(Translated from the Spanish by Franz Berg and drawn from the writings of Miguel Serrano.)
1- Introduction
2- Contact
3- Implosion
4- Viktor Schauberger
5- The Mastery of Implosion
6- ‘Known’ Inventions of the Third Reich
7- Unknown Directors and ‘Unknown’ Science
8- Power and the Black Sun
9- The Third Reich and Antarctica
10- The Tulku and German Genetic Science
11- Conclusion: A Commitment to Freedom

“I dreamt I was a butterfly dreaming it was Chuang-Tzu”
(Old Daoist Maestro)


The intention of this book is not and should not be other than to place the reader before the immense vastness of the abyss of madness.

Its verisimilitude will always depend on what it is and how it shapes the mind of the observer. For the moment it is only a working hypothesis that each reader must confirm or not. The ‘right-thinking’ men who wallow in the mire of their humanity have nothing to teach us. Beneath the feet of every man or woman there is an abyss of madness, a dark, mysterious and terrible space we know little or perhaps nothing about and into which we must sooner or later fall irresistibly towards a certain death from which any chance of survival would be only delusional fantasy…

At the bottom of this Abyss of Madness is death, nothingness: madness. Yet those who have come to fall into its greatest depths, and have not died from the fall, return telling strange stories about fantastic and enigmatic worlds the common people come to consider ridiculous, delirious and worthy of a joke. These ‘right-thinking’ people yearn to be ‘happy’ while they can in the only ‘real’ world they know in the face of the abyss of nothingness, preferring to ‘forget’, though they never forget entirely.

Even so, some will always (O reckless delirium!), doing as they please, decide to descend into the abyss on their own without having to wait for death to push them. Acting thus and doing so with courage, they reach the sublime world that Don Quixote de la Mancha, knight-errant whose profound wisdom the world takes for insanity, has already discovered.


In 1919 a group of initiates of the Thule Order and the Vril Society met in a mansion in Berchtesgaden, in the region of the Bavarian Alps. Two mediums channel information in which specific instructions are given for developing a technology ‘capable of enabling them to voyage to the stars.’ There are those who argue that this meeting was from whence emerged the inspiration for the development of implosion carried through in the Thirties by the Third Reich.

As we see, this line of research suggests that the development of implosion in general and U.F.O. technology in particular came about through the ‘inspiration’ and aid of ‘extraterrestrial’ civilisations. In an interview published in the journal Year Zero Miguel Serrano states that ‘the construction of the U.F.O.s of Hitler was something that was being prepared in Germany for a long time, with the studies of implosion and alternative energies. The aid would ultimately come from Aldebaran, thanks to the same medium that had contacted Sumerians, Assyrians, Mayans, Egyptians and others, not to mention the Hyperboreans, and these contacts would have come from an extra-situation. No doubt the Nazi U.F.O.s were known, but the enemy, in control of communication and the means of communication, kept total silence, pursuing and even eliminating those scientists who dared to reveal them…’

This type of channeling of entities or beings coming from ‘extra dimensions’ and that helped in the development and achievement of new ‘impossible’ technologies is nothing new. Already in the Sixteenth Century John Dee contributed their input for the naval development and maritime expansion of England. The key to his knowledge lay in his contact with ‘superhuman’ beings who oriented him in his ‘discoveries’. Immersed in a magic time on the polished surface of the stone of John Dee, the landscape of another world began to take shape in which figures appeared who spoke to him: ‘Take care of your doubts, reject every suspicion about us, for we are Gods who have reigned, reign and shall reign forever…’

Implosion is centripetal, while explosion is centrifugal. Miguel Serrano says (in Manu: For the Man to Come) that “to enrich uranium temperatures are required that only the domain of the Science of Implosion makes possible. And this Old Science (or Super Science), almost magic, or simply magic, has been recovered by Hitlerian German scientists. In contrast to centrifugal explosion, implosion is centripetal. Like a maelstrom, implosion suctions; it is the Black Sun, Black Hole, the Leftwards Swastika. Its power is such that it neutralises gravity, making the ‘flying saucer’, the U.F.O., possible, something rediscovered by the Germans at the end of the Second World War. The Vimana of the Mahabharata. Which is able to neutralise gravity, overcome entropy and open a mysterious window on immortality…”

Implosion is a process which causes the internal pressure of a space to be much less than that of the exterior, an event which leads to the vacuum being refilled by exterior fluids. Such reactions are produced for example in containers in which the vacuum is created due to the sudden increase in pressure shown in the interior. Energy that occurs through this process is known as ‘implosion’.

