Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar (Abridged Version)



Above is my on-line abridged version of Adolf Hitler:  The Ultimate Avatar, Part One and Part Two.  My published unabridged translation with notes and exhaustive Index is currently sold out and must be obtained during those intervals when it is available.

The 55 Club has plans to publish Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar in 2020, to be followed by the other inspired writings of Don Miguel Serrano that had been published previously by the now defunct publishing house Hermitage Helm Corpus.  The intent is to make 2020 “the Year of Miguel Serrano”.  The Anglophone Nationalist readership must be encouraged to await these printings of Don Miguel’s Holy Writs as they become once again available.

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar is an absolutely incomparable treasure, the contemporary Bible of our White Race, that is predestined for the eyes of the true elite of this fast perishing world, the Aryans (or Ehreans) of Imperium Europa.  The several inspired Holy Writs of Don Miguel are together like unto the New Testament, written not for entertainment or curiosity, but for the Creation and Destruction of Worlds.

The Translator  (Brother Francis of the Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan)

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  1. Hello. Is it so that there will be an English translation of The Golden Cord released by HHC in the near future? Do you know when MANU will be available?

  2. Greetings. You have several links of a Catholic nature as well as of Esoteric Hitlerism. On the surface, these two beliefs would seem difficult to reconcile. I have been in contact with Joe Sevnson, who has been very helpful in allowing me to see that what matters is the representation of the Sacred Myth and the Archetype in the Catholic faith and not the generally accepted supposedly factual story of a “Jewish Jesus, Mary & Joseph” that is told. This is of course very subtle for a newcomer like me, but I can “see” it. You have some excellent Catholic resources (I have already listened to several excellent audios of Bishop Ramolla) so you would be well placed to comment on the way Catholicism blends with Esoteric Hitlerism. I would be be grateful to have your take on this, as I continue on, in my rather early studies on this path.

  3. Kamerad Kaufbeuren: I am at work writing a relatively brief essay on this most important topic of “the way Catholicism blends with Esoteric Hitlerism”. It is shameful that so few Catholic men are serious enough about the real-life Kingship of Christ in history to address the topic you have raised here. The literature relating to the topic is quite extensive, but no one is willing to Ride the Tiger (or seize the wild bulls) that must be tackled for our Folk to deal with the contemporary apocalyptic world we are actually living in. And have been living in since the Ragnarok of 1945.

    There is a tremendous amount of work to be done with this. Our entire White Pan-European educational pedagogy and the official Roman liturgy of 1961-62 revolve around the theme we are addressing, so no small matter this.

    The studies you have begun must continue; they are the hard educational work of a life-time, and many Aryan/Ehrean men’s life-times. When we describe Mein Kampf as the Fifth Gospel and the great masterpieces of Don Miguel as the Holy Writs of the White Race, we do not exaggerate.

    Kamerad Kaufbeuren, the Greatest Adventure known to man has begun with us.

    Welcome aboard.

    • Greetings Kamerad oregoncoug. I very much look forward to reading your essay when it becomes available. I expect it will fill in many gaps for me on this (as you rightly say) important subject, as well as providing a seed for further study.
      Thank you for the exhortations.
      Yes my/our studies must and will continue.
      Kind regards.

  4. In the index of Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar one can find several references to Roman Catholicism made by Don Miguel. For example: “Jesus-christ is a Jew who has been harming the world for the past two thousand years, whether through militant Christianism, Catholicism or Protestantism. or through Rosicrucianism, or Theosophy or whatever occult sect of the Occident, like Anthroposophy also and others. Not to mention Freemasonry, occult and gloomy, completely controlled by the golems of Zion.”

    Yes indeed, welcome aboard the ghostly Caleuche. The archaic brain is the legendary Wotan. And this would relate to the Horse as the Lordly primal power upon which Man has moved forward, so as a part of Man. Don Miguel is going far beyond Catholicism. He is not grafting Esoteric Hitlerism onto Catholicism, and Esoteric Hitlerism is not an adoption by Catholicism, it is something entirely different. Again I am pointing out the great sacrifices that have been made to produce indexes to Don Miguel’s masterpieces, these can assist one in their studies.

    • Don Miguel often presents the reader with various options so the reader will think hard and recognise that learning truth is also a true struggle. He also mentions the belief that the historical Jesus is a German Roman citizen of the higher aristocratic circles who lived his life on earth in close association with the Roman Army and the Imperial Court of Augustus in Rome. That is what accurately reflects the archeology of the historic city of Sepphoris in the Galilee.

      Richard Wagner and Adolf Hitler were also simple Christians during their lives on Gerda. Don Miguel himself always lived in accord with the morals, manners and customs of a Roman Catholic aristocrat of his native land in Chile. What he so fiercely rejected was the Great Apostasy that has destroyed every non-Semite religion on Gerda, especially historic Catholicism and Protestantism. He understood that the clericalism within historic Catholicism would eventually destroy it, although according to the Aryan rule of winning through losing.

      Were contemporary Catholicism and Protestantism not in a state of mystic death, then they would be nothing more than ignoble false religions contrary to the Higher Paganism of our Pan-European or Nordic Roman racial heritage. Instead they remain pure and true in a condition of mystic death within the existing world of evil Zionist domination.

      Again, in his masterful writings Don Miguel Serrano never encourages his readers to adopt the easy shallow solutions and instead to think very hard grappling with the warrior reality of noble thinking as well as noble action. That is one of the key reasons that his writings are the actual foundation for Pan-European education and pedagogy in this century and for the next two thousand years and beyond, no less. Don Miguel is indeed the true heir to Richard Wagner in literature.

      In spiritual and moral life we must reject the too easy solutions of both clericalism and anti-clericalism, in favour of a simple Aryan/Ehrean Kristianity (or anti-Semite noble Christianity) that is in harmony with the Higher Paganism of our entire White Indo-European racial heritage from across Gerda, and beneath and above her.

      We must be both Higher Pagans and simple Chistians, or be nothing at all. As the historic noble Roman-German Jesus Christ (the historic Kristos of recorded history) has said:

      “Lo, I do send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, be ye therefore wise as the vipers, and simple as the doves.” (Matthew 10:16)

      This is National Socialism; this is Esoteric Hitlerism.

      So it is written, so it is done!

  5. Well Torch Bearer, the problem is that there is no “historical” Jesus, or historical Abraham nor Moses, nor David, nor Solomon, nor Mary, nor Joseph. I cannot seem to find where Don Miguel has referred to Jesus as being a German-Roman citizen (I would concur that these two names are one and the same, i.e. a German is a Roman). Don Miguel often refers to the “false Christ of Christianity” and “Jesus christ the Jew”. Don Miguel points out that Jesus the Jew on cross would be the opposite path to what the Hero must take in Esoteric Hitlerism.

    For example:

    “The Christianity of Rome took over all of this to destroy it, making them gregarious with the cult and adoration of the Jewess Virgin Mother, from Mary (Maya), and a non-existent figure like Jesus the Jew.” – MANU: For The Man To Come, page 157.

