My new translation from the Spanish of “Adolf Hitler:  The Ultimate Avatar, Part One,” by Don Miguel Serrano, is now available with illustrations on the Main Site Books and Literature Archive. 


It is also at my literary site ( listed on the sidebar to the right of this post under “Oregon Coug Books,” but without the illustrations.   Both versions are somewhat abridged for English-speaking readers.  The untranslated text concerns Hispanic and Chilean history with related Latin American themes.  The complete unabridged text is available to interested readers on-line in the original Spanish text.  There is also an on-line German translation.


This is the only translation of “Adolf Hitler:  The Ultimate Avatar” currently available in the English language.  Anywhere.



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  1. Kameraden,

    This translation is also available with illustrations at the Main Site by going there, clicking “About,” the Books & Literature Archive, and then going to “Serrano, Miguel” for “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar.”

    These illustrations, from the original Spanish text, share the same infinite value as the text itself. They are also a part of this Holy Book of the Aryans.

  2. Thank you so much for your work and publishing!!!

  3. OregonCoug,

    Could you explain in brief, the relevancy of the Catholic Popes, (including our most recent) and an Aryan perspective on suicide as regards all sentient beings, including Jews.

  4. Thank you

  5. Aryanist:

    These are not brief questions, but I’ll do my best to answer them relatively briefly anyway. Concerning the relevance of the Catholic Bishops of Rome, in particular the most recent ones, a discerning seer once said that Islam is the perfection of this world, Eastern Orthodoxy is the light of the divine falling onto this world and Romanism is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. I’ll procede to explain their relevance with extreme bluntness because this relevance is extremely vast. (Although the following paragraph must appear absurd to most readers, it is a blunt and brief factual statement of the visible relevance of the Papacy in history.)

    Julius and Augustus Caesar gathered together the scattered shards of Lucifer’s Crown (i.e., the elements of Aryan authority) into the Holy Emperorship of Rome. Then their Aryan God, the historic Lucifer Christ, defeated Yahweh, the God of the Jews, in the very Heart of Darkness, Jerusalem. Augustus’ heir the faithful Luciferian Tiberius was murdered by the Jew’s chosen agent Caligula, the Pharisee Jews ruled Rome under Claudius, then the Herodian Jews ruled through Nero and the followers of Lucifer Christ were favored by their ally Vespasian after the Luciferians or Aryan Christians had burned the Temple of Yahweh in 70 A.D., but were soon betrayed by his son Titus, helpless pawn of the seductive Herodian Princess Berenece. With the rise of Titus’ brother, Emperor Domitian, the Bishops of Rome consolidated their leadership of the Luciferians of Rome and the Roman world. Emperor Constantine turned the rule of the Western Roman Empire over to these extremely powerful Bishops of Rome and left for Constantinople along with most of the Roman aristocracy in 330 A.D. Thus in the Eastern Roman Empire the Imperial State dominated the Luciferian Christian Church whereas in the Western Roman Empire the Papacy dominated the Roman State. Behind the scenes this dominion of the Papacy over the West would only tend to increase down to our own time, generally with the same high drama as mentioned above (through an epic reduction of Jewish power by the defeat of hundreds of Jewish power-grabs or heresies and the gradual development of a singularly superior Western Civilization what would prove to be the foundation of contemporary National Socialism). The Popes would divide the kings and rule through their all-powerful Bishops, men even mightier than the Kings of Western and Central Europe. The Western Emperor’s were in essence but the Pope’s lieutenants and were never able to break out of this straight jacket, until the advent of the Fuhrer in 1933. Adolf Hitler then proved himself to be much greater than any Pope, and his Fuhrership greater than the institution of the Papacy itself. We should understand that through their rigorous Kamph with the monarchs the Papacy motivated the Kings and Emperors of Europe to rise to unparalelled heights of material and moral grandeur unequalled elsewhere. In terms of our human history, Jewish envy aside, Roman Aryan Europe has in sober fact been the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Like everywhere, life in Christian Aryan Europe was hard, but nevertheless had incomparably more freedom, justice, prosperity, beauty and lasting peace than anywhere else. By far.

    The above paragraph must seem incredibly strange but it is nevertheless a blunt and concise description of the relevance of the Popes in history. As for the recent Popes, Pius XII was the spiritual guide of Axis Europe and modelled his papacy according to the inspirations provided by Adolf Hitler. They were equals, but if anything Pope Pius had the pride of place between them. Hitler was the Last Western Emperor and ruled in essence as the Pope’s Lieutenant, not the other way around. Basically the Reds arranged Pope Pius’ murder in 1958 and both John XXIII and Paul VI served the Gramscian Marxists well. Too well!

    Pope John Paul I attempted to restore an independent Papacy, one faithful to the Luciferian inspirations of Adolf Hitler and the historic Lucifer Christ. He was quickly murdered for it. Therefore in effect he was the Last Pope of Aryan Catholic Rome. John Paul II (Jew) was a loathsome puppet of the C.I.A., Ronald Reagan and their Zionism. Benedict XVI is even worse, though that hardly seems possible: He is the Antipope of Jewish White Nationalism and according to very ancient prophecies there will not be any more Bishops of Rome after him.

    It appears that with the destruction of both the institutions of European/Roman Papacy and Emperorship through the last century the Fuhrership of Adolf Hitler now stands to inherit all the authority and greatness of the Western Aryans. Everything is in place for the appearance of the Spirit of Adolf Hitler in the form of a new Aryan Avatar. Our Prophets have named Him Parsifal. The Hindus call Him Kalki and Islam describes Him as the Perfect Man. But whatever He is called it appears He will inherit all the powers of Rome, both Imperial and Papal. That will probably be the relevance of the Papacy in future.

    Your second question bears a powerful relationship to your first. As the death of the Papacy marks the birth of the Eternal Spirit of Adolf Hitler and the rule of His Avatars, so the final Kiddush Hashem (“Sanctification of the Name of Yahweh”) or mass suicide of the Jews marks the Death of Yahweh, the Lord of Darkness, their God. The sovereignty of the Popes over the West began with the mass suicide of the Herodian Jews of Masada, their last stand against Aryan Rome. Perhaps the sovereignty of the Avatars of Adolf Hitler will begin with a siimilar mass suicide of the Jews of Israhell, their last stand against the Aryan Alliance now fighting for the liberation of Jerusalem, that unfortunate city that lies at the Heart of the Darkness of Jewishness or Yiddishkeit.

    Suicide is the essence of Jewishness. Their circumcission, their refusal to eat pork, their refusal of all activity on their Sabbath are all expressions of the Jews as the Chosen People of Voluntary Martyrdom or, in a word, suicide. The Freudian “Death Wish” is Jewishness in a nutshell. Always and everywhere the Jew ends up putting himself in a position of anti-rational suicidal fanaticism, the nuclear “Samson Option” of our own time.

    And ultimately, spiritually, this Jewish Kiddush Hashem is the origin of all suicides of sentient beings. The blood thirst of their God Yahweh is unquenchable. He thirsts for the deaths of sentient beings and the more the better for him. He even thirsts for the death of those Jews who always in the end bring down the destruction of their world around them.

    The Jew is the Kiss of Death. He is to be avoided at all costs!

    • Hello….. I myself have been trying to put the puzzle pieces to gather in regards to the papacy and the ceasars and hitler…. I would like to have your email address or wutsapp number so I can ask your in site on the research I am doing. Your above explanation is impressive. Thank you

  6. O.C.,

    Much respect for your time and care.

  7. OregonCoug,

    Could not John Paul II be remembered as an Aryan, for he did not reproduce? This is what Aryan Sanctuary has said.

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