“Hitler said, ‘Whoever thinks that National Socialism is only a political movement does not understand anything.’ National Socialism was always Hitlerism, and Hitlerism always had an esoteric foundation. At the end of the 1930’s and during the war years it was not possible or convenient that this theme be widely known. However, after the war and its apparent loss, there was no other way for Hitlerism than the esoteric development. For me, Esoteric Hitlerism is being possessed by the Archetype of the collective unconscious, which the Greeks used to call Gods — among them, Apollo, which really is Wotan for the Germans, and Vishnu or Shiva for the Hindus — and its development in the individual and collective souls of the actual Hitlerist warriors. That means a new/old religion, with all its rituals and myths that are necessary to discover, or rediscover. Its central Drama is the apparition on this earth of the Person Adolf Hitler, the last Avatar, who came to produce this enormous storm, or catastrophe, in order to awaken all those who are asleep, and to commence the New Age, which will come after the Deluge. That is the reason why we have started to count the years of this New Age beginning with the birth of Hitler.”

Miguel Serrano

1994 Interview by Kerry Bolton

Esoteric Hitlerism is the universal scientific alchemy and magick that is both compassionate and true.  It is eternal friendship that speaks to the Struggle at the heart of the Kosmos and our human condition.  The functional concept of Esoteric Hitlerism is the Aristotelian organic-genetic idea so brilliantly developed by Wolfgang von Goethe.  This is the contrary of the Judaic similitude of truth known as evolution that was so shamelessly plagiarized and stolen by Darwin in 1859 from a vile Spanish Jew named Averroes.

Miguel Serrano has defined the new (and incomparably ancient) revelation of Esoteric Hitlerism as the pre-historic religion of Aryan Kristianity.  The sources of this faith go back countless millions of years to the extraterrestrial origin of the White Race.  The religion of Hitlerism, the one true Kristianity of the White Race, is a return, a resurrection into the pristine purity and innocence of the earliest beginnings of the Aryans.  It is not an evolution into what has never before existed, but rather a re-emergence from the roots, from the most primeval origins, although in a radical newness and divine fanaticism unimaginable to past generations.  It is the oldest thing in any of the universes of Infinite Eternity, yet revealed with Absolute Individuality and Uniqueness nowhere dreamed by even the most utopian visionaries of any previous age.

Hitlerism, the age-old religion of Aryan Kristianity, is the Revelation of the God-men, the long-awaited Unveiling of the Sons of Adolf Hitler, the Revelation on earth of the power and glory of the Aryan God.  The earliest terrestrial traces of this eternal and world-destroying faith are found in the prehistoric Proto-Nordic Palaeolithic Golden Age of Central and Eastern Europe, which is the true historic reality of the mythic Garden
of Eden so mysteriously hinted at in the mercurial pages of the Book of Genesis.  The wisdom or gnosis of this earliest known civilization of the Indo-European White Race is preserved for us in the Runes of Wotan, or Odin, the legendary prehistoric First King of Sweden.  Our ancestors tell us that King Odin hung for nine nights on Iggdrasil, the galactic Tree of Terror, and thereby received the ancient wisdom or Runelore of his earliest Aryan forebears.  This Runelore won for the Aryans the mastery over this world that was in time to culminate in the Nordic universal world-empire of Augustan Rome.  This great empire, with her many and vast satellite kingdoms such as Ireland, Germania, Scythia, Armenia, Persia, India, Arabia, Ethiopia and Mauritania, completed the Aryan dominion over this earthly world.  The time had come when nothing remained for the Aryans but to turn within and begin the conquest of spiritual worlds.  The Holy War against Jehovah, the Demiurge God of the Jews, then began.

But the Aryans had never truly looked within themselves before.  The Gods were conscious, but never self-conscious.  For the first time in Infinite Eternity the Aryans opened their eyes and contemplated what was within them.  And something undreamed, something unimaginable occurred that had never occurred before.  A God-man appeared, the Absolute Man, the one known to us as the Aryan Christ.  He was not another among the shadowy reincarnations of Aryans that had been recurring since before times beyond memory.  He was the Aryan Individual, the Immortal One, World-Conqueror, Creator and Destroyer of Worlds.  He was the future of the Aryan White Race.  He was therefore also the Divine Revelation of Jew Death:  Judentod.  Because the Death and Resurrection of the Aryan God was the beginning of the Great Pogroms that have increasingly dominated life on this planet for the past two thousand years.