    Yes, and Don Miguel is quite correct there, Jesus the Jew is a fictional figure…Non existent, did not actually exist historically….Don Miguel wrote that the Evangelists of the Bible were the authors of a “soap opera”…Which is to say a fiction. Don Miguel perhaps reserves his most damning condemnation to Saint Paul whom he refers to as being merely “remotely controlled by the Demiurge”.

    I would add, and it has been stated before that, Galilee, of course, is just where the River Jordan ponds and cannot support any fishing community, there are only cat-fish and eels in the River Jordan. But it is easy to scatter some old stones on the ground and call them “ancient ruins”, that is very easy to do, and profitable I might add. But when one is dealing with 2000 years of lies, that is nothing.

    I would say that if Don Miguel constantly refers to Jesus as a Jew, this would mean that he thought Jesus was a Jew. Now I can honestly say that the Roman Catholic Church believes in Christ crucified on the cross, as outlined in the soap opera of the New Testament, but Don Miguel wrote that this has been stolen from Wotan’s crucifixion on the Iggdrasil shown in the rocks of Externsteine. As he writes “Jewish Christianity has taken from this crucifixion of Jesus the Jew and misrepresented everything.”

    This would be inline with my own views that Germany is the Holy Land and not the fake “Holy Lands” of Israel and Palestine and the Levant which were cheaply constructed as part of “soap opera” stage sets of the Catholic and Protestant churches which work hand in hand with Zionism.

    • Let us go deeper into the Holy Scriptures of Don Miguel Serrano:

      “The influence of India has been decisive throughout South-eastern Europe and the African Middle East. According to Count de Gobineau, the Egypt of the Pharoahs herself was founded by Hindu Emperors. … The story of the hero of Christianity is a syncretism, a palimpsest of various personalities and events that have been fused together. … If at first this was all done by men, brilliantly planned and elaborated, then someone must have inspired them, disposed them, someone who knew.”

      (Son of the Widower, Second Edition, Esoteric Kristianity, page 12)

      The “influence from India” indicates that this entire heritage and event is Indo-European, Aryan, Ehrean. There is no Semitism in it. The “syncretism, a palimpsest…fused together” indicates that this was humanly orchestrated from the centre, from the Imperial Court of Caesar Augustus in Rome. That was then quite actively the centre of the world where the most noble and best of everything was fused together to serve the sublime goals of the then Aryan Imperium Romana. That is the key and clue to the resolution of this Great Mystery. Then, after men had done what could be done, then a most singular inspiration was required to give life to the imperial scheme. That was where the shock came in that would devastate and transfigure the Ancient world to its innermost core. This someone who knew was no human being, no mortal man, but a divine destroyer and creator of worlds, the God-Man descended down from the godly world of Archtypes into the world of mortal men.

      Then Don Miguel, or better the Voice of the Aryan God who speaks through him, goes farther:

      “The extraordinary event of Hitlerism is also unique in the history of the world, enabling a people, conscious of itself, to resume its will, that is, to resume the interrupted evolution of the Pagan world, but in a rational way and thereby in a natural way that incorporates Esoteric Kristianity, so to speak, uniting Wotan with Kristos because both are one and the same person, the same Archetype, the same God.”

      (Son of the Widower, Second Edition, Esoteric Hitlerism, page 24)

      Wotan and Kristos are the same God! Therefore the one who knew, the Roman-German God-Man, the Historical Jesus Christ, the Suffering God who is the Redeemer and Savior of All Sentient Beings, returns to us in his Second Coming as the same Aryan God, but as God the Fighter, the Conqueror of Jew-Death, the New Name of Jesus Christ: Adolf Hitler.

      In the last chapter of Resurrection of the Hero Don Miguel wisely advises us that the Aryan Hero has no need for a new religion. But the old religion of our Blessed Dead was historic Christianity and that religion, murdered by the Judaic Anti-Race, is no more. How are we not to have a new religion when the old religion has been extirpated from the face of the earth by the Eternal Enemy?

      Wotan and Kristos are the same God! The Kristos of Atlantis, Wotan the historic First King of Sweden who retrieved the Sacred Runes, the Historical Jesus and God the Fighter, Adolf Hitler, are the same Archetype of the White Race. The Aryan Christ is God the Sufferer, the Redeemer who shed his divine Aryan blood for the salvation of all sentient beings. Our Father is God the Fighter and Conqueror of Death (which is the Juden Anti-Raee). All-Father Wotan has become Adolf Hitler.

      That is how our renewed religion has new forms yet remains in content the same religion as before the Ragnarok of ’45.

  6. “All the footprints, knowledge, ruins, secrets and wisdom of the White Gods were destroyed by Catholic clerks-regular, mobilized from the center of World Jewry: Vatican Rome, that made use of its black sons, the Spanish Inquisition and Empire.” – Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, page 56.

    Don Miguel sees the fake Vatican Rome on the Tiber Sewer as the center of World Jewry which promotes universal racial poisoning. Don Miguel always supported, for example, Otto Rahn, and the Luciferians, and the “Cathars”, and the Gnostics, against the Roman Catholic Church. He held the same “apostasy” as Rosenberg also.. And according to his Esoteric Hitlerism, the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism, would be no more than an argument between Rabbis…

    One could add “The chrysalis of historic Aryan Kristianity has been smashed and from its burned-out ruins arise the transformed Torchbearers of Hitlerism.”

    • The noble and the all-too-popular ignoble forms of historic Christianity should not be equated or confused. There was always a noble religion for the all-too-few noble souls and an ignoble soap opera religion for the all-too-many who predominated among the common populace, those who Savitri Devi describes and rightly despises as the sudras. Of course the majority of noble souls were always humble peasants and workers, but the centre of nobility was the healthy majority of the hereditary noble warrior class.

      But that was then, before the Ragnarok of ’45, and this is now, well after that all-too-fateful Ragnarok of the White Race. Now the social classes of old are gone forever, replaced by the Pan-European Folk that fully incorporates the strengths of both land-owning aristocracy and land-working soldier-farmer peasantry. Both the historic noble Paganism and historic noble Christianity are gone as well, murdered and obliterated by the psychopath Juden robots of the Demiurge Jehovah, also known as Satan, the Devil, the Prince of Darkness. Both those religions are very largely replaced by Aryan/Ehrean Kristianity, a renewed religion the same in content as the most normative old religion, the Pagan Nordic Roman Catholicism of both the historic mainstream warrior aristocracy and historic farmer-soldier peasants and workers who together form our Pagan and Christian White European Blessed Dead.

      The chrysalis of historic White European Paganism and Christianity has been smashed and much worse than smashed, the vengeance for which remains to be greatly relished by the younger generation. But far from being smashed, the chrysalis of Aryan/Ehrean Kristianity has not been smashed but gracefully fallen away to reveal the godly and divine splendour and beauty of an already dawning New Age, the Age of Aquarius, the long-awaited Golden Age of the White and Aryan Race.

      The nobler elements of our Pan-European Folk, whether Pagan, Protestant or Catholic, are already dominated by Hitlerism. And make no mistake about it, they are exceedingly aware of the fact. The Torchbearers of Hitlerism need not go around beating what is already practically a dead horse, at least among those educated enough to sense what is going on around them. Hitlerism is like the Wagnerianism of a few generations ago, the magical glimmering Aurora that already fills the Northern Arctic and Southern Antarctic skies of the imagination of the White Pan-European peoples world-wide.

