The Great Apostasy and the Spaces of Power

The Great Apostasy and the Spaces of Power


The Great Apostasy and the Spaces of Power


Theology and Geopolitics

(By:  Carlos Alberto Disandro)

Translated by:  Franz Berg


Liturgical Apostasy
Canonical Apostasy
Theological Apostasy
Cultural Apostasy
The Spaces of Power



We face an extreme situation in the Church. For convenience I distinguish three contexts, summarily outlined.

First, that of the sect, the GREAT SECT established and nourished canonically and doctrinally by John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II, and almost all the bishops.

Secondly, the Sect of Écone, founded by Marcel Lefebvre, with the approval of Paul VI; claiming for itself the support and upholding of Tradition. This sect is a true cephalopod. In spite of its divisions, ruptures and internal dissidence, the sect undoubtedly brings many Catholics together, whether mitigated or not, who are disillusioned by the machinations of Rome-Vatican II.

And finally, the lineage of bishops and faithful whose canonical and spiritual head is the Vietnamese Archbishop Monsignor Ngo Dinh Thuc, who was disputed, ignored, vilified and perhaps assassinated.

Among the faithful, in turn, there has been a complex and difficult dispersion, already foretold in Matthew 26:31 and Mark 14:27: percutiam pastorem et dispergentur oves. This text, and other concurrent ones, announce not only the passion and death of the Lord, but also the Gethsemane of the Church. In this time we are without a shepherd. How then interpret the words “percutiam” and “dispergentur”?

Only a single path remains for the Faith. To be proclaimed, in order to face the Apostasy, explicit or latent, whatever its manifestation.

In order to meditate on this “mystery of iniquity” that is the Apostasy, I prefer to divide up the semantic fields that shape its development, in these last thirty-five years, without ignoring the antecedents that go far back. However in these thirty years the Apostasy has explicitly claimed authority for itself, an authority put in service to a conspiracy against the FAITH, to extinguish the FAITHFUL. For this is the first thesis that must be reaffirmed: APOSTASY is not a state – passive, unarmed, through corruption or extinction of the FAITH and FAITHFUL, but instead something that does not at all take into account the – MERCY that derives precisely from the FAITH. We have gone from good-natured and humanitarian APOSTASY (John XXIII) to militant, totalitarian Apostasy; and against this there is only one answer, whose model is the protomartyr Stephen.

The second thesis outlines the very nature of the Apostasy. It is not a warlike kingdom, led by superb captains leading to the conquest and death of Christians around the world. It is rather a manipulation, sweetness, humanism and charitable emotion by which to coalesce, emulsify, make mindless and fulfil the total transformation of the MAN OF FAITH.

The third thesis demonstrates the strategic conduct of the Apostasy in the Arian Rome of John Paul II, whose kingdom is nearing its end (I am writing this on July 31, 1992) aiming to cede this strategic leadership to an “apostolic” tyrant with a new face. The combat will therefore increase and the FAITHFUL will live in solitude.

The strategy to which I allude consists, in the purest Leninist style, in marches and counter-marches, always to advance the destruction of the faithful. Because of that we will speak in another paragraph about “Apostasy with the Face of Tradition”.

The three theses, which include vast influences, are therefore: 1) The Apostasy is an active, hierarchical militancy; 2) Apostasy is not a warlike kingdom, it is a manipulation in sweetness and obedience; 3) The third thesis, in short, confirms a strategic globalist management, espoused by Arian Rome, the centre of “world power”.

I will briefly examine the areas we could demarcate for the profile of Ecumenical Apostasy, totally opposite the Eudokia of the angelic Song of Glory. This, the Glory, is Light, fulguration, splendour. The Apostasy is the domain of okoria against the light (Cf. the Johannine Prologue).

I would distinguish then Liturgical Apostasy, Canonical Apostasy, Theological Apostasy and Temporal Apostasy, both cultural and political. And, finally, Apostasy with the Face of Tradition. Let us therefore see each semantic demarcation, without prejudice against maintaining a discreet resumption of other details. My document claims to be a document of systematic reflection, but not a reductionist closure of the same theme seen from other perspectives.


