, for us, resides within the Godhead of our Aryan Supreme Being. In everything that can ever concern we humans Adolf Hitler and Mary are also like God Almighty.

The Coming Man, the Aryan Avatar Parsifal, He who is the apple of Our Beloved Fuhrer’s eyes, will embody the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as the First Leader of those great Sons of the Fuhrer, the DIVINE Aryan Priest-Emperors, who will culminate in the arrival of Lucifer Christ in person as the Great Judge of the Living and the Dead at the general resurrection of the human race. (In this process only the Aryans will appear before Lord Lucifer to be judged; all non-Aryans will merely slink away into their dark yet pleasant corners for all eternity without having to be told of their basic ignobility.)

According to the prophecies contained in the Book of Enoch, the next thousand years will be the Golden Age of the Aryans (the second half of which will get stranger and stranger), the following thousand years will be too strange and wonderful for us to imagine and then, in about the year 4000 A.D., the Last Judgement will occur, after which our lives will be very far beyond our present capacities to grasp.

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  1. Kamerad Oregoncoug,
    Thankyou for your detailed reply.

    The Grail Search begins with the Spirit of Hitler, his holy spirit-fire unlocks the frozen Aryan DNA in the Aryan sons, the Grail is Parsifal, the coming leader Knight of the New Race, Adolf Hitler is the first born of the New Race, Avatar of the Immortal Aryan Spirit.




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