If we can create a vacuum in the centre of a container filled with liquid or another element like gas, the implosion created generates a vortex that provokes a spiral movement in the contents of the container. In this process the temperature of the centre decreases, contrary to the what is required by the laws of thermodynamics.


Viktor Schauberger is an Austrian scientist born on June 30, 1885. As a scientist freed from the narrow confines that limit modern mechanistic science, he searched for an alternative energy, a distinct science founded on the principle of ‘implosion instead of explosion’. The technology of explosion, the wise Austrian thought, is contrary to the vital principle. Every engine starting mechanism functions by explosion, hence its principle is destructive and its repercussions harmful.

Life (the vital principle), Schauberger states, is always constructive and never destructive. Technology based on explosion, or rather destruction, can not be favourable to life. Every starting motor operates on the principle of explosion, and is therefore destructive and its repercussions are harmful and destructive of life.

We find that, compared with the heated oxidation process (hot blast mechanisms, dynamos and tubes), the process of cold oxidation is a source of inexhaustible energy. A ‘cheap’ friendly energy that, according to some investigators, produces a greater negative concentration of ions than is found in water.

The research carried out by Viktor Schauberger and perfected by the secret industries of the Third Reich managed the production of electrical energy through unique implosion suction turbine engines. In the laboratory the discovery was made that the prototype of air or water ‘whirlwinds’ in ‘reverse-axis’ lowers the temperature (as an effect of the production of the ‘vacuum’). Later this system was applied to air propulsion.

The Nazis created a team of scientists who carried the work begun by Schauberger to its ultimate consequences. Finally, the team managed to create a turbine whose air rotated with a resulting vibration that activated an enormous force causing levitation.


The Nazis researched and developed many ‘super-weapons’, although the authentic search was an apparatus or device that did not spit fire or produce noise, a silent and mysterious device.

The ‘OMEGA File’ states that in the summer of 1936 the anti-gravity propulsion operation reached nearly 100% achieving application to flying saucers in the Black Forest. The scientific anti-gravitation experiments of Viktor Schauberger were recognised, perfected and successfully developed by the secret departments of the SS.

The application of the process of implosion to aviation technology was developed by a secret department of the Third Reich known as the “Haunebu Project”. They went on to create a vehicle that could reach an altitude of 15,000 metres in 3 minutes; it could remain still in the air, fly as fast backwards as forwards and stop instantly at speeds exceeding 6,000 kilometres per hour.

‘Project Haunebu’ (some sources also name it ‘Project Vril’) finally built fighters that were also aerial anti-gravitational means of transport. The prototypes were numbered in ascending order. Due to the difficulties with controlling the electromagnetic disturbances that occur in the development of implosion, as well as with the interaction with conventional electric components, the project suffered several setbacks. Initially when implosion energy was applied to the devices, it was impossible to direct or fly the prototypes in approximately 90% of cases. But by correcting successive malfunctions progress was made with successful prototypes.

Every one of these projects were developed in the greatest secrecy. According to the German historian Stevens ‘the first Haunebu was the first large flying saucer developed in Germany. It was first tested in August 1939, or a few weeks before the start of the Second World War’.

Through the process of implosion the secret industries of the Third Reich created flying machines with their own magnetic fields that enabled the overcoming of entropy, terrestrial magnetism and gravity. Inertia no longer affects a device that has created its own magnetic field, resulting in the overcoming of the laws of matter and the entire ‘logic’ of the material world. This was kept from public knowledge and its development was a top secret duly kept from falling into enemy hands.


During the war the German munitions industry created an endless list of incredible devices and inventions:

– The Third Reich created the first jet airplane.
– Rifles with target-seeking bullets.
– Night vision systems.
– The first television broadcast.
– The atomic bomb (a fact denied by the “victors”)
– Space rockets.
– Blast and sound cannons capable of killing a person 100 metres away.
– Missile weapons guided by radio and television circuits.