Then the shed Aryan blood of the murdered God-man covered the earth and cried from the stones for an end to evil, for the final and total spiritual destruction of the Jews and their father Jehovah, the Lord of Darkness and Father of Lies.  With each defeat of another Jewish heresy the Aryans freed and assimilated the Aryan truth and power obscured by each heresy (liberating some ex-Jews to resurrect as White Europeans of White Hebrew heritage) and rose to still higher spiritual and material heights as each of the great Roman Emperors proved greater than his predecessors through the great deeds of the greatest Aryan heroes such as Augustus, Vespasian, Constantine, Marcian, Justinian, Charlemagne, the Ottonians, Frederick Barbarossa, Frederick II, the great Habsburg Emperors, the Sun King, the four Napoleons and then…

And then came the time for the defeat of the last and worst Jewish heresies, the Marxist factions of the Red Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.  Then came the German Revolution, its crushing defeat and the Second Coming of the Aryan God Kristos, the Advent of the God-man and Ultimate Avatar Adolf Hitler.

The Führer has told us that the Aryan God comes to us twice, first as the Aryan Sufferer and Redeemer come in humility and humiliation, and then as the Aryan Victor and Fighter come in power and glory.  The first is the meek Aryan Jesus Christ; the second is the Second Coming of the Aryan Christ in power and glory, in the form of the God-man and Ultimate Avatar Adolf Hitler.

Because the Führer did not die in the flaming ruins of Berlin.  He rose from the Antarctic ice in a disc of fire and this did not occur in 1945.  It happened in 1954 and it happened in German Antarctica, not in Berlin.  And the Fuhrer did not die like some mere mortal man.  He arose from Antarctica as the greatest and last of the Caesars in the fiery Apotheosis of the Aryan Christ.  Then he flew through the skies over Rome and Berchtesgaden, said his farewell to his dear sister Paula and disappeared from the sight of the impure.  The holy miracle-worker Pope Pius XII swore he saw this with his own eyes.

In 1954.

The intellectual key to Hitlerism can be found in the Aristotelian idea of organic-genetic development.  This is not different from the truly scientific Aryan Kristian idea of magic transubstantiation and refutes the irrational and absurd Judaic superstition of so-called evolution most recently dredged up from the sewers of the Talmud by that degenerate son of an ape known as Darwin. Because the so-called theory of evolution is merely a sly Judaic misrepresentation of involution or degeneration.  Darwinian evolution is not the origin of species, but rather the death and destruction of species.  It is the false Judaic similitude of the scientific law of organic-genetic development it maliciously resembles and hides.

Similar Judaic tricks are to be found in every science.  Much as the Judaized Darwin is used to hide and distort the truth of the Aryan priest Gregor Mendel in biology, so the plagiarizing Jew Einstein is used in similar fashion against the true Aryan physicist Max Planck in physics.  In logic every Jewish sophistry is used to hide and distort the truth revealed by the greatest logician of all time, the Aryan mathematician Kurt Gödel.  In psychology the cocaine-addled Jew Freud is used to hide and falsify the true Aryan psychology of Carl Jung and the Phenomenological School founded by the Aryan priest Franz Brentano.  In every art and science this same pattern is to be found.  Everywhere among them Esoteric Hitlerism is the defender of Aryan Light.

The religious equivalent of this can be found in the Aryan Kristian idea of the Divine Predestination of the Aryan God Kristos, also known as the Light-Bearer (Luciferos) and Wotan/Woden.  Those who share in the divine predestination of Kristos/Lucifer/Wotan are themselves divine Aryans whereas those who do not share in the predestination of the Aryan God are only animal-men at best.  Although animal-men are still men.  The truly low ones are not they, but rather the Jews and their slaves who might be better described as robots and robotniks.  Also known as Ziobots.

In any case we should never forget that, unlike the Ziobot, the non-white races are human beings and all-too-human beings.  They are between the Aryan and the Jew and its Ziobots, but they are far nearer to the Aryan than to the demonic Jew masters or their worthless Ziobot slaves.  They are not the enemies or slaves of the Aryans, but our companion races.  Their destinies are theirs to shape, just as the destiny of the White Race is for us alone.  As for the Ziobot White Traitors, they are only dead men walking towards their well-deserved extinction.  The Esoteric Hitlerists feel no pity and instead in every way compassionately assist them to quickly achieve their inevitable end.