Liturgical Apostasy

This consists substantially in the destruction of the Roman cult and rite, replaced by confusing adulterations. But here we are interested in the vast consequences implied by the collapse of prayer, or of mystic interiority as the continuity and continuation of the Logos in history. Since within the effects of this “apostasy” massive spaces of power grow, not in terms of territories, countries (geography, we would say), but as regards concrete humanitas (America, Europe, etc.). Since those “spaces of power” within global geopolitics establish a new sacredness within global geopolitics, disconnected from all myth, from every rite, from every priesthood. It is the “factual sanctity” of paradise, stripped of every symbol and every unifying and fulfilling military advance, to rest in the pure carnal knowledge of the “Giants”. Therefore I consider “liturgical apostasy” as the primordial sign of tyrannical planetary globalisation.


Canonical Apostasy

To the res eximiae that is destroyed in the first phase, follows the destruction of letter and/or sacred text, which in Christian Antiquity is a degree in the incarnation of the Logos. Thereby every possible level of the “letter” in its reference to divine things is interrupted, and this also suppresses the substance of the branches of the res publica, as the domain of the renewing, living and multiplying logos. Some of the effects are in the Ecclesia and other effects are in the Civitas. The power to generate new geopolitical spaces, filled with alienated masses, therefore also comes from Canonical Apostasy, made explicit in the “New Evangelisation”, the New Christianity emptied of divine-human semantics.


Theological Apostasy

This has a devious history, of course. But we must refer in particular to the broad outline described by Cardinal Siri ( † ) in his book that was mysteriously silenced and made to vanish by the Arian heresiarchs of Vatican II and its hierarchy that is thereby annoyed and also deposed according to the Bull of Paul IV. (See GETHSEMANI – Reflections on the Contemporary Theological Movement – Editorial Hermandad de la Santisima Virgen Maria, Centro de Estudios de Teologia Espiritual, Coleccion “Pensamiento Catolico”, Toledo-Avila, 1981). From Jacques Maritain to Henri de Lubac, who has just died, this Apostasy is summarised in the dispossession of Grace and Holiness from the once Christian people. Rahner, Lubac, Teilhard de Chardin, and among us Ismael Quiles and other false doctors, have consummated the destruction of the theological edifice, as sign of the demolition of the “Celestial City”, that is, the edifice of the Church, as anticipated by Anne Catherine Emmerich, in her Visions, and before her, by Saint Hildegarde. But the confluence of this Apostasy with the Acherontic globalist powers activates and represents “the destruction of humanity”. Hence “Apostasy” and “Power” is a fundamental datum for understanding the questio that we propose in this brief note on Geopolitics.


Cultural Apostasy

We thus descend to the vast expanse of what, as a recapulatory comfort, I call “cultural apostasy”, that was in its way outlined by Allan Bloom in his book The Closing of the American Mind. Nevertheless in this chapter I mean the linguistic apostasy of the Hyperborean origins, and hence semantic, cultural, aesthetic and political apostasy, whose effect is the totalitarian and planetary “emulsion” from whose darkened level must arise “the god of the Aeon” (theỏs tou aionou toutou) as function and exercise of planetary power. We will call this the “apostasy” of the Nous, noetic apostasy in search of the massive reign of the governing biological function (i.e., the Talmudic imperative of unnatural Judaic birth as the supreme anti-value — translator). No longer the clarity of the Johannine fire, nor the regency of the Hyperborean and Agapistic Logos.

It still remains to outline the Apostasy with the Face of “Tradition”, the “tradition of always” in the midst of the Great Apostasy, that in reality calls for a Saint Athanasius, or a Saint Hilary of Poitiers. That is why I have called Écone the “collateral” of apostate Rome (See La Hosteria Volante, issue 31, year 1981).