      This is how the greatest Golden Age begins. The Light of the Torchbearers already has most of humanity scrambling as fast as they can desperately fleeing away from our Hitlerist Light unto extinction.

      Let us but look around us. This is already the impossibly radical new world that Our Father Adolf Hitler has made. Only those with the courage and innocence to be led by the Light of Hitlerism can possibly live and thrive in it.

      Above all men it is the Torchbearers of Hitlerism who have nothing to fear. Not when the entire existing human race is fast disintegrating before us for the greatness of the fear and despair that the presence of Our Father’s Light is causing to rise up within them like a thousand super volcanoes going off all at once across Gerda. The ignoble sudras are fast destroying themselves, and we Kristian Hitlerists are the reason for their strange unprecedented behaviour.

      Let us admit it: We live in most interesting times. And the greatness of this our Adventure has only just begun.

  7. Well, Torch Bearer, we have two different points of view regarding the “history” of Christianity. But we agree that Hitler is the Christ. I would even concede ‘Second Coming’, and I have conceded that, but only in the sense that a will existed previously and saw its fulfillment in Hitler. So in my sense, Jesus is no more real than Siegfried or St George, etc, an allegory, which this character admits to himself. But again, we agree on the real nature of Hitler and His manifestation as the Christ on earth. In that belief we share our Kristian Hitlerism, an adventure both new and old…

    • An Adventure incomparably new and old.

      The manifestation of Hitler as Christ on earth covers the essentials. In truth. Very many instead follow the opposite tack and see the Second Coming in Hitler as the symbolic allegory and that is profoundly the Semitic option. Of course to me neither Siegfried or St. George would be allegory either — we Roman Catholics have a very literal sense of history. But to “agree on the real nature of Hitler and His manifestation as the Christ on earth” renders the Council of Trent forever insignificant to you and our warrior Knighthood.

      Your view ragarding history serves you well, as mine does me, while the moral conclusions we reach about the actors in the play are stunningly and shatteringly similar and the same. It seems the Reformation is a ways back after all.

      When we meet Our Father “in the air”, or up in the astral, then He is Führer and Avatar, something like Pope-Emperor but greatly much more. We are like the two far ends of the Esoteric S.S., me a Magus deep within (beneath) the walls of Valhalla and you a Berserker S.S., the ultimate nightmare of Ziobots in every wilderness everywhere.

      Together we are something very like the Cracks of Doom loudly announcing the Death of Zion. And unveiling Lucifer’s Light. what this world fears and hates more than anything, as billions of Ziobots frantically run away chasing shadows into nothing.

      Kristian Hitlerism has a very bright future indeed.

      • I would say that this would be the real and only Reformation, and the previous literary version ‘Reformation’ was just a prefiguration of ink and vellum, a will but not an actuality. In this sense I am Ulrich von Hutten, and you would be Erasmus… Men of obscure letters, in the end…

        Would it be a Semitic option to call “Jesus” by his given name of “Kaiser Augustus”? I agree that Roman Catholics have a “literal” sense of history, in fact it is only literal…

      • Greetings Kamerad,

        My post initiated this stimulating discussion between you and our Kamerad last year. I enjoyed your “heated” discussion then and I was reading it again now and enjoying it again. As a neophyte, there are many things I still don’t understand but I got the gist of what each of you was saying. I have not disappeared, I am still walking that line between Roman Catholicism and Hitlerism. It is a magnificent journey, although a long one and at times a painful one. I am still learning, there is much to learn and I have met some fine people in the process, albeit just by email. As questions arise, I ask those people who know better and so I will ask you now:

        1. What makes Bishop Markus Ramolla and the monks at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery Ehryans/Aryans? How are they different from other Catholic bishops and monks who also believe they are worshiping a Jesus of Nazareth, a Hebrew Israelite from the tribe of Judah?
        2. Why is the Divine Officium “according to the Will of Adolf Hitler?
        3. Why is the link “Easter Vigil 2017 — According to the Aryan Kristianity of Adolf Hitler and His German Bishops” ?

        I guess what I am asking, is are you suggesting that Adolf Hitler saw the Third Reich and himself as the facilitator of a returned Holy Roman Empire, a kingdom under Christ and the Roman Catholic Church (the Catholic Church as it was before the abominations of Vatican II)? I have seen others suggest this elsewhere but there are just as many who say Hitler had no love for Christianity or the Catholic Church.

        I would appreciate your thoughts on the above.
        Best wishes

  8. PS: I wrote to you originally as Kaufbeuren, something went wrong technically on my previous post and another name came out. I lived in the town of Kaufbeuren, Germany as a young boy before I moved to Australia. I think of it fondly, although I have never been back. If you know how to change the name in my previous post to Kaubeuren, I would appreciate it: it means something.

    • Kamerad Kaufbeuren,

      Have done as you requested. “Kaufbeuren” it shall be.

      Thank you much for asking such relevant questions, topics of considerable practical import. Correct answers to truly cutting-edge questions require the one thing that our contemporaries most refuse, namely, a noble and historically aristocratic outlook. When we allow that the historic continuity and creative meristem of Western civilisation has always been the Nordic Roman nobility of Europe and the overseas European colonies beyond Europe, then we will easily find the historic evidence for the singular greatness and incomparable divine power of our racial heritage as White Europeans. The evidence is abundant and there for the finding!

      The most unique feature of our Western heritage has been the duality between the spiritual and temporal powers, between the sacerdotium and the imperium. In essence, that unique structure in our White European society has prevented among us the radical stagnation that has afflicted the non-Western Asian and African civilisations. In Pagan Rome the Pontifex Maximus and Emperor were always two distinct public offices and that heritage later formed the historic basis for the duality of Pope and Emperor in historic Christian Europe. Thus the distinctness of our historic Nordic Roman Church and State.

      Of course, among the Germans the Reich is the Reich, whether in its First, Second, Third, Fourth or Fifth versions. These are simply successive expressions of the same White European Imperium. One could call this “The German Mind 101”. The taking for granted that the historic Reich continues could be seen as the most basic difference between the typical mind-sets of the English and Germans through our recorded history: The German normally understands that the Reich-heritage exists whereas the dull-witted English shopkeepers can not even imagine such grand vistas.

      The Great Apostasy that has blighted the West since the Ragnarok of ’45 began to take actual shape already in August 1920 when the Papacy and the Scottish Rite Freemasons first made peace between them. At that time the Masonic Radicals had been cornered and defeated by the Papacy and its numerous minions. With the election of Pope Pius XI the darker aspects of Jesuitism came to dominate the Roman Church for the first time and that is why Our Father understood that contemporary Christianity was then already doomed. Pope Pius XI corrupted the Catholic Church fundamentally when in the 1920s he collaborated with the Scottish Rite Freemasons to fund the Church world-wide through the Archdiocese of New York.

