Letter of Miguel Serrano to Nimrod de Rosario

Letter of Miguel Serrano to Nimrod de Rosario


                                                                        Chile, October 30, 1985


I received your letter and your book some time ago, but was unable to concern myself with them earlier, to give them the appropriate response due to sorrowful family issues that even prevented me from going to Cordoba, where I was going to go but had to hurry back.


I must tell you that all the joy that I felt upon receiving your work was inhibited and even destroyed by the surprise letter you sent me with your book.


I do not know what you are speaking about there, because the only valid matter between us should be our personal correspondence.  What I have written to you has always been with the best intentions and meant to meant to collaborate in or help with what I thought could become a joint Work, on both sides of the great mountain or spinal column of the Andes.


Remembering the first thing I said to you was that in these territories the lie is not permitted, even were the lie in a novel, because Aryans do not lie, unlike the Jew, marking the essential difference between them.  And so, even in a work of fiction, we may not place in the mouth of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, long speeches of such Gnostic flavour and that he never said, because everything that today smells of Gnosticism. dualism, as well as monism, is within the great Jewish business.


Alfred Rosenberg said:  “The truth of the Jew is the organic lie.”  With this, he meant that horrible racial mixture, that miscegenation and bastardry that defines the Jew anti-race.  Nothing true can come out from that.  Their truth is the lie.  So, whoever fights against the Jew, or defends himself from them, has the duty to stand against the lie, their extruded waste product.  Therefore I also struggle, synchronistically, against the lie of the Jewish Holocaust.  To state that this holocaust is true, as you do, is to collaborate with the Jew, putting aside all those sophisticated interpretations you told me about.  The combat is within and outside, sychronistically.  This is Magic.  And to shun this exterior combat can take various interpretations and justifications, but has only one name:  cowardice.


In that letter I said to you that, in what you call Hyperborean wisdom, “invention or lies can never fit.”  We are not allowed to invent things and then attribute them to a “Hyperborean wisdom revealed by the Siddhas,” nor much less attribute it to the SS, to the Thulegesellschaft, to Adolf Hitler, Esoteric Hitlerism or to National Socialism.  Remember, too, I have been very careful not to say anything that could create a conflict.  So when someone asked to know my opinion about Tantrism, for example, I delayed any response until knowing what you would send me about the “Lilith Woman.”  Unfortunately, I can not agree with all that black magic with prostitutes, with that muck, but I remained very careful about giving my opinion.  I wanted to collaborate, adapting to the waves, and you must recognize this effort in my most recent book, which was almost finished when our relationship began.  On first being sent your works, I was told you sent them to collaborate with me in the work I was then engaged and that “the work would be dedicated to Rudolf Hess and me,” because you had already read “The Golden Band:  Esoteric Hitlerism,” although you now claim and state the contrary.  Understanding the import of was happening, I kept the strictest confidence and I believe did not ever mention to you directly anything about the matter of the Druids, despite knowing well what the source was of your to and fro lucubrations, the book “The Other Atlantis” by Robert Scrutton, where a possible English Freemason, theosophist or something of the sort, has published “The Chronicle of Oera Linda,” also of doubtful authenticity.  There Scrutton speaks on his own, referring to the “Golen,” who the Frisians met in Asia Minor.  He says they were invited into Europe and England.  From there you, on your own account and starting from such dubious sources, conclude that “Golen,” Druid and Celt are one and the same, adapting thereby to an imaginary construct that, nevertheless, coincide like two drops from the same waters with an international plan that has been put into place for several years now already in order to try to evade somehow the unique and total responsibility of the Jew for the great conspiracy.  Thus we have been able to see, in a book already cited by me, “La Race Fabuleuse” by Gérard de Séde, the alleged attempt of making the Merovingians appear to mix with Jews; suddenly, some investigators hired by the BBC in London publish a Best Seller, “Holy Grail and Holy Blood,” in which they claim the same, now attributing “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” to a synarchic entity, the “Priory of Sion” that claimed to install a “King of the World” of Jewish-Merovingian blood.  And in Canada a book has been written, although not published, but whose draft I hold in my hands, blaming the Great World Conspiracy to the “Welsh,” in other words, to the Gaels.  The same as you.  In some way the Jew would be “softened” and finally absolutely freed of all culpability, on being replaced by a Gallican “next root race,” or some other Masonic-theosophist absurdity of the sort.  And this Jewish plan, inspired from without, almost telepathically, or by hypnosis from a distance, complements and works perfectly with the lie of the six million Holocaust, gas chambers, “lampshades and soap made from Jewish skin” in Nazi concentration camps, so that we can no longer remember the only government in this world that gave a just solution, ending the slavery of interest of capital, Jewish black magic that has enslaved the peoples of this America.  I see all this lie, that does not seem to affect you, because “one would crumble if it were true,” (as if any Jewish lie has ever collapsed even once in the history controlled by them, without the Aryans having to fight to make it so) but does affect me because there are comrades who are imprisoned and tortured for the mere fact of having risen against that lie.