This “apostasy” that one would rather call the coercion of ritualism, confronted with the subversion of cultic worship, is capital disobedience as a way to hide the most ancient currents of the Priory of Sion beneath sectarian goals, perhaps infiltrated collaterally from the old Templars, political elitism as the shield of a subversion against the Imperial Reich, and contempt for the culture of the Great Greek Councils and the Great Doctors of the Church, all this as prelude to a profound division of the Roman Church in her doctrinal, mystical and cultural aspects. The underlying Tradition is thereby extinguished ab initio under the banner of the Mass of Pope St. Pius V and beneath great declamations of piety. The authors of this dangerous diversion of the fight for the Faith are Paul VI and Marcel Lefebvre, having its canonical origin in Hebreo-Masonry, something entirely opposed to the works of Pius X and Pius XII. What path is left for the Church but Gethsemane and the anchoritic desert? Diverse sectors in what I would call the front of sedevacantism, embarked on the program of eligendus est papa (that is, somehow set up by an imperfect Council), put me in the ranks of the pessimists (See among others the magazine Kyrie Eleison). But it is not like that. So my view should be clarified again. There is no pessimism in the “fight for the Faith”, according to the meaning explained in my interpretation of St. Athanasius. The Faith can produce the miracle of displacing the mountain of lies, among others those that cover with darkness the sacred function of the Roman pontificate. To confuse the curate with the living Head of a living man is the magistral work of Clerical Apostasy, the only one that definitively interests us as a Luciferian (Yahwist or Jehovahist — translator) direction against the Faith.

My views are very clear, although in the daily situation they make no claim to be exhaustive. I accept every criticism of my modest theological work, undertaken since the departure of Pius XII. But the term “pessimistic” suppresses the virtue of hope that accompanies the Faith. For Faith is, as I have explained for almost fifty years, the utterance of Faith, it is the semantics of Faith. And if not, it is NOTHING. Apostasy is also a Luciferian utterance – loqui sicut draco – and therefore semantic meaning that seeks to darken the Faith.


The Spaces of Power

According to these life-size scales the spaces of the earth, of the races, the languages, and one would say, of the cosmos, are divided up through the work of esoteric lodges, repositories of this new anthroposophical power, remodelled by the New Science of the Big Bang, new evolutionist and atheist gospel. It is the religion of atheism that arises from the apostate Jesuits already mentioned. It is das glauben der Gottloser, the “faith of the godless”, the Leninist faith triumphant in the world.

The “spaces of power” will probably be resolved, as Vladimir Soloviev understands them, between the “yellow race”, the “black race” and the “white race, as can be seen in the panorama of the United States. And also in these so dramatic instances for those who rethink the history of Our America and her confrontation with such spaces of power, that are massive, massacring, manipulative and counter-human.

Our theological struggle, initiated at the Cardinal Cisneros Institute of Classical Culture (La Plata), thirty years ago, together with the Institute “Saint Athanasius” (in Cordoba) is today dissolved by the tactical demands of merciless combat, in our theological struggle that invests a Geopolitical idea, facing against Rome, the head of Christian Apostasy.

The peripheral wars that continue without pause and without reluctance to massacre the innocents, also find their response in the Intifada, in which Palestinian adolescents and youth fight with slingshots against the powerful and highly technological army of Israel. Slingshots, models for our Second War of Independence, which is a cultural, political and theological war, in which we wield the absolute meaning of the Agapic Gospel, the Culture of the Theandric Sign and the Politics of Constructive and Peaceful Empiricism against predatory and usurious nomads that we must expel from our sacred land. But this confrontation also results in a doctrinal struggle against the clerical rabbinate of the West, against the Roman Talmud that seeks to subvert the ontic and mystery root of the Church, and thus to block the “springs of culture”. Thus we simply and comprehensively sum up the complex semantics of a work founded by Saint Athanasius, the Great Doctor whose inspiration we implore.