Every ‘known’ invention was captured and stolen by the ‘Allies’ who later developed them which then led to modern science and weaponry. We can say the modern munitions industry has actually developed this entire list of weaponry initiated in the technology of the Third Reich and we certainly also see how since then the modern world has advanced in nothing beyond a certain ‘refinement’ of the German inventions. Which is to say the world has been orphaned of its creative capacity and limited only to what the science of the Third Reich had already begun or discovered.

7- Unknown Directors and ‘Unknown’ Science

What the ‘Allies’ were never able to capture was the most secret material of the Third Reich. At present ‘humanity’ lacks the means once available to the Third Reich for the development of a magic science and technology and this is because the modern world is incapable -does not have the real capacity- to go beyond rationalist thought. Imagine the immense or ‘infinite’ power of an entire State such as that of the Germans of the Third Reich doing its utmost for the discoveries and development of magic science. They lacked neither means nor resources; the ‘mad’ scientists who dared to think beyond the laws of matter were completely supported by the State and the results were definitive. In addition to the recognised and known scientific advances, the Third Reich developed an entire series of fantastic inventions never recognised officially. In synchrony with the Black Sun, the science of the Third Reich “remembered” on this plane of reality events and knowledge from the ‘other side’.

Among the results from this material we can find the famous ‘fireballs’ or stun weapons with engines known as Foo Fighters. This type of phenomenology is commonly associated with the U.F.O., which in turn is the most outstanding achievement of the unknown and secret science of the Third Reich.

The German U.F.O. projects are well documented with blueprints in which every part of their construction is detailed, even though modern science has still been unable to reproduce them since it does not have access to the principles that determine its operation.

The science of the Third Reich understood the world as a reality much larger than mere material manifestation. This type of ‘spiritual’ science works on reality including the diverse ‘unknown’ fields that constitute it. Whereas rational or ‘materialistic’ science is only able to work with ‘known’ matter.

The ‘Unknown Directors’, the initiators of the mystery of the Black Sun, were the ones who worked for the Third Reich and would rediscover ‘Super Science’. As is clear from the available documentation, these guides or teachers are ‘human beings’, although it would be better to define them as ‘Supermen’. They are beings whose presence manifests a great Power and were endowed with an enormous psychic power before which a ‘normal’ human would be unable to resist. They normally communicate by telepathy and can manifest themselves as persons of flesh and blood. They act on spiritual and extrasensory realities, being in different places at the same time and shifting through the different dimensions.

Through the light of the Black Sun there shines from the ‘eternity’ in the interior of some men the esoteric doctrine of the National Socialist Cosmovision. The Unknown Directors encouraged the creation of the ‘Thule Order’ and the SS. In some respects their principles diverged from those officially maintained by the NSDAP (Nazi Party). The Black Sun is the secret sign bearer of ancient or ‘eternal’ knowledge at the root of the esotericism of the Third Reich. Thanks to their influence in the early Twentieth Century many men sought ‘totally different ways’. In the Land of the Midnight Sun, in the light of the Black Sun, a sublime power originated that freed humanity from tyranny and subjugation.

The secret investigators of the Third Reich focused on finding new sources of energy and new means of locomotion, using the energy developed by implosion, electro-gravitational levitation and propulsion by ‘geomantic terroir’ (cosmic-telluric-terrestrial forces). Also, there was a whole secret knowledge through which Nazi initiates sought to establish a bridge with the ‘other world’. For this they conducted investigations on spatiotemporal corridors, the knowledge of ancient magic empires, runes, telekinesis, intuition, telepathy, the practical knowledge of ‘unknown’ realities. All this, as we have said, is the result of the application of the Black Sun to science.

There is a perspective from which we can see how life in space-time is just one of the realities in which we live. We live in different worlds at once and when we are in one of them we just forget the other or others. This is because the different worlds are formed on the basis of different dimensions. The man who is immersed in one of the different worlds can not grasp the realities based on other dimensions because from his perspective they do not seem to exist.