I find the term “Berserker,” or “Furor Berserker” has been taken by you from the same book, “The Other Atlantis,” written by that doubtful Anglo-Saxon “globalist” character.


Now as well, to return to the topic of the “organic lie,” every time I hear mention of the concept of “root race,” “race spirit,” or the “Spirit,” that “is above blood and biological race,” etc., then some irrepressible suspicion enters me about the origin as such of whoever raises such ideas.  And to paraphrase Goebbels, saying:  “When I hear ‘spirit’ spoken about I draw my revolver.”  And not because I do not believe in Spirit, as you capriciously attribute to me, but because I come to doubt the precedence of those who claim those things.  I already explained in my most recent book my suspicions about Evola and Claus for expounding their “traditionalist” and “psycho-ethnic” theses, about the “races of the soul,” “the spirit,” etc.  In truth there is no more than one race that can express what we are calling Hyperborean Spirit, and that is the white Nordic race and the Aryan Nordic blood, because only in that way can we express the Spirit, like with a Stradivarious violin can best play Bach.  And the Mongol, for example, is no more than an inferior racial mix of the animal-man, the Negro with the yellow, or at most the yellow with the white.  And in that way the “Hyperborean Spirit” will never be incarnated.  “Look ourselves in our faces” said Nietzsche, “we are Hyperboreans!”  Well, let us look in a mirror and there we will know if we belong to the Aryan white race, or if we are Mongols, Indian mestizos, or even mulattoes.


I remember that I also referred in one of my letters that you were using my entire terminology, even the spelling errors I committed in “The Golden Band.”  There, in your writings, appears “the Mirror of the Princess Papan,” the concept of “A-mor” (I am sure to be the only one who has used it world-wide), “Minne,” “Virya” (written Vîra) and also “Golden Band,” “Catena Aurea,” “Vril,” “Vajra,” “Kaula Tantrism,” “Lilith,” etc., etc.  Almost all these concepts of mine have been stolen by you and, then, changed from the sense that I attributed to them.  And finally, after receiving your letter, I felt I could at least wait for you to make reference to where and from whom you had found these terms, that you had plagiarized and plundered.  Comically, in your letter you have the nerve to warn me about the need to cite the source for them in your work, “if I should refer to them, because there may be rights at stake.”  I see, then, the necessity for me to give you this warning, in case of an actual publication, or in the form of a book of yours, since plagiarism and falsification of the meaning of terms used by an author is punishable by law, there being a very strict Intellectual Property Law in Chile, enabling the claim to be established without being affected by national borders.