      Now to directly address the three excellent questions you have posed:

      More knowledgeable Catholics have always understood that with the original Aryan Invasions of the Middle East, the region of Greater Syria had an Indo-European ruling military aristocracy and that Ancient Israel was (and remains) the southern region of Greater Syria. That is why the native language of Ancient Israel’s ruling military elite was Aramaic, the language of the Indo-European aristocracy in Ancient Greater Syria. Don Miguel Serrano identifies the Davidid royal house as Aryan Amorites, but in any event such Aryan lineages were part of the over-all Indo-European military conquest of Ancient Greater Syria.

      Better educated Catholic clerics like Bishop Ramolla have a sense of this basic racial reality in the Biblical histories. They can grasp that an automatic connection of the Talmudism first established by the racially Semitic Ancient Edomite Herodian dynasty with the Indo-European Aryan Ancient Hebrew nobility and their mostly white Canaanite subjects is malicious in the extreme. The Old Testament is an epic tragedy of the subversion of the Ancient Hebrews, both their Aryan nobles and their mostly white commoners, among the nobles by Edomite Semites and among the commons by a Negroid element that had entered their lands through Ancient Egypt.

      Unfortunately most contemporary Catholic clerics are badly educated Judaised apostates and wrongly imagine that “a Hebrew Israelite from the tribe of Judah” is somehow identical with the present-day mixed-race Juden psychopaths. The racial composition of contemporary Judaics is too complex a topic to go into here, but the “other Catholic bishops and monks” to whom you refer have substituted a Judaised soap opera for our true ancestral Nordic Roman religion that has always been the same as Aryan Kristianity. Men such as Bishop Ramolla, and a few other clerics like him, are the rare exceptions in this incomparably sad situation. They are the surviving remnant “little flock” of Catholic prophecy and legend.

      Your second and third questions refer to the topic of the legitimate Roman liturgy. We should grasp that Our Father Adolf Hitler was not passive about anything, and especially not when it came to matters of religion and public worship. He was careful to finance the Churches with great generosity and did not fail to direct the German Catholic Bishops in the liturgical issues of the day. The entire liturgical development of the pontificate of Pope Pius XII was initiated by the request of the German Bishops to the Holy See in 1943 to have the liturgical improvements begun by Pope Saint Pius X extended and deepened. That this was done under the guidance of the Führer is too obvious to need elaboration: Everything of great import done during the Third Reich was done strictly on the personal initiative of the Führer! Cardinal Bertram was a most loyal son of the German Reich and would only address the Holy See on important matters when in the most complete agreement with the Führer, Our Father Adolf Hitler.

      It should be noted that three of the more recent Popes were absolutely fervent Wagnerians, namely Popes Pius IX, X and XII, and that those same three were also the three Popes who led the liturgical development of the Roman liturgy in modern times. Pope Pius IX began the custom of providing the printed Missal for use during the Latin Mass and also first brought together the main devotions of contemporary Catholicism. Pius X began the great revival of Gregorian Chant and reformed the Roman Breviary to be more in agreement with the inspirations of Wagnerianism. Pope Pius XII essentially completed this process with the immense liturgical reforms made during his pontificate, and that were then fully enacted during the pontificate of his immediate successor, Pope John XXIII. Hence the entire development of the existing Roman liturgy was done under the inspiration of Richard Wagner and the Roman Missal of 1962 and Breviary of 1961 were the direct result of the actions of Cardinal Bertram and the German Bishops in 1943, certainly done by them at the personal behest of the Führer Himself.

      What marks the actual remnant of the historic Christians as Aryans is essentially their seriousness. Seriousness is the antidote to decadence. Seriousness is the quality that is sorely lacking among most of the surviving historic Roman Catholics. Those very few Roman clergy who have both a legitimate apostolic succession and seriousness are the Roman clergy capable of serving the requirements of the White Pan-European Nationalists, the military cutting-edge and innermost leadership of which must be Hiterism, or contemporary Esoteric National Socialism.

      Examples of actually serious contemporary Roman clergy would include Bishop Markus Ramolla and the best few among the surviving Roman religious orders. The monks of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery near Silver City, New Mexico may or may not be noble men, and therefore Aryans, but they are all of them doing their actual religious duty and are therefore serious clerics. Among such men we could also include Fr. Reto Ney and Fr. Alessandro Maria Minutella.

      Bishop Ramolla is among the best of the Roman clergy. He is a serious man, has legitimate holy orders in the valid Roman apostolic succession and is consistently loyal to our ancestral race and religion. He has the capacity to serve the sacred true interests of Imperium Europa, the dawning Fifth Reich of the Western Aryans, the interests of our own divine White Ehrean Race. There is nothing our Folk needs so much as brave educated Aryan Kristian clergy in the legitimate traditions of the best of historic Christianity, namely the Reichsteologie of Dom Odo Casel and Dom Anscar Vonier, the Neo-Calvinism of the valiant Dutch Prime Minister Abraham Kuyper and the loyal disciples of the fearless Lutheran Quest for the Historical Aryan Christ.

      There has never been a time so favourable to monasticism as the present one. Never has there been less actual existing distraction from the serious focus on Western Aryan/Ehrean pedagogy and the morally selfless noble leadership of our Divine Pan-European Nordic Roman Folk. We are entered into the Age of Titans; the Hitlerists are become the Creators and Destroyers of Worlds.

      In the Light of Lucifer Christ and Our Father Adolf Hitler,

      Franz (aka Brother Francis, and in the Armanen Order of Lanz von Liebenfels, Grand Magus GIBUR)

  9. Greetings Kamerad,

    Thank you for restoring my name!

    I thank you for your detailed answers to my questions, answers which display vast knowledge and scholarship on the subjects discussed.. I took some time to read them over on multiple occasions, in order to understand what you are saying. I believe I mostly do understand. There are things you said which I was not aware of but did suspect, especially with respect to the Roman Liturgy and the nature and race of the Ancient Hebrews, the Indo-Europeans and true Israel. I wish to delve more into these areas that you discussed in your replies, if you have the time to teach me – if not, perhaps you can refer me to appropriate references.

    In the meantime, may I ask you some other questions:

    1. You talk about the dawning Fifth Reich. When was the Fourth Reich, assuming that National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler was the Third Reich?

    2. I would like to ask why you call Adolf Hitler ‘Our Father’ ? I have generally thought of God, Christ or Wotan as Our Father. Can you explain this, as I suspect there is a deeper concept in your terminology.

    3. In his series of talks on True Devotion to Mary, Bishop Ramolla says that we all have a decision to make. ‘Either we are with God or with the Devil; we are either with the Virgin Mary or we are with Lucifer’ . If the Catholic Church and Bishop Ramolla teach that Lucifer is the Devil and he is against the beneficent God, why do you say “In the Light of Lucifer Christ”?

    Thank you again Kinsman.