When we enter one world forgetting the other then even their existence becomes incomprehensible to us. But while we think we are “awake” in this reality of space-time reality of the ‘material world’ everyone is inculcated with the idea this is the only reality. Could it be that, deep down, life in this world was only the dream of another world to which we would not have access or be able to remember from our limited human senses? And if the true life were developing on another plane? We refer to ‘another plane’ to which we accede and have consciousness of when the physical senses sleep but that we can not remember when we are ‘here’. With each new day we come again and again to this world and every morning we reconnect with the ‘reality’ of the world, but deep down, every morning, we leave behind an entire more real world, even though we do not recall it: ‘I dreamt I was a butterfly dreaming it was Chuang Tzu’. To gain access to the true sources of life, we must first gain access to the ‘other world’.


The whole universe vibrates. If we take two electrons that vibrate with the same intensity one next to the other in a same body and then separate them to a distance of thousands and thousands of kilometres, at that distance they will continue to vibrate at the same intensity and even one alteration produced in one will affect the other, despite the physical distance existing between them.

These are not the words of a love song, or perhaps they are, telling us the universe is not an inert space. On the contrary, everything in the universe vibrates, interacts and is interrelated.

We know Vril as the Vital Force on which subsists the universal fluid that interpenetrates everything appreciable both known and ‘unknown’. Whoever takes hold of the Vril is free and the Lord of himself. Mastering the Vril means having the power of the Black Sun and access to the other dimensions of existence. Super Science works on matter understanding it as a totality encompassing extra dimensions, which is the understanding that reality is not limited to the world perceived by the five physical human senses. Vril has its field of action on material manifestation as also on other planes beyond human sensory capacities.

The Black Sun is determined by the vital principle and is the Centre of totally concentrated Power in whose interior an extreme pressure is produced. This process causes a ‘magnet’ effect making everything begin to turn around drawn irresistibly towards its centre in which, resulting from this state of concentrated Pure Force, a ‘window’ of anti-matter will open. As we see, the Black Sun is capable of creating a centre of force through which a window of anti-matter is generated whose power is superior to that of ‘a thousand suns’.

The Black Sun absorbs energy-matter at the same time that it emits radiation, creating a magnetic field around it. The Black Sun, so to speak, acts as a magnet. The centre of the Black Sun, on re-concentrating itself, converts into Pure Force, regenerating itself and losing material mass. Thus a centripetal force or suction is then generated by the action of the vacuum or ‘anti-matter’ thus created. The energy captured by this force field is transformed into magnetism.

How can this Black Sun vortex be created? By a synchronistic relationship, says Miguel Serrano. And this is certain, as the true initiates have always understood. But there is still room for several more revelations without unveiling the mystery dangerously too much.

We have said that the foundation of the Black Sun and Vril is the Life or Vital Force. Already in Mein Kampf Hitler says that the earth is a living organism; the earth is alive because the terrestrial vital fluid is the same as in a living animal being. This fluid is what allows the existence of life on earth. As confirmed by several lines of investigation, the Atlanteans mastered the Vital Force coming to use it to power their aircraft. As we have said, the earth herself is a living organism similar to living beings and to men and acts as a magnet.

But how to capture or create Vril or Vital Force and use her as a source of energy for the operation of devices through the process of concentration of the Black Sun?

Given that the fundamental in the formation of the Black Sun is the creation of Pure Power through the concentration process, it is necessary to create a field of Vril Force that in a certain manner resembles the creation of a living being.

We are faced with two elements:
1- An absolute element: Power
2- A relative element: A magnetic field energy generator.

This is the basis for the application of the implosive principle. Every living being before being in the world is Power or Force. The more concentrated this Power, the stronger and healthier the being. The more the being disperses its Power, the weaker and more insane it will be. This is a simple law governing the principle of Life. Power may be dispersed by multiple causes (physical injury, illness…), but can also become concentrated through the effort and conduct of the being itself. In general, vices and degeneration result from the dispersion of this Force. The person whose Force is concentrated in ‘the non-existence of itself’ (the Black Sun vortex), remains intact and if he persists on the Way, then eventually death can not touch him. So we understand Miguel Serrano when he refers in his books to the synchronicity existing between a man and his work. Only a person, a being able to develop the science of implosion in himself, in his own physical body and his entire being, can apply this principle to their creations and inventions. This was the work undertaken by the Polar Initiates of the SS.