I never thought to have to write all this.  You forced me to do it, as a reaction to the unexpected attack you saddled me with and that, of course, I can not ignore.  And how still accept that terribly strange “aggression pact” you proposed to me, when you started bashing me?  Why and for what?  In such essential areas there is no “compromise,” which you propose.  This is not “Orthodox Judaism” or some similar gibberish, but an essential opposition, an opposed different Weltanschauung.  Yours absolutely does not agree with mine, with that of Esoteric Hitlerism, nor with that of exoteric National Socialism.  This has nothing to do with the struggle of the hero, the Vîra, in the Yuga of Heroes.  Everything you visualize is a shameful escape, a way out, because in your Gnostic dualism (that has nothing to do with Hitler, nor with the S.S.) this whole world, the entire Universe is a prison, a Demiurgic creation.  For Esoteric Hitlerism, for me, there is only a corruption on the surface, a bad copy clothed over with a film of Maya.  And, at bottom, we find a beautiful pure nature, so full of nostalgia as are we ourselves, who are crying out to us to redeem them, to transfigure them, that “we make them invisible within us,” as Rilke exclaimed.  Hitler and the S.S. believed in the possibility of reversing entropy.  And that was the origin of the conflict of Rosenberg and the S.S. with Spengler.  In any instant of the Yuga of Heroes it is possible to rebuild Thule, return to the true Golden Age of First Hyperborea, not to the copy of the Demiurge, to defeat the Enemy, straighten out the Axis of the Earth, transfiguring her together with our mutation, or with our heroic death in combat.  “For the blood of heroes comes closer to Wotan than the prayer of the saints,” than the “flight” into an onanistic self-realisation.  And because the Heroes who died fighting for the just cause of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, will be remade in Valhalla by the Valkyries and thus attain immortality.  That is, the struggle is synchronistic, outside and inside, for the redemption of the world and ourselves.  So here we volunteer to fight, not to escape from a hopeless Universe, from a prison, but to prevent the “plagiarism” (The Devil and the Jew always plagiarise, falsify, corrupt) and so the corruption not continue to expand along with this corrupted Universe, at the expense of the Universe of the Divyas, or Siddhas, at the expense of Hyperborea.  To fight here, on the same field as the Enemy.  This is the Magic Idealism of Novalis, that of the S.S., Hitler and his National Socialism.  And for that, too, the Nordic Aryan, of pure biological race, pure biological blood, loves Nature (because both possess Nostalgia, Minne).  The beauty of Nature has its origin in the identical Nostalgia.  And therefore, the Jewish anti-race hates Nature.


The plan of the Jew and Demiurge, the Demon, the Enemy, is to preach escapism.  He has done so in many different ways in our time:  with drugs, the “hippies,” with “universal love,” with homosexuality, lesbianism, Orientalism, Gnosticism, “Tantrism,” “U.F.O.ism,” the artificial boom and forgery of the works of Hermann Hesse and C.G. Jung.  And also now, on a minor scale, but equally dangerous, with you.  This deflects and distorts the struggle of youth (and not just youth), while at the same time taking them right out of the fray in this world, weakening the struggle, degenerating it, in order to be able to leave in the sole hands of the Jews the control of the total situation on the planet (and not only on the planet).


I repeat:  the clouding over of the Vîra, the hero, due to the “racial sin,” to the mixing with the daughters of the “animal-man,” miscegenation, with regeneration still being possible, attempting to return by walking backwards, the way of the Leftwards Swastika, urdaveretar.  “The sin against the blood and race is the original sin and marks the decline of humanity that pays for it.”  And these are indeed words spoken by the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler (“Mein Kamph”).


No, here there can be no compromise agreements.  There are many young lives involved, in Argentina as well, on both sides of the Spinal Column of the South Pole, home of the devil, for the moment.  The Führer also said it:  “Only politics supports compromise; the Weltanschauung, the worldview, no.”  And only what Hitler said, in everything referring to Hitlerism, especially, is true for us.  We can not, for that, invent words and statements for the Führer nor for the S.S.  Nor for the Siddhas, even though we please ourselves with asserting them on behalf of an alleged initiation, or a “Tirodal” Order newly invented, “Knights of the Republic of Argentina,” or something else like that.


We can therefore be assured that I will not enter into more polemics, or into an epistolary exchange, with which I am now definitively terminated.  I do not have time exterior or interior for it, although this letter may circulate among the same people you shared the ones you sent me.  I shall always maintain the most absolute secrecy and confidentiality in all that has to do with our communication, despite them being important to me in the surprise of their early days.  Good!  Things have come to a different pass at present, and not by my fault.  My original interest centers rather on the desire to preserve the purity and transparency of my struggle, my concepts and my experiences, and may not grant anyone the right to plagiarize and distort them to a different sense from what I shall give.


Miguel Serrano

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