Above is my on-line abridged version of Adolf Hitler:  The Ultimate Avatar, Part One and Part Two.  My published unabridged translation with notes and exhaustive Index is frequently sold out and must be obtained during those intervals when it is available.

For further enquiries please contact Hermitage Helm Corpus.  The web address for Hermitage Helm Corpus:

Information about Hermitage Helm Corpus may be obtained at the following address:

The details for ordering can be obtained through the following email address:

This absolutely incomparable treasure, the contemporary Bible of our White Race, is predestined for the eyes of the true elite of this fast perishing world, the Aryans (or Ehreans) of Imperium Europa.  This Holy Writ is like unto the New Testament, written not for entertainment or curiosity, but for the Creation and Destruction of Worlds.

The Translator  (Brother Francis of the Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan)

Heil Hitler!

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  1. Great work! It is extremely necessary in this gloomy moment, to distribute the real Wisdom all over the world, to make possible the liberation of the spirit in this final period of the Kaly Yuga.
    It is difficult now to do this, the domination to avoid the divulgation of such works is terrible, and man has to be prepared to face with honor the end of the Kaly Yuga.
    The great War against the Enemy of the Spirit is just to begin!
    I want to leave my translation work, of a part of the work of Moyano.

    Greetings from Chile!

  2. A Reprinting of a paperback ‘Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar’ is expected in late 2015. Again, there will be limited availability.

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