Then the all-too-human non-white races shall inherit the earth, but the divine White Race shall inherit the stars.  Because we, Esoteric Hitlerists, are the Sons of Heaven and Her Aryan God:  the Returned Kristos and God-man Adolf Hitler.

Esoteric Hitlerism is the survival of the White Race.  It is the identity and kernal of the White Race that carries within itself the entire honour, heritage and glory of Western Civilization.  It is the one true hope for universal peace and prosperity in eternal liberty and justice.  It is our world-wide Pan-European Destiny, that which for us must and shall be.

Among the many important aspects of Esoteric Hitlerism are the Folk theology of the White Race, Indo-European Panentheism, and our Folk philosophy, Wagnerianism.  Not to mention Magic Realism, the literary and aesthetic heir to Germanic Romanticism, Medieval Germanic Gothic and Romanesque and Greco-Roman Classicism.  Our economics is not different from the social doctrine of the historic Roman Catholic Church (now mystically dead, but awaiting the Esoteric Hitlerists, she is the Sleeping Beauty of martyred Christendom’s embracing Princes).  Our religion is the Higher Paganism (or Trinitarianism) of Aryan Kristianity, the true Re-united Christian Church and harmony of Protestant Reformation with Catholic Counter-Reformation. Our politics is the Confederate noble freedom of Rome, the historic Three Reichs of Christendom, the Fourth Reich of Holy Imperium Europa that is to come as well as the Eternal Fifth Reich, where the White Race shall rule among the stars.

What is Esoteric Hiterism?

The complete definition is contained in just one Holy Runic Salute:

Heil Hitler!

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  1. Beautiful.