Pure Power creates a Magnetic Field through the Black Sun which in turn generates energy. This is the basis of the implosion engine. The same power animates living beings. To apply this principle to mechanical devices was the greatest achievement of the secret science of the Third Reich.

With some friends in a cottage on the outskirts of Barcelona I recently saw an enigmatic film starring Jodie Foster concerning the theme of contact with an extraterrestrial civilisation in the Vega star system. The title of the film is Contact and the contact is initiated through signals from space received by large radar systems in the USA. The pictures received on earth as contact are those of the first televised emission in history: The Swastika, the Führer and the Nazi inauguration of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. In the film the images received from the aliens are explained as a response to those of the first human televised emission. The question raised is that in the emission received on earth there are instructions for the construction of a machine capable of enabling travel to the stars. So the government of the USA builds the machine, consisting of an enormous metal structure whose base remains fixed and that through the movement of several hoops bound together generates a vortex of anti-matter that, with a terrible explosion (implosion), makes ships placed in the vortex enter into another dimension. In what is only an instant in human time, less than a second, for those inside the ship placed within the vortex device only 18 hours have elapsed. The protagonist in this ‘non-existent’ time has travelled to another location where he visits an incredible world and where he has been able to be and chat with his father who died fifteen years before…

So it seems that not only German Nazis travel seeking gateways to other dimensions through Black Suns and doors of anti-matter. Or perhaps the German images that according to the film narrative are received on earth from the aliens are insinuating that those voyaging ‘out there’ are basically precisely themselves.

In summary, the Super Science of the Third Reich was able to implement the Vital Force or Vril in their mechanical devices. All thanks to the mastery of the technology of implosion by the method of the Black Sun. They created a ‘chakra’ or point of (centripetal) Force in the laboratory whose properties, properly used, generate a silent energy that emits just a buzz as a background sound. Through this method they created in their devices their own magnetic field, isolating them from the earth’s magnetic field and from the laws of matter.

To create a chakra it is necessary to open a door of anti-matter that connects with the source of life (the Vril) in the ‘Beyond’. Like an Inca elder, the initiate-scientist generates the Vril or Force or universal fluid in this world, necessary for the creation of a chakra. Because the material world is nothing but a shell, a solidification of inert energy in so far as life is lacking from it and its movements, which are something like its vibration, due exclusively to the influence of the different points of force that influence it: We refer to the chakras.


This is the reason that the Unknown Directors withdrew allowing the defeat of the terrestrial Third Reich without the use of the ‘miracle weapons’: The Third Reich maintained its continuity in Antarctica.

Even before the outbreak of hostilities the Unknown Directors decided to salvage the Third Reich and all its projects and magic scientific development in the distant Antarctic lands of Neu Schwabenland (New Swabia). While Europe was invaded by communism-capitalism there still remained work to be done and the enormous fight heroically maintained by Germany and her allies had the goal of buying time to guarantee the creation and security of this ‘impregnable fortress’. Thousands of ‘colonists’ were taken to German Antarctica after having been strictly selected according to their abilities.

Although, as Miguel Serrano states, in the Ardennes Offensive the Third Reich did make use of various ‘miracle weapons’, the Unknown Directors decided on their complete non-use elsewhere during the war since using them would have caused such a distortion in the fabric of material reality that they would have placed the Antarctic and extra-terrestrial plans at risk.

The aim was already not victory in the ‘exterior’ war, but the securing of a place, German Antarctica, to carry through their projects. Already in Mein Kampf (Volume II, Chapter 2: ‘The State’), Hitler states that ‘frontier colonies could gradually be founded whose inhabitants would be of the purest racial stock, and hence would possess the best qualities of the race. Such colonies would be a valuable asset to the entire nation. Their development would be a source of joy and confidence and pride to each citizen of the nation, because they would contain the pure germ which would ultimately bring about a great development of the nation and indeed of mankind itself’.