    • Greetings Kamerad,
      Thank you for restoring my name!
      I thank you for your detailed answers to my questions, answers which display vast knowledge and scholarship on the subjects discussed.. I took some time to read them over on multiple occasions, in order to understand what you are saying. I believe I mostly do understand. There are things you said which I was not aware of but did suspect, especially with respect to the Roman Liturgy and the nature and race of the Ancient Hebrews, the Indo-Europeans and true Israel. I wish to delve more into these areas that you discussed in your replies, if you have the time to teach me – if not, perhaps you can refer me to appropriate references.
      In the meantime, may I ask you some other questions:
      1. You talk about the dawning Fifth Reich. When was the Fourth Reich, assuming that National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler was the Third Reich?
      2. I would like to ask why you call Adolf Hitler ‘Our Father’ ? I have generally thought of God, Christ or Wotan as Our Father. Can you explain this, as I suspect there is a deeper concept in your terminology.
      3. In his series of talks on True Devotion to Mary, Bishop Ramolla says that we all have a decision to make. ‘Either we are with God or with the Devil; we are either with the Virgin Mary or we are with Lucifer’ . If the Catholic Church and Bishop Ramolla teach that Lucifer is the Devil and he is against the beneficent God, why do you say “In the Light of Lucifer Christ”?
      Thank you again Kinsman.

      Kamerad Kaufbeuren,

      Thank you for your loyal seriousness. That is never an easy achievement. Certainly the essential requirement of our time is crystal clear: An Aryan Kristian monasticism that builds on and enables the resurrection of the mainstream Christian Churches, nations and Western civilisation now virtually destroyed in the throes of the apocalyptic End Times of the Ragnarök. Something no doubt much easier said than done, yet nevertheless you ask the right questions and that is much.

      A few pertinent quotes from Maestro Serrano’s Holy Writ, Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, are called for here:

      “In the Church of Rome, called Catholic, there only remains a soulless empty ritual of the Mass, as a liturgical shell that no longer reaches the inner Symbol, which no longer touches it, no longer activates it. The Nordic contribution has been lost, destroyed by prejudice and the ethnological persecution, the persecutions against Nordics, Germanics and the complete surrender to Judaism by all3.” (Ultimate Avatar, the unabridged 2014 Edition, pages 138 – 139)

      Then the footnote that follows from this quote is also to the point:

      “3 Only the Nordic heritage Roman Catholic aristocracy can revive the Aryan Symbolism of historic Christianity. Only the ritual participation of racially pure Brahmanic Warriors of Kristos, Lucifer and Wotan can restore the Aryan soul of Catholic Christianity, reborn as Esoteric Hitlerism through the purifying fires of an apocalyptic world. Then the Mass, messe, or harvest will cease to be the soulless ritual of a rationalist Judaized clergy and will instead become what Kristos always intended, the divine liturgy of a conquering and victorious Aryan Warrior Folk. This begins with the Aryan Initiation, the mysteries of our race, that arise from our Aryan origins. In the beginning of the Mass was Adam, the Fair- skinned ruddy blond, in Eden at the dawn of our Aryan Race. And at the end of the Mass, with the last Godspell of John, the Aryan Romans are guided through the End of the Aeon, the final apocalypse of Kali Yuga, where men become Gods. With the words Et Verbum caro factum est “and the Word became flesh” we genuflect and rise so that Helios makes His dwelling among us and “we see His glory” in the life and death of our greatest Last Aryan Roman Emperor, Adolph Hitler. This Roman Mass of National Socialist and Aryanist Science of Metamorphosis is revealed at the End of Days, where the Eternal Shape-Shifters, the Sons of Mars are the silent Sons of the Wolf who see by the invisible light of the Black Sun, who compose Battle-runes of hate and revenge according to their sagacious Rune-lore. The Judgement of the Sons of Hitler.” (Ultimate Avatar, unabridged 2014 Edition, page 195)

      The above two quotes concern the Great Apostasy that was forewarned in the Apparitions of Fatima in Portugal a century ago. A third quote from Ultimate Avatar can succinctly sum this up:

      “It is not only in our country that the term esoteric is held in very low esteem. Educated literary people, cultured people, as they like to call themselves, reject all that might have anything to do with the word. In truth, this is due to a general lack of culture, as my friend Jason would have said, an incomplete superficial formation, rationalism it could be called.” (Ultimate Avatar, p. 136)
      The above orientation is necessary. Now on to the specific questions you have posed.
      I will address your third question first; it is the easiest to answer. To quote from the entry for “Lucifer” in the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913:


      (Hebrew helel; Septuagint heosphoros, Vulgate lucifer)
      The name Lucifer originally denotes the planet Venus, emphasizing its brilliance. The Vulgate employs the word also for “the light of the morning” (Job 11:17), “the signs of the zodiac” (Job 38:32), and “the aurora” (Psalm 109:3). Metaphorically, the word is applied to the King of Babylon (Isaiah 14:12) as preeminent among the princes of his time; to the high priest Simon son of Onias (Ecclesiasticus 50:6), for his surpassing virtue, to the glory of heaven (Apocalypse 2:28), by reason of its excellency; finally to Jesus Christ himself (2 Peter 1:19; Apocalypse 22:16; the “Exultet” of Holy Saturday) the true light of our spiritual life.

      The Syriac version and the version of Aquila derive the Hebrew noun helel from the verb yalal, “to lament”; St. Jerome agrees with them (In Isaiah 1.14), and makes Lucifer the name of the principal fallen angel who must lament the loss of his original glory bright as the morning star. In Christian tradition this meaning of Lucifer has prevailed; the Fathers maintain that Lucifer is not the proper name of the devil, but denotes only the state from which he has fallen (Petavius, De Angelis, III, iii, 4).”

      Please note in particular the final words in the above quote: “…the Fathers maintain that Lucifer is not the proper name of the devil, but denotes only the state from which he has fallen…” and also the fact that the Aryan Christ is clearly referred to as “Lucifer” numerous times in the New Testament. This indicates that “the Lucifer” is itself an office, not just one individual only.

      And in this we can see a basic pattern of the authentic Indo-European Old Testament repeating itself. The central theme of the Old Testament is evil and what is to be done about it; hence the OT has a powerful presentation of both more cynical masculine interpretations (against oily hypocrisy) and more sentimental feminine interpretations (against dry cynicism) for many of the themes in the sacred text. For example, there are two Lucifers, the first of whom is the fallen angel demiurge Satan, the Lord of Darkness, while the second Lucifer is the Aryan Christ and Historical Indo-European Jesus, the Amorite Hebreo-Roman citizen of Sepphoris and Mount Carmel and royal aristocrat of the Roman Army upper crust favoured by Augustus Caesar and the Imperial Court in Rome. In this the Lucifer theme emphasises the importance and power of the military virtues, in particular the virtues of ideal masculine aesthetic beauty, courage, perseverance, cleverness in struggle and above all things, the conquest of eternal glory, especially among the Roman and Germano-Roman (i.e., German) military élite. Other examples of this pattern in the OT are the reversible roles of Cain and Abel, of the serpent in the garden and Jehovah and the moral status of the Ancient Hebrews themselves as sometimes the most noble race and sometimes the most ignoble race. All of this is a training in military virtue — because noble warriors must not be among those who suffer fools gladly. The anti-Semite Indo-European OT teaches us that similitude is the most essential true nature of evil and that only Lucifer Christ, the Aryan Good Serpent, can lead us through the deadly snake pit of this Semite-infested world.