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Written by:  Miguel Serrano

Translated by:  Franz Berg

[Introduction to Against Usury, published in Spanish in 1987 as Contra la Usura by Gottfried Feder ; Serrano [contribuidor]. Santiago, Chile: Alfabeta Impr. Spanish translation of Manifest zur Brechung der Zinsknechtschaft des Geldes]
Comrades, as you well know, it has been my honour to write the preface to the first revelation in Chile of the true Bible of our time: Mein Kamph, by Adolf Hitler. And now, this introduction to the book by Gottfried Feder: Manifesto for the Abolition of Enslavement to Money Interest (Das Manifest Zur Brechung der Zinsknechts des Geldes), first published in 1919. Such was the importance of the analysis and solution outlined in the Manifest and proclaimed in lectures, that Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf:

For the first time in my life I heard a discussion which dealt with the principles of stock-exchange capital and capital which was used for loan activities. After hearing the first lecture delivered by Feder, the idea immediately came into my head that I had now found a way to one of the most essential pre-requisites for the founding of a new party. To my mind, Feder’s merit consisted in the ruthless and trenchant way in which he described the double character of the capital engaged in stock-exchange and loan transaction, laying bare the fact that this capital is ever and always dependent on the payment of interest. In fundamental questions his statements were so full of common sense that those who criticized him did not deny that au fond his ideas were sound but they doubted whether it be possible to put these ideas into practice. To me this seemed the strongest point in Feder’s teaching, though others considered it a weak point.

It is known, as Feder himself said, that his “theses and predictions were fully met in every essential point of the Economic Plan of the National Socialist Party, and precisely in the most important point: in the breaking of the slavery of interest on capital; this idea is found at the centre of the Party Program “because its conception is linked in the most keen and intimate way to our entire movement.”

That is, Adolf Hitler, who knew the “difficulty of putting its realisation into practice”, as in so many other things, did not hesitate to try and fulfilled the task, even at the risk of enmity from the universe in the hands of international usurers who lived and live on money interest.