Ultimately this project is the root and foundation of the National Socialist Movement for the transformation and liberation of the world and for the creation of the Superman, who came to be developed in Antarctica, achieving there the creation of fully spiritual beings thanks to the ‘new science’ and German Nazi initiation rites.

As we have extensively discussed in previous chapters, when the communist-capitalists won the profane war, what was left of humanity entered into a terminal process, irremediably subject to the agents of death. But, above all, Hitler comes to seek his sons.

Let us now investigate a line of research implied in various writings, and directly undertaken by personalities such as Miguel Serrano, that lead us to Antarctica as the fortress of the Ultimate Battalion of the Third Reich.

German researchers of the Antarctic discovered their own routes to Antarctica already in the early Twentieth Century. In 1938, with the Third Reich in power, the Germans sent numerous exploratory missions to the Antarctic region Neu Schwabenland. The expedition of Captain Alfred Ritscher, decorated and personally congratulated by Hitler, explored a region of 600,000 square kilometres and photographed more than 350,000 square kilometres, preparing a perfect map of the discovered area. The Germans discovered a vast region free of ice, moreover with warm water lakes, mountains 4,000 metres high and access to caverns. In this way the knowledge of the 1/15th of Antarctica claimed by Germany as German territory was revised. To bolster this claim two German planes distributed hundreds of flags consisting of special metal poles with the Swastika.

Among the many discoveries was the existence of a great cave in the ice beneath a glacier that stretched along a geothermal hot water lake: Antarctica, contrary to what is officially stated at present, is not only a piece of glacial ice.

Various scientific teams were moved to Antarctica including geologists, zoologists, botanists, biologists and many others. The project was entirely secret and various departments of the German government were involved.

Having studied the collected data the Third Reich in maximum secrecy developed an effective plan of action that principally consisted in the construction of a subterranean shelter known as New Berlin, or “Base 211” (its code name). Materiel was transported by cargo ships from non-belligerent countries, but the main materiel, whose origin was the Third Reich, came by submarine.

During the entire course of World War Two the German Nazi construction projects in Antarctica continued in the utmost secrecy. In 1940 Dr. Wohlwill, Director of the German Metal Institute, asked for German technicians specialising in metallurgy to undertake the processing of non-ferrous metals intended to withstand temperatures below 60 degrees Celsius. The New Berlin base was built in four years and in 1943 Admiral Doenitz, Chief of the Kriegsmarine, made his famous and enigmatic statements praising the work of the Reich submarine fleet: ‘The German submarine fleet is proud to have established a secret earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress for the Führer somewhere in one location of the world’.

In huge underground factories the Germans built flying saucers of the Haunebu series. German engineers had the knowledge and means to build more than enough to construct something comparable to the buildings and facilities in the German underground complex of Northausen in the Harz as well as to the Kahla complex in Thurmiringen. The typical image that it is impossible to survive in Antarctica is not true. The history of expeditions in the Twentieth Century is the most eloquent proof that a small group of people can survive for entire years in these regions and moreover in very precarious situations. Without the conveniences of the modern equipment and new technologies at the disposal of the German Nazis, the members of the first Shackleton expedition, whose cost did not exceed the sum of £ 45,000, lived without great difficulty for two years (between 1907 and 1909) in Antarctica.

Subsequent German secret expeditions to Neuschwabenland were launched from landing sites in bays north of the Hlig-Hoffman Mountains.

Several researchers claim that simultaneously with Base 211 a second secret base was built in a location situated in one of the innumerable channels in the region of the islands of southern Chile.

In the Antarctic base a series of ‘Haunebu’ airships were produced. The Haunebu-1 was a small ‘ship’; Haunebu-2 had greater storage and the Haunebu-3, as various authors mention, was a ‘mother’ ship.

In April 1945 the last convoy of submarine ships left Germany bound for German Antarctica. They were completely successful in their attempt to escape the domination of the ‘Allies’. In those final months of the war and in the immediate aftermath of the defeat in Europe, numerous sightings of U.F.O. formations were made. The last submarine convoy from the Third Reich in the South Atlantic won a complete victory over the ‘Allied’ forces who tried to stop them. The documentation recording this event remains classified.