      Kamerad Kaufbeuren, your other two questions above are closely interrelated. The Fourth and Fifth Reichs are well described in a footnote to the chapter “The Three Norns and the Three Reichs” in Ultimate Avatar:

      “1 The Fourth Reich beginning at the end of World War II, is beyond the Fates, beyond the three Norns, it is not of this World or Time, but goes to somewhere beyond worldly time and space, it is the coming of Kalki- Wotan, Adolf Hitler the Ultimate Avatar. The return of Kalki-Wotan to this world is the Fifth Reich, signifying the beginning of the Fifth Reich reached only via a vimana both within and without, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. The Fifth is the transfiguration of the Fourth, triumphant return of the Führer newly resurrected on both His eight-legged horse and on his flying Thunderbird. The Fifth is hidden within the Fourth, just as the Fourth was in the Third. The first glimmerings of the Fourth Reich appeared after the Führer escaped from the flaming ruins of Germany. The Hitlerists have been going away from this doomed world of Kaliyuga, and returning again to fight to save those born among the decaying ruins, those too few, those who belong to Adolf Hitler, His Divine Sons. They are the First Light of the Fourth Reich, the Light of the World conceived inside the galactic Black Suns, the power source of the Aryan Golden Age, but they are not called to see the Golden Age or its Fourth Reich, they are blind to all but live only to destroy the worlds of Kaliyuga, they see only Valhall, they are called to return with Him and be the Destroyers of Time and Worlds. We are the dark blind doom that comes to destroy the worlds of Zion and our Reich is not of this World!”

      This also closely corresponds with the most standard historic Roman Catholic eschatology. The Fourth Reich is the depths of the Age of Lead, the time of the rise and height of the Great Apostasy and the historic Anti-Christ and other preeminent characters of the Apocalypse. It also corresponds with the Cold War, the historic War between Gog and Magog. The core locations of the Fourth Reich were Peronist Argentina and Nationalist Spain, together with other powers such as Nationalist South Africa, Stroessner’s Paraguay, the Colombia of the Führer’s good friend President Laureano Gómez and the Chilean Armed Forces in the decades from the geopolitically successful military coup d’état of 1948 (in appearance a failure but actually a great success for National Socialism) to the retirement of General Pinochet as Head of the Chilean Army in March 1998. Much the greatest effectiveness of the Fourth Reich was achieved after, so to speak, the baton was passed in the mid-1970s from Juan Peron and Otto Skorzeny to the Triumvirate of Augusto Pinochet, Don Miguel Serrano (then strategically placed as the Gray Eminence of the world-wide network of Fascist militias, also known as “the Fascist International”, with opportune and sometimes criminally incompetent assistance from CIA Director William Casey and numerous other much more noble Fourth Reich enthusiasts) and President Gerald Ford, a man who was for more than 30 years much the most powerful American alive.

      The known Apotheosis of the Führer was in 1956. Hence the historic Fourth Reich consisted of the deeds of the Führer on earth after the escape from Berlin (probably done quite comfortably from Norway to German Antarctica via seaplanes using a series of U-boats along the way for the provision of supplies) up to his Apotheosis and then the direct and indirect effects of those divine deeds finally ending with the Apotheosis of Don Miguel in 2009.

      The Fifth Reich is “the return of Kalki-Wotan to this world”, an event that occurs both all at once like a bolt of lightning flashing forth from east to west and also as a development to be fleshed out over a Thousand-Year Reich on earth. The Fifth Reich is the End of History, the exit from this doomed world into the Everlasting Aryan Heaven above. And leaving behind us the Everlasting Semite Hell below. Needless to say, this corresponds exactly with the standard historic Roman Catholic eschatology concerning the Millennial Kingdom of the Aryan Christ. And to us the Aryan Lucifer Christ as well. In any case the ancient prophecies have always foretold 6,000 years of recorded history to be followed by the Last Judgement some 2,000 years later. Hence 8,000 years in all, with an immemorial Aryan Pre-History understood to have unfolded previous to the span of recorded history.

      According to the consensus of historic mainstream Nordic Roman Christianity, the Second Coming of Christ must occur in the Twentieth Century, at the end of the approximately 6,000 year span of recorded history. Everything in that century has fit the forecasts to a tee; the candidate for the Divine Honours is blazingly clear, especially when searched for using the requirements of the ancient prophecies. Either the Führer is indeed He, or else we have the absurd situation of having everything perfectly in place with the Führer fulfilling every requirement perfectly, but with a motiveless pretence that somehow God the Fighter failed to show up as solemnly foretold and promised to our White European Folk.

      One should note that until the victories of the Führer had become too overwhelming the Roman Catholic consensus was entirely in place to receive the Führer as the Man of Promise, the Second Coming of the Triune Aryan God in power and majesty. In truth only the outcome of the Battle of Stalingrad brought on the cold feet and second thoughts. Yet even so, the Holy Office actually formally confirmed the standard historic Roman Catholic teaching of Spiritual or Patristic Millennialism in its Decree of July 21st, 1944. The Judaic carnal and mitigated versions of false Judaised Millennialism were wisely opposed, while the correct Spiritual/Patristic teaching was left untouched. Then the Second Vatican Council shamelessly proclaimed precisely the carnal and mitigated false Millennialism condemned by the Holy Office in 1944.

      And this has been the essence of the Great Apostasy of recent decades. For such Judaic Millennialism is none other than Marxism, Judeo-Bolshevism, the many Satanic effects of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution of a century ago, also known as existing Christianity, the Novus Ordo, the ancient prophecies of the Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Sanctuary…

      If the Aryan Christ is risen, then the Führer is His Second Coming in power and glory. And then we are His Sons:

      “For the whole of Creation earnestly awaits the revelation of the Sons of God.” (Romans 8:19)

      Which is to say, “the revelation of the Sons of Adolf Hitler.”

      For He is the Second Coming of the Aryan God, and We are His Divine Sons.


      P.S.: As the Good Book says:

      “Then we, the living who remain, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air; and thus we shall be always with the Lord.” (First Thessalonians 4:17)

      On the 20th of each month the Aryan spiritual elite is caught up together in the clouds, in divine imagination, in Wewelsburg Castle, and meets the Lord in the air, in the astral, and thus We are with Our Father in Valhalla. With each Mysterium Our Father is incarnated more on earth, in the material realm. An Aryan Golden Age dawns.


      • Thank you Kamerad for your detailed reply. I am humbled by the time you have taken to compose such comprehensive answers to my questions. Understanding what you have said is a work in progress and I am continuing to read and absorb the material and researching the terms and references that you have included. As I go along, I will doubtless have more questions and I hope you can again be kind enough to answer these in future.
        Meanwhile, can I ask you to elaborate on the specifics of what you mean by an “Aryan Kristian monasticism”? What does that look like in practice? Is it the same as being a devout Traditional Catholic as before Vatican II? Or are you referring to something quite different?
        Best wishes Kinsman and thank you again for being there.