We will never tire of insisting on highlighting this unique and definitive point, foundation, block of stone of the system and global universal idea of National Socialism: In the entire known History of human civilisation Aryan, Nazi and Hitlerist Germany alone has risen, as a nation, against usury and the slavery of interest on money, that shame of humanity, the exploitation of every man by a criminal bloodsucking minority that controls the entire system while playing both extremes into which the world divides, capitalist and Marxist, because both systems regard interest on capital as sacred and are in the same hidden hands and dependent on a same central point, a technocratic, imperialist and directive intelligence: the Messianic Imperialism of Zion, a parasitic anti-race that feeds, grows and lives without working or producing, like an intermediary, thanks to the diabolical invention of money interest.
This topic has been repeatedly discussed by us in the following recommended books: in Adolf Hitler: the Ultimate Avatar, in National Socialism: Only Solution for the Peoples of South America, and in the introduction to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and its Application to Chile, each published recently and in circulation. These books also examine the next steps of the “Black International”, the “Dracula of Humanity”: The electronic transfer of funds and the replacement of paper and plastic money by electronic money; which is to say, by the “bodily mark of consumption”, when the ultimate enslavement and robotisation of the animal-men is complete, the rabbinic interpretation of the Talmud which considers non-Jews to be only animals with two legs, with Yahweh ordering that their enslavement and annihilation be fulfilled. (See National Socialism: Only Solution for the Peoples of South America.) Therefore our genial thinker Nicolas Palacios would write in 1904 that “when a Jew speaks of the love of humanity, even the rocks smile” (Chilean Race).
As in the cited works we have dealt with the theme in detail, here we only repeat that in the dawn of human communities money was a terrestrial material transformed into symbol (“things come to us eager to be transformed into symbols”, says Nietzsche), with the object of facilitating the exchange of products. Let us say, a quantity of amber for a horse. The money-symbol, the piece of gold, or copper, or bronze, or whatever, interpreted, replaced, facilitated commerce. And even in the loan one remains ignorant of the interest, usury, reproduction of the money, the metal, the “thing”, a symbol of itself, another parasite, another worm, pathogenic cancerous bacteria or virus that replicates itself enormously, becoming more important than the product and man-producer and worker, than the human being. Money (“Capital”) thus became the only centre of the universe, of civilisation. The “thing” (currency, money) became the principal merchandise, destroying the organic, destroying life. And the interest with which it is provided is reproduced ad infinitum, enabling its holder, its master, to live without work, without production, at the expense of the work and blood of Aryan and even non-Aryan toiling humanity, which has been reduced to slavery, the servitude of “interest on capital”.
This is the most diabolical invention that can be conceived, carried out by Talmudic rabbinical minds in faithful interpretation of the dictates of their Dracula-God, for the application of exploitation and suppression of non-Jews. Then one can understand the terror with which they saw the Hitlerist National Socialist miracle, and the application of the recommendations of Gottfried Feder for the breaking of the slavery of money interest. An entire millennial plan was about to be destroyed forever, because Hitler refused to pay the usurious interest on imposed debts and because Gottfried Feder advised the “Gordian” solution to end the payment of interests on interest for a debt without end, where the capital initially borrowed could never be cancelled: the declaration of bankruptcy by the State debtor; because bankruptcy is not bad for a nation on the brink. And because a State or country cannot be put in prison like an individual. And because Hitler returned to the sources of Aryan economics, human and divine (even the Gods traded accordingly), without usury, in which money would return to what it was before: a symbol of exchange and labour, representing the production and effort of man. Boss gold is replaced by Boss work, thereby returning to the barter of goods where currency only facilitates barter and only values what labour adds to economic goods. Usurious interest is abolished.
This was so great and so simple that life was about to undergo a transcendental reversal. A transmutation of all values. And National Socialist Germany in a very short time (Oh, so brief!), came to be as close to paradise as men had ever known in this world and these times. I have already said in my Preface to Mein Kampf: “Only then was it given to me for the only time (so brief!) to live in the present, because before and after then I have only dreamt of a future and yearned for a past…”
Now if Feder knew that a country could not go to jail for implementing his doctrines, he perhaps did not believe a universal war would be declared against it. His detractors did indeed believe exactly that, at a time when “the practical possibility of such a war’s realisation would be doubted.” Because the detractors went on to declare war and defeat a country materially. Hitler knew he had triumphed in a definitive way and for every time past and to come. Because already no one will be able to forget that National Socialism is the only system in the entirety of the known history of man that has risen against the bondage of money slavery, replacing Boss Gold with Boss Labour, thus realising a national socialism, not Jewish, not Judaic and enslaving, thereby terminating international and imperialist capitalism alike. A regimen of labour for workers on Earth, beyond classes and the exploitation of man by man.
His imposition and triumph have meant, by contagion and visible success, the disappearance of the parasite, the intermediary, that Anti-Race, scourge of the working humanity of this earth: the International Jew. Without the breeding ground of money interest, with loans and usury, the Jew would have been extirpated from this world, entirely alone, without need for malicious stories about “gas chambers” or “crematoria”. The wasp would have been deprived of its sting, the viper of its venom.
To understand in depth and extent what the socioeconomic system of National Socialism was able to achieve, even in the transformation of Aryan Germanic banking, it would suffice to glimpse the publications made by the “Deutschen Ueberseeischen Bank” in the year 1936, in Berlin, and circulated here in Valparaiso and Santiago. Banks without usury, without a fixed dollar monetary system, made to serve the producer, the worker, so that each can take care of himself by himself and by his own work, or the work of the workers, employees and managers. How different from the banks serving the Social Market System, the Jewish monetarism of a Milton Friedman and his “Chicago Boys”, that risible thing, that joke “popular capitalism” that has been implemented in Chile at present!
Therefore we say Hitler won the war, even losing it, because the world knows what he did. The new generations already know it, despite everything that has been done to keep them ignorant. Faced with the inevitable failure of the two systems the Jew controls, bourgeois capitalism and communist Marxism, National Socialism (Socialism that is National) alone shines like the sun, Boss Work against Boss Money, whether this be metal, paper, plastic or electronic. And so that humanity not see this sun and love it, the Jew has invented all those crimes and genocides of Nazism, trying to divert the view of those who want to face the sun. They succeeded, but only for a short time until the youth awoke and tired of the repeated and blatant gross lie. A situation already in process of irreversibly fulfilling itself. Because in the world of symbols and miracles that belongs to Hitler, Destiny moves a golden pendulum already coming back. And we deliver the triumph.