A strange event on September 26, 1946 saw a German war submarine reappear in the South Atlantic when it stopped an Icelandic whaling vessel name Juliana to solicit supplies. While they were boarded, the commandant of the German submarine paid for the merchandise in dollars and delivered a bonus to the crew. He also told the captain where they would find a school of whales, something which the crew of Juliana did successfully capturing two cetaceans. The news was picked up by the press.

Days later the USA government announced its intention to go to Antarctica and the American Navy Department reported that Admiral Richard Byrd was organising an expedition. Operation High Jump was known to be comprised of many warships, including two aircraft carriers and 4,000 U.S. Marines. Within weeks ships from eight different nations joined the American expedition. Swarms of aircraft equipped with radar and thermal magnetic locators flew over the icy shores of German Antarctica. What were they doing in those inhospitable places? Two months later, February 12, 1947, Byrd announced the discovery of ‘an oasis of lakes with muddy water of a dark green character. This lake region, about 30 kilometres wide and 65 kilometres long, is completely devoid of ice and is located a short distance from Knox island.’ At that moment something happened. The expedition that had planned to stay in the ‘frozen continent’ for at least nine months hastily withdrew after only eight weeks, unexpectedly leaving Antarctica. On the way they lost numerous planes and troops.


We have seen how the German Nazi initiates, on activating the right hemisphere of the brain, were able to resurrect the Superman. As a result of this magical mutation, the Third Reich developed an entire new concept of science that achieved spectacular and ‘impossible’ results, no longer in the field of mechanistic technology but in magic realism. This was achieved, among other means, by “the élite of the SS, which esoterically connected with the most powerful Secret Order of Tibet and Hindustan that still maintains the science of the reactivation of the total brain, together with the power of the ‘resurrection of the flesh’”. (Miguel Serrano: MAYA: Reality is an Illusion’).

The discovery of this magical science led to the discovery of new energy sources, such as Vril, and the development of robotics that included the achievement of the duplication of people through an unknown genetic science. In this context Miguel Serrano analyses the case of Rudolf Hess, telling us the one who flew to England and was taken prisoner only to be finally ritually assassinated by the ‘Allies’ in Spandau Prison in Berlin, was not Rudolf Hess but a ‘double’. The doctor who attended him in Spandau for bronchopneumonia, Hugh Thomas, on taking a radiogram of the lung discovered with surprise that the scar from a bullet wound during the First World War did not appear… ‘and a lung wound is never erased’, he said. Moreover the Hess in Spandau ate meat, whereas the authentic man was vegetarian. During the first twenty years in prison Hess refused family visits for fear they would recognise he was not the real one. Finally Doctor Thomas told him he was not Hess, whereupon he became scared and ran away. Thomas maintained that Himmler exchanged the true Hess for a double of himself before the takeoff of the flight that would send him to Scotland.

There are other theories to explain these facts saying that Hess was not assassinated in either Germany or Scotland, but that he left at the beginning of the Second World War to settle down in the German base in Neuschwabenland.

Serrano takes an approach to the mystery of this genetic magic explaining how ‘the astral body is the double of the physical body; more precisely, the physical body is the double of the astral. Something like developing a photo negative (the negative remains and can manifest itself as many times as one wishes)’. That is, the material world is nothing more than a reflection of other worlds and planes.

As such, we can understand that:
– Maya (the material world or ‘illusion’ of the senses) can be aftershocks of many things that belong to other worlds.
– Some of these ‘replicas’ which have their origin in other worlds appear as humans or embodied in human genetics.
– The material senses allow us to see the human material body, but the true self is found behind the human mask and has an essential existence that is not situated in this material world (which has no identity in itself) but in another world ‘beyond’.

Serrano states that the ‘materialisation of the astral body at will’ is something that can only be done by activating the right brain (the ‘computer’ instrument of the mind), now atrophied and inactive. And it is there where the centres and registers able to activate the astral body are to be found, there to resurrect and ‘materialise’ the astral body. Here he is telling us that the material body lacks transcendent or essential identity, since the essence of the incarnated being is in this ‘other world’ with which the initiate is linked to activate the right brain.