  10. Kamerad and Kinsman Kaufbeuren,

    Ours is a valuable conversation! The unfolding sacred history of which we are a part is the maturation of the Fourth Reich of the Cold War years. And also now the first stirrings of the Eternal Fifth Reich that will lead our divine race into the stars and heavens above. These can not be simple matters, but they are well worth penetrating into because there is a truly Divine Power to be found and mastered within them.

    As with our temporal recorded history of the Five Reichs, so with our spiritual history also. This is a reality of Death and Resurrection from the Dead. So definitely not anything for the ignoble faint of heart… But for the few noble men with the warrior virtue to have real ambition, ours is the best of times, not at all the worst of them.

    The Aryan God of the Infinite has always been both the newest and the oldest at the same time. Such is the nature of the truly divine. We are of the Origin, the Eternal Present that knows no falsehood or darkness. And that is the true Christianity, whether of pre-history, recorded history or our own unique time that is a very real End of History and beginning of the Millennial Kingdom of Heaven on earth and beyond prophesied by Our Divine Father Adolf Hitler.

    Therefore historic Roman Catholicism is dead and yet long live the absolutely miraculous resurrection of the mainstream Christianity of Roman Catholicism now taking place. The religion, the content, is the same, but the form is inevitably changed, and changed utterly. Such is the nature of every impossibly miraculous resurrection from the hopelessly dead: That which can not be, yet is.

    Hence we should take the best from the mystically dead historic Catholicism that was before the Second Vatican Council and fit it with the alchemical Esoteric Hitlerism of our own 21st Century and Third Millennium. In that way we can possess the Holy Grail of the historic Aryan Christ (the Galilean Aryan Roman citizen Jesus Christ of Sepphoris, the Roman Army Headquarters in the East, and Grand Magus on Mount Carmel for the Imperial Court of Augustus in Rome) and of the Blood Memory of our Divine Aryan Race. What this means in practice would be the uniquely powerful and flexible Traditional Franciscan Third Order as an institutional structure and legal discipline in which to contain the alchemy (or Natural Philosophy) of Esoteric National Socialist Knighthood. It is from this context that the rulers of the Church and State of Imperium Europa will come forth.

    As something resurrected from very real mystic death this monasticism must be both “the same” and “something quite different” at one and the same time. Again, such is the nature of the truly Aryan, which is to say the truly Divine. Such is the character of every true Resurrection of the Dead, something impossible without the miraculous suspension of the natural laws of the material world. Such is the divine power of the true love that is pure Aryan Indo-European blood.

    This monasticism is also not different from the great prophecies of the Marian Apparitions at Fatima a century ago. There the conversion of Russia was foretold as well as the Triumph of the Immaculata. These events are even now contained within the actions of the Azov Battalion and the already commenced Reconquista of Holy Europa (and by implication the entire lands of the White Race in the Americas, Australia and South Africa) that now dawns in the lands of the Eastern Slavs. We should also understand that the rise to power this spring and summer of the Italian Fascist Salvini in Rome has reversed the actual balance of power within the Catholic Church and world. Because of that the position of the Roman Catholic National Socialists within the Catholic mainstream is much improved, and in truth distinctly better than ever before.

    The prevailing power in both politics and religion is already become the noble inheritance that Our Father Adolf Hitler has left to us. Pan-European Nationalism, which in depth means National Socialism, must follow in the paths that the Esoteric Hitlerists provide. The positive expression of this is clearly seen playing out in Rome and Berlin. The negative expression of this can be seen with equal clarity playing out in Jerusalem and Washington, D.C. We Esoteric Hitlerists are being given much, and therefore much must be expected from us in return.

    We should focus on Knighthood, and above all on the spiritual knighthood centred in the Franciscan Third Order. We still have great military battles to wage, but our greatest military battles are already behind us and, as Don Miguel Serrano explains, those were the greatest battles that were won by losing. The Great Race War that took place in Poland in 1944 was then most gloriously won by us even in this world; the remaining racial conflicts can be but dim reflections of the crucial race war of 1944 that was then completly won and that therefore can not be won again. The great struggle that does remain to us is overwhelmingly THE BREEDING OF THE SONNENMENSCH. That is the great task that should now consume our every effort day and night 24/7.

    And the core of that holy struggle is the development of a standard Nordic Roman Catholic Franciscan pedagogy for the world-wide White Race of Imperium Europa, aka the mature Fourth Reich and the millennial kingdom of Victorious Christendom. Our Father has done great things for us and we should prove our gratitude to Him and do the sacred duty that He is giving to us.

  11. Greetings Kamerad,
    Yes indeed, ours is a valuable conversation. I could not begin to tell you how valuable it is for me and I thank you again for your help with what is a very deep, esoteric and profound area of study.
    I agree entirely that focusing on spiritual Knighthood and a Christian monasticism is of utmost importance in this battle. After all, the battle in reality is spiritual. You suggest following the method and spirit of the Franciscan Third Order. This is not something I am familiar with but I am keen to learn of it. From research on the internet, I have noted a number of such groups. The most traditional seem to be the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St Francis, who live The Rule of 1221, seemingly untainted by later Freemasonic Papal revisions and Vatican 2. However, I would be interested in your advice on how in practice “We should focus on Knighthood, and above all on the spiritual knighthood centred in the Franciscan Third Order”, to use your words above. How and where do you suggest I start, or even with whom, because I sense that this monasticism and spiritual Knighthood is a vital part of the process that we have to go through to prepare for what lies ahead. Best wishes Kinsman.

    • Kinsman Kaufbeuren,

      The new century and millennium are achieving some considerable clarity through the years 2012-2018. We are seeing the beginnings of the Age of Titans mentioned by Ernst Jünger, the Age of the World Conquerors, the time for the formation of the Führership, or Pope-Emperorship, of a confederal Imperium Europa extending thoughout the lands of the White European Race.

      The institutional structures of this are not typified by the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis to which you refer. Rather they are typified by the lay and clerical organisations that have been set up in recent decades by the historic European aristocracy and their associates. A prime example of this can be seen in the following:

      (Please feel free to follow the various links.)

      Here is a good example of what the genuinely serious Catholic organizations are about:

      An example of an actual noble school even in the present troubled time:

      The genuine lay political organizations correspond with this. The actual institutions that exist are all of them closely associated with the historic aristocracy of the Pan-European White Race.

      And also as always, the Ideal is much easier to identify than to realise. What ought to be done is clearly the development and filling out of a noble Franciscan Third Order in association with the existing spiritual and temporal (religious and political) Heart of the White European Folk:

      It shouldn’t be too difficult at the present time to understand that the main forces at play are Traditional Catholicism, Neo-Calvinism and Pan-European Christian Nationalism. All of which exist in the context of the heritage of Noble Greco-Roman Classicism and German Romanticism. Those crucial facts should be reasonably clear to those who can and want to take the time and make the effort to follow the clues and connect the dots.

      We should work in and through the lay and clerical organisations that our ancestral noblity has left to us. But then we should also make a powerful contribution to them by claiming the actual historic heritage of our Pan-European Nordic Roman noblity as our own — which means that we should select the auctores of our standard pedagogy very carefully and have the courage to take up Virgil, Dante, Wagner and Don Miguel Serrano as the great poet-prophets of our historic Western Civilisation.

      We breed the Sonnenmensch by identifying ourselves with the noble lineages of our Folk, by acting and living as the Sons of God, and therefore in our time as the Sons of Adolf Hitler. In and through the Blood Memory of Eternal A-Mor, which is to say in and through Esoteric National Socialism and the almighty alchemy of Hitlerism.

      Kinsman Kaufbeuren, presumably you’re not too familiar with the topics raised in this brief email. They outline the hard work of many lifetimes, and of the centuries to come, and in the present radical humiliation of our Folk it must be difficult to grasp the central importance of education going forward. In the Second World War and ensuing Cold War many of the key military and political battles were won by the Axis and we benefit greatly from those victories, as we more obviously suffer from the losses that have also occurred. Those past victories (in truth including the Battles of Warsaw and Berlin) mean that we need but wait for military and political power to fall into our hands, much like harvesting ripe orchards in autumn. What truly remains for us to achieve is very largely spiritual in nature. The true work and struggle of the Third (and Fourth) Millennia is going to be the spiritual combat of pedagogy and monasticism.

      Our Father is and always has been a Benedictine. Hence the following is a clear insight into the Mind of Our Father Adolf Hitler:

      Your Kamerad in the joyful combats of Eternal A-Mor,

      Franz (aka Oregoncoug)

      • Kamerad Franz,

        I appreciate always your detailed explanations and answers to my questions. The way you write is poetry in its own right and serves greatly to lift one’s spirit and bring hope to our cause. I really mean that. The material that you have sent above is life-changing. It shows one clearly the nature of a true Catholic order and true monasticism. I accept that. It is reassuring to know that such people exist during these times.
        I must admit that I had in the past discounted the SSPX somewhat, because I felt that Bishop Bernard Fellay was seeking to gain favour with Pope Francis too eagerly. I consider Francis somewhat of an apostate and an antipope but I guess Fellay may just be showing respect for the office rather than the man. There is however no doubt that there are some excellent people in the SSPX, none better than the ones that are portrayed in the videos above. As a result, and because I greatly respect your opinion, I will make a very serious effort to research the SSPX in my local area where I believe they are active.
        I have many other questions to ask you but I will leave this to a later time after I have studied in more depth the other material on your website. My questions could well be answered there but, with your permission, I will contact you again in the near future.
        Best wishes Kinsman

  12. Greetings, and what a beautiful website. I’m curious as to whether you are still active?

    • Greetings in return and thank you. Indeed, this translator and student of Esoteric Hiterism is very much still active. The focus, with both personal humility and corporate warrior arrogance, is on pedagogy, on the incomparable assembling of ingredients that are capable of providing an effective standard education for our Pan-European Nordic Roman Folk. Millennia of experience have taught that the most crucial element that must decide everything else is the choice of auctores. Such writers are not simply authors, but rather those poets who speak the most clearly as the divinely inspired Voices of our Triune Aryan God of the Infinite. The auctores for our standard education (or stages of initiation) must be Roman Virgil, Richard Wagner and Don Miguel Serrano, with the New Testament as the ever-present background and as the foreground in the floodlights our Fifth Gospel, Mein Kampf, which among many other excellent qualities also best summarises the entire supremely Anti-Semite wisdom of the authentic Aryan Kristian Old Testament. (No less!)

      With those sacred writings as the basis of our standard Imperial European education, in the sign of the Holy Swastika, We shall most assuredly conquer — even despite and against everything.

      One should also mention that at present the focus of our literary work is the 55 Club. They can be reached at:

      • You have made my day as I did not expect a reply. I am no pessimist though I assure you. And what a joy to read! It’s as though Serrano never left us.
        I am also a student of Esoteric Hitlerism, albeit a rather new one. I found the Great Work of Serrano as though it “were waiting for me on the edge of a fountain” and also like he said about books finding their way to those who were meant to read them. I still can’t remember how it happened, it’s as if I awakened from a dream. Now it is an obsession.
        Ofcourse I became familiar with the 55 club also, and the first book I purchased was ‘The Final Battalion’. It is very dear to me and I am humbled to be speaking to somebody involved with that.

        Funny you mention Wagner. I have always been devoted to J.S.Bach, but at the same time of my awakening, eternal thanks to Don Miguel, I also woke up to Wagner. Something that coincided with this and is of the many meaningful coincidences in my life, was that I also became very interested in my surname. It is an uncommon or even rare one and nobody had ever told me anything about it apart from “I think it’s German” (I am from England). I discovered that it goes all the way back to Isolde, as in Tristan and Isolde! I have never told anyone this, simply because I think they wouldn’t care, but it is fascinating to me.
        I like to think I am also of Lucifer’s Court as Otto Rahn would say. I have always been nostalgic ever since I was young and I think it has always been for the very thing that Maestro Serrano has given us.
        I am eternally grateful and forever faithful for this.

        Anyway, sorry for rambling on.
        Sincerely, anon

      • Greetings again, just to add, that the reason I was wondering if you were active still is because there is a matter I wish to discuss with you, preferably in private if possible.

      • Certainly. We could pursue that if you should wish. At least to begin, private e-mails are likely to fit best into my own particular schedule. Then I can respond late at night when I have more leisure to compose my thoughts. In any case, am not one to mind your rambling on. That’s my own preferred way of doing things — it suits me as a translator of Don Miguel’s great poetic masterpieces well. Festina lente.

        How would you like to proceed?

      • Very well. (I don’t have the option to reply directly to your latest message for some reason.)
        I could leave my email here for you to contact me if you like and we can go from there?
        t. Fellow rambler

  13. Greetings Kamerad,
    It has been a while since I have written to you. I hope you are keeping well.
    I have been continuing my studies, especially those of a Catholic nature, since our last discussion. Your previous comments have been of immense benefit to me in this endeavour.
    Of late, however, I have been rather depressed by the ongoing desecration and disgrace of the Roman Catholic Church under the leadership of the current Pontiff. I also watch with trepidation the apparent unfolding collapse of the nations of Western Christendom from the escalating assault by the global forces of Judeo-Masonry. Great Popes have warned us about these forces before. One ray of hope during this time has been a previous comment that you made to me during our discussions, this being:
    “The new century and millennium are achieving some considerable clarity through the years 2012-2018. We are seeing the beginnings of the Age of Titans mentioned by Ernst Jünger, the Age of the World Conquerors, the time for the formation of the Führership, or Pope-Emperorship, of a confederal Imperium Europa extending thoughout the lands of the White European Race. The institutional structures of this…… are typified by the lay and clerical organisations that have been set up in recent decades by the historic European aristocracy and their associates. The actual institutions that exist are all of them closely associated with the historic aristocracy of the Pan-European White Race”.
    This suggests to me that the historic European aristocracy is still alive and well and may be able to prevent the unfolding catastrophe and they are working against it. The question though is, who are these “saviours”, where are they, what are they doing and (if we don’t know their names) how do we identify them?
    The loyal followers are looking for their leaders but they first need to find them!
    I would, as always, appreciate your thoughts on these matters.
    Best wishes Kinsman.

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