What would suffice would be for another country in the world, say, the so-called Third World, better yet, in Our America, but also in the Southern Cone of this America, regardless of the size of this country, to decide to implement National Socialism, without caring about or measuring the consequences though this be material defeat (which may or may not occur) at the hands of Judaism and international economic imperialism, the International Monetary Fund, etc.; it would suffice we say for the entire System of Usury to fall apart sooner or later and for a spiritual and redemptive air to strike the entire universe like lightning, from one end to the other.
Allow us to dream.
If in 1973 the military that overthrew the Jewish Marxist regime of Salvador Allende Gossens, instead of replacing it with a monetarist super-capitalism irreparably indebting the country to the International Bank and the Jewish imperialism of money, had instead implemented the regimen of Boss Work, or a socialism that is national, this Chilean People, forever defrauded and that believed like none other in the Army of their Fatherland, would have been totally delivered with unwavering faith, voluntarily willing every sacrifice and following their leaders to the death. It was the people, the workers in Germany, who were with Hitler until the end, without defection, without a betrayal, working in shifts in factories, while they fought in turns on the front. The Chilean tradition since the Conquest is the sacrificial and heroic life of the military camp, when they worked carrying the plough with one hand and the musket with the other, quick to defend their inheritance before the sudden attack of the Araucano warrior. And everyone ate from the same communal mess, soldiers and captains, which lasted for almost four hundred years. Chile, alone and embattled. That is the archetype of the Fatherland and our nationality.
But the Visigoth warriors had done this before them, as would Palacios, who respected the Führer Prinzip, like the Araucano respected that of the Cinche. (See my book Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar.) The Army that came to govern Chile after the military coup of 1973 was a professional Army, formed in the framework of the liberal professions, within the bourgeois structures of society, an Army there to defend the frontiers, with a Prussian formation, it is true, and excellent professional skills, even though producing nothing for the collective, and not agriculturally exploiting the extensions of land that belong to them. Contrary to the Warrior Orders of the past, like those of the Templars or Teutonic Knights. Most of the components of these Armed Forces belong to the middle class and would have had no reason to defend the plutocracy of money, or implement a super-capitalism in Chile. Nevertheless, the High Command, the Commanders-in-Chief, are accustomed in democratic civilian regimes to receive orders from the President of the Republic and the civil power, and when this no longer exists in a country and the supreme power is in the hands of the Army, they are inclined, by “conditioned reflex”, to obey the intangible orders that come from the exterior, from the maximum power of money and the centre where money evidently rules and give the orders. In this case, the United States of America, the International Bank, the almighty Jew. Thus they harshly beat down what they find below, the existing defenceless citizens of their own country, and make genuflexion to imperialism and their foreign masters. Such is the typical psychology of the professional military man, but not of the warrior, who has no reason to be a military man, and who is usually a civilian. This picture has been continuously repeated in the world, especially in the underdeveloped world, as in Spain, with Franco. In Spain there were warriors, who were made to disappear to maintain the Francoist regime of privileges, class inequality and delivery to international capital. Ramiro Ledesma Ramos, the creator of National Syndicalism and the JONS, was the true hero and reformer, more than Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, although he was assassinated like Jose Antonio at the beginning of the Spanish War. Then Franco, the military bourgeois, liberal-professional, betrayed every one of them in the exterior and in the interior. And he remained in power for forty years without using them to fundamentally change anything, as we see at present in Spain. The same could happen in Chile. And in the history books our Army, of heroic tradition, could come to figure as one of those armies of the “Third World” that supported a Somoza, a Marcos, or a Batista, who were in power by the grace of economic imperialism and did so extravagantly when this came to be what they truly wanted. Another little country, another tropical army.
But it could be otherwise, because there existed a tradition of the life of the barricaded military camp, as we have said, and also of Prussian formation which involves “Prussian socialism”, to which Spengler referred and in 1973 that tradition allowed me to address the Chilean Military Junta, recommending it to them, as I reveal in my book Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar.
What am I missing here? Why has everything turned out yet again to frustrate, disorient and disappoint the people of this noble country, destroying the soul of the new generation, which has inculcated the most ferocious materialism, preaching consumerism (Mammonitis, as Feder would say) and a technocratic, destructive and sterile concept of life? Perhaps it was what Portales called “sense of the ridiculous”, the “weight of the night”, lack of imagination and faith; lack of idealism, in a word, as always. Inability to play fully, fear and respect of the powerful, fear of the masters of capital, the “rich”, the necessity to obey orders from above — and hand them downwards. Disbelief that if we remain alone, no matter what happens (the archetype of Chile is a total solitude), faithful to our dreams, the people will never lose hope. And if this happens, we shall always overcome. And we will leave this world triumphant, in peace; because we have served our soul, our ideals, which are those of God. But here no one really believes in God.
Perhaps, in 1973, I was seeking a way out (we are not quite certain) and did not find it. In principle there was the support of the epidermal Nationalists, the “Anti-Marxists” of always, who believe it is enough to bow before a flag and a national hymn. There were no visible National Socialists to be found anywhere. But there was a team of economists prepared at the School of Chicago by the Jew Milton Friedman. They were taken into the Government and we suffer the consequences to the present day.
I maintain and insist that only National Socialism and its socioeconomic doctrine can take Chile and the South American continent out from the abyss into which they have been thrown. And that the solution of Gottfried Feder, as applied by Hitler, is the only solution that would allow us to free ourselves from enslavement to the interest on gigantic foreign debt, no solution other than not paying the debt and the declaration of the bankruptcy of States. In the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and its Application to Chile, our executioners display the disasters that await us in the trap of borrowing and foreign debt. But Chile is determined to be the diligent student who punctually pays the interest on the interest of her debt, in order to be able to take on other loans (to make new interest payments) with the object of remaining grateful to the international powers, which are cold and unbribable.
All of which every time makes a coordinated South American solution to the anguished and urgent problem of foreign debt more impossible, because we are divided.
I further maintain that only when a professional Army is able to transmute itself into a Warrior Order, like the Teutonic or Templar, one moreover National Socialist and racialist, connected to a body — or “aura” — of invisible directors who are certainly not Freemasonry, would there yet exist the possibility of redemption.
To summarise. Even so, unanimity of more than one people and one nation is not necessary to courageously confront the eternal enemy and the enslaver of man, to fight and get out of criminal and extortionist imperialism, breaking the slavery of money interest. Enough that only one country decide to implement the National Socialist solution, with idealism and faith. And then no matter their material accounting index or physical size. They will be transformed into an invincible giant that will be victorious in the end. And Chile is the land of the sacred giants of the Andes. Land of the Morning Star. If a ruler rises to this height, acting the part of their greatness, then everyone will follow him to the death.