  2. Yes……TODAY. Today wolves are not a problem. Actually, even in hunter gatherer times, hunted allied with wolves early, still, bear, who had a bad day, could easily disturbe a anceint camp, and women depended on tough women, and tough men, to be able to take on a fully grown grizzly. The struggle between humans and animals, is what made humans predators. It strats with protection, protection led to domination, and the negetvie ego. I am on your side on this. Still, all innocence gets destroyed, with the first negetvie expereince. When i was a kid, sometimes i would go to be freindly to a dog, and got barked at……how do you think that made me feel? Loved? Even being scratched with the claws of a cat, does not equal the feeling of being barked at, when you arrived with innocence, to make freinds. A boxer dog strated boxing me when i was 6 years old. All the other dogs were freindly, the boxer dog, was not. mIt did not feel good, and i kept trying to be freindly, the boxer was ahaving good time being mean. Animals are your freinds, is a new concept to some, and even some who were born with that concept, like me, gets their innocence shattered. Change will not arrive over night. Also, primitve people get “board”….take away their hunt, and they have to deal with the fact, that they are no prize, and it involves a shift that cannot occure. It can only work, if the shift never has to occure. the only way that is possible, is if the man in that photo, was raised in a enlightend society invented by Pythagoras. even the Greeks, did not value pythagoras, their greateest mind, in my opinion., he was also the first one, who understood that cruelty to animals, is wrong. The Germans had Neiche and Schopenhaur, Everyone knows who neiche was, some have never heard of Aurthor Schopenhaur. Society is not to blame, society is just a tool, in the hands of nefarious people, who deny us all the real aducation that would make our society enlightened. In a real society, no one would even consider hunting, or drugs, or rebellion. Society gives us a world of slavery, and in that world, old traditions refuse to die, because they are the only form of genetic expression available. In a enlightened society, there would be no genetic expression, in the areas we are discussing. When enlightenment is not life itslef, the genetic informantion takes over, and it always reverts to past genetic expression, turning off the future genes, inside of us all. “evolution”, is only accomlished in human beings with correct living, and correct living is only possible for those who are not born correct, through enlightenment, for someone who is born a child of light, needs no enlightenment, they already are light. Only the children of darkness, need light. As soon as adolesence starts, it is all power and sex, if children are not raised in a positive and truth telling atmosphere, as soon as they turn 13, they are already convinced of the worlds values, from which they alsommay rebel, if they are lucky. It is like a father, who was not there at the crucial time of his son’s development, whe the child is grown, he will notwant to hear a word out of his father. The creators of civilization are our Fathers and Mothers, and they have not raised us correctly, they have given us rules, and only rules. Rules are great, still, they must be accompanied by values, or what are they really worth? I gotta go find some distraction, smoke a ciggaret, and listen to Snoop Doggy Dog, and Anne Frank, if she were alive today, would be massivly shittin from on top of the game, concerning the state of Israel, and mischif they are doing. and yet, the history channel never stops going on about what happend to the jews in Germany. Only Jews, even those who liked and loved Jews, have had a belly full of the holocuast industry, which is losying it’s meaning, as Israel acts like a bully towards the palestinians, which is so easy for them today, they have tanks, palestinians have stones, and yet, israel always cries victim, and it’s Jewish supporters, and the Masonic white supremists who do business with them, never stop doing propoganda against Germany, trying to put guilt in the hearts of German children and young adults, for stuff they’re grandparents did, meanwhile, right now, tanks are in Gaza strip, and i don’t see anyone encoragin young Israelis to feel guilty about what they grandparents did to the palestinians, so they coud built a massive carenavel to play around in, fuck the grandparents, what about the israelis today, right now, who have killed palestianis, no one is telling Israeli boys and girls to fight for their palestinian brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers……i will enroage them. In New York, my previous dwelling, a young Hasidic boy, asked me if i was jewsih, it told you all, only on my fathers mothers side. According to Judaism, you are only Jewish, if your mother is Hebrew, fully Hebrew. Which is stupid, because most who have Jewish mothers, identify with their fathers, and don’t like identifiing s Jewish. Most people i know, who hve jewish fthers and gentile mothers, where their Judaism on their sleave. I am different, even though my father’s mother was Jewish, i always felt somewhat jewish, and as i get older, i feel more and more jewish everday. Anyway this young Hasid asked me if i was Jewish, i looked him in the eye, and told him “no”. I then put my hand on his shoulder, and told him: “they need your light”….he looked at me with worried eyes and asked me “what”?…i looked him right back and said “they need your light”….his younger brother was there, and looked impressed, and smiled. Latter that day, i saw them making freinds with non-Jews, something their parents forbid. Young Israelis, will have to stand up to their Elders, and be brave, for the sake of righteousness, common human decency, and kindness, and tell them off, they need to develop the strength, within themselfs, to accomplish this task. This is what we are asking people, all people to do, and this is not easy, because those who speak truth, whatever their age, represent a threat to power, and power must often be fought at great caust to oneself. The only way hunting will be done away with forever, is when the traditions that have been passed down, from generation, to generation, are done away with through education that not only teaches enlightenemt, a system that expects light, truth, and justice, from all people. Very few hunters, decided to be hunters, most of them are continuing a practice that was performed by their ansesotrs, a tradition that was passed down, from generation, to generation. Tradtion used to keep people alive, today, it is mearly a pastime. As Bob Dylan once declared like Wisdom, ont he top of the highest hill “don’t spend all your time living through the dead,,,, they will not follow you”….that is only true of generations hunderds of years in the past. Today, every human being defamed and murdered, every animal murder and defamed, will indeed follow you, if not today, tommorow, infact, anyone who understand medephysics, knows, that as soon as a mammle or any form of energy is murdered, the souls do follow you, hunters are goasted with dead animal spirits, and to honour them they hang dead animals on their walls, then one day their son goes crazy, finds their gun, and kills himself after his girlfreind breaks up with him; that is waht happened to my cousin, and his parents were hunters. Full education, will save humanity, false education, only creates rebelion for those who don’t have the urge to seach, and find truth and facts for themselves. People who can think for themselves, are rare, mos tof us learn only through expereicne, and even then, we don’t why incedents occur, they seem to have no meaning, so we stop believing in justice, god forbid even karma. I was in that state as a youth, and it was only through great loss, and mental breakdowns, that i felt a need to search for some answers, which was also when i decided to stop eating meat, and that was a chalenge for me, because i loved the flesh of pigs, chickens and salmon, and it took me at least a year, to completely stop eating meat. Even then, my vegetarianism, like for many, only lasted five years, i had been traveling at the speed of light for those five years, and needed to return to real time, and i did, for three years, and i was special, because most who back to meat, never return to a meat free diet, could, and i did. Now, i am traveling at the speed of light all day and all night, and i feel alright, my light body, what Kabballah cals “The Merkaba”… me, so the light can travel freely, because it is no longer flowing through me!!!!!!!!——–8 explanation points means foreva!

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  4. I love this. Inspiring and enlightening. This essay will be my go to tract. My catechism. Thank you.

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