The creature that lives and has its essence and its ‘raison d’être’ in another world can have more than one replica in the manifestation of space-time. This question, difficult to understand from the perspective of a common human being immersed in the maelstrom of the world, can come to be understood from a magical perspective. To achieve this we must reach the ‘firm’ and impassive point from which one perceives the true nature of the material world, which is an illusory and relative reality. This ‘firm’ point is what guides the initiate in his titanic task of deconstructing the ‘reality’ of Maya, guiding his step through the ‘Abyss of Madness’ towards the ‘other reality’.

The men who embody the ‘human race’ have different ‘origins’, to put it one way, on other planes or planets. On a genetic basis that gives everyone the appearance and basically ‘human’ biological functions, there exist an entire variety of origins and identities. The earth would be the battlefield of a cosmic battle in which different planes of existence intersect and collide.


In the end one does not cease to be confronted with these histories and arguments: Which is the real world? Because sometimes it is as if we reach the intuition that the ‘reality’ of this world we all take for real is not so certain as some pretend. The structure of matter, energy, space-time, the entire history of the world we have been given to believe since we were little…

Are we able to identify the programming the System has introduced into our own body of flesh and into our brain? And extract it from ourselves? If so, we can begin to make the change. Deconstructing the automation that makes us a creature subject to ‘destiny’, we discover and begin to work and mould with our own hands the material from which dreams are made. Then we are the creators of worlds and of our own selves.

Never let anyone do in your sight or hearing anything for which you can not account. Never plug in the television or the other instruments of the programming of the Evil One:
– They are means of mass mind control,
– They transmit subliminal programming and hypnotic commands,
– They disseminate and promote dirty and decadent values,
– They project feelings of depression, fear, psychopathy and sadism on the masses,
– They create false debates to channel the thinking of the masses in ‘democratic values’; they betray us: they are not dangerous to the intensions of the System.

Ignoring and leaving aside this brief analysis of the systematic programming to which children are subjected in the ‘democratic’ schools, the worst and most harmful media programming of the Anglo-Zionist System are those that transmit images like television, cinema, video games. They already have more power of suggestion and penetration in the mental springs and subconscious of everyone else. At first glance, the mental programming of the ‘democratic’ media is rough and insistent: They repeat their ‘values’ and socially destructive dirt over and over again, attempting to overcome the resistance of less docile minds. But it is the more subtle media, those not noticed at first glance nor by the most alert minds (hidden hypnotic orders, subliminal programming), that are the most dangerous for mental integrity, so our advice is to unplug oneself from such dangerous practices or routines. Do not underestimate the ability of the system to manipulate minds since the system has a millennial experience behind it.

If you do not want to be a pathetic automaton (a ‘democrat’) and love Liberty in truth and act with firmness and intelligence, you will achieve integrity and thus you will be able to take the helm of your own ship back to Ithaca.

Alert and in the darkest night, in the most absolute solitude, you will discover before you the door of mystery through which you will find worlds you could never even imagine.

Because after all everything comes from this: To deconstruct the ‘reality’ of Maya and her world of illusion that converts us into ‘normal’ common creatures of the Anglo-Zionist System, good ‘democrats’, ‘Judeo-Christians’, ‘egalitarians’, ‘Che Guevaras’, levelled beings, ‘made by design’ and moreover degraded unto nightmare. This is the Great Rebellion that has taken place since the beginning of time and that will never end until the prison, the network and world of illusion of the Evil One (the ‘Matrix’) is destroyed.

The power of the Demiurge over the world is based on domination over subhuman beings who lack the divine perspective, but fundamentally on the domination it exercises over the body and mind of the divine beings imprisoned in the nets of Maya, her illusory world. Familiar with the mind of the divine, the Demiurge turns them into robots at its service, to respond to its stimuli scheduled to make them do its bidding according to its Messianic Similitude. The main weapons it uses to subject them to its plagiaries and wishes are suffering, fear and deception.

But this entire sick world and its labyrinthine network can not withstand the sharp blow of a sword well wielded and directed. Just as the Demiurge has its automatons who serve as and procure its food, the Hyperborean Gods help and are always with the National Socialist heroes fighting for freedom from the prisons of evil.

Because at the end Victory awaits us.

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  1. Fantastic… Thank you for your work translating this! Sacred knowledge for the Ages.

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