There is a fact not generally known and that, to reveal it again (as we did in the books cited), should give us more faith, since it shows us the occult side of events, the secret spiritual forces that assist us and confirm us in our solitude; there are invisible and invincible powers with unshakable faith and fanaticism in our ideals, with honour and loyalty.
Gottfried Feder, popularizer in his Manifesto for the Abolition of Enslavement to Money Interest of the economic concepts here presented, and that inspired Hitler to create the National Socialist Party, was a permanent member of a German Aryan esoteric order, the Thulegesellschaft, the Thule Society. Other permanent members were Rudolf Hess (for that reason in prison, for over forty years), with visiting members Dietrich Eckart, Alfred Rosenberg and Adolf Hitler himself.
This would mean the economic solution he found to destroy “the slavery to money interest”, and that signalled the incredible success of the National Socialist Government, of Adolf Hitler, was a magic operation prepared by an Aryan Spiritual Order, so as to destroy that other fateful and dark power of Cabalist, rabbinical and Jewish black magic, placed at the origin of history by Zionist Jewish imperialism, with the object of taking possession of the world and destroying non-Jewish humanity, according to the mandates of Jehovah and Talmudic precepts: the slavery of money interest.
The importance of this will never be sufficiently emphasized, since another dimension of the scenario in which our struggle is developed is thereby suddenly revealed. We are not alone! And, in the end, we will triumph!

What is more, once the authority of National Socialism was asserted in Germany, the Thule Society practically disappeared, giving way to the Black Order (Black Sun) of the SS, that not only adopted the same symbols of the Leftwards Swastika and ritual dagger with the emblem “My honour is called loyalty”, but also came to be directed by hidden and unknown guides who would have the same inspiration and powerful spiritual and magic forces, that are still acting in an inevitable way, they will give us final victory. With the return of the Wildes Heer, the Ultimate Battalion of the Führer!

Heil Hitler!
Sieg Heil!

March in the Year 97 of the Avatar


Translator’s Postscript:

The above text is the Introduction to the Spanish version of Gottfried Feder’s book.  An excellent English translation of the same text can be found on-line at Amazon.books by entering the following information:

Manifesto for the Abolition of Enslavement to Interest on Money by Gottfried Feder Kindle Edition by Gottfried Feder (Author), Hadding Scott (Translator)


A companion volume presenting the corresponding economic ideas developed within the English-speaking world can also be found on-line at Amazon.books using the following information:

Opposing the Money Lenders: The Struggle to Abolish Interest Slavery Paperback – April 5, 2016 by Kerry Bolton (Author), Ezra Pound (Contributor), Gottfried Feder (Contributor), Arthur Nelson Field (Contributor), John A Lee (Contributor), John Hargrave (Contributor), Fr Charles Coughlin (Contributor)




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Deanna Spingola & Matt Koehl – Hitler’s Social and Cultural Policies

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Commentary Monday, 18 April 2016:

On November 1, 2012, NEW ORDER founder Matt Koehl granted a rare radio interview to Deanna Spingola on her show “Spingola Speaks.” In this interview, Commander Koehl discusses in detail his essay The Good Society.

The essay was originally a presentation which Mr. Koehl made to a class of Ohio high school students. In it, he provides a sympathetic examination of the labor and social policies of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Germany.

For those who have only been exposed to a hostile, distorted depiction of the Third Reich as portrayed by its enemies, the information revealed by Matt Koehl will be a real eye-opener!

Online text: The complete text of The Good Society is posted on this website here.
Print Version: An illustrated print edition of The Good Society in booklet form is available from NS Publications for $8.00.

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Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar (Abridged Version)



Above is my on-line abridged version of Adolf Hitler:  The Ultimate Avatar, Part One and Part Two.  My published unabridged translation with notes and exhaustive Index is frequently sold out and must be obtained during those intervals when it is available.

For further enquiries please contact Hermitage Helm Corpus.  The web address for Hermitage Helm Corpus:

Information about Hermitage Helm Corpus may be obtained at the following address:

The details for ordering can be obtained through the following email address:

This absolutely incomparable treasure, the contemporary Bible of our White Race, is predestined for the eyes of the true elite of this fast perishing world, the Aryans (or Ehreans) of Imperium Europa.  This Holy Writ is like unto the New Testament, written not for entertainment or curiosity, but for the Creation and Destruction of Worlds.

The Translator  (Brother Francis of the Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan)

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Hamsun, Tolkien, the Aryan and Nature

Hamsun, Tolkien, the Aryan and Nature


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Hyperborean Resonances: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Hyperborean Resonances-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Metapolitical Sense of the Name of Rome

Metapolitical Sense of the Name of